‘3beirut’ sustainable towers by fosters + partners

‘3beruit’ by foster and partners, beruit, lebanon images courtesy of foster and partners

‘3Beirut’ Sustainable Towers by Fosters + Partners

The common folk, or at least some of us interested in the Middle Eastern affairs may certainly know that Beirut is synonymous with that bleak imagery of a war ravaged city. Well for most part it doesn’t hold true, and around 30 years ago Beirut was ironically famed for its affluence, so much so that it was known as the ‘Paris of the East’. But, now in a righteous bid to revive some of that past glory, albeit from the perspective of sustainability, eminent architects Foster and Partners have unveiled their proposal to built Beirut’s first totally ‘green’ roofed, mixed usage tower.

‘3beruit’ by foster and partners, beruit, lebanon images courtesy of foster and partners

Dubbed as 3Beirut tower, this project signifies yet another Foster and Partner’s tryst with green technology. Rather than just an extensive urban area, this time, the design would be limited to the intricacies of a singular mixed usage mega structure. As with those modernistic towers, the combined zoning in 3Beirut would incorporate a fusion of commercial retail spaces with clearly defined residential patterns. The ground level would cater to the ‘public’ as a collective zone featuring a plethora of shops, cafesand even public gardens. Thus, the vibrancy regarding quality of life will be efficiently accentuated by definite circulating patterns and the apt building location (overlooking the Mediterranean harbor).

Keeping the visually alluring aesthetics aside, the interior design of the building will also embark upon the functional side of affairs thereby incorporating sustainable features such as natural lighting and ventilation. Thus, the structure will certainly save some amount of precious power in the long run. So, all in all, the overall conception is all set to embody the ‘green’ paradigm shift in urban architecture.

more: www.fosterandpartners.com

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