Fashion | October 23, 2014 |

AINSTEImage courtesy of AINSTE®


We are Ainste®, inspired by Amazon, Einstein, and Steve JobsAmazon is a huge retailer that sells millions of cool products. This in turn leads to Einstein who is famous for his ideas and theories. Steve Jobs is a mastermind of breaking the mold and developing creative products. Put these three together and what they stand for, and Ainste® was created.

AINSTEImage courtesy of AINSTE®

There are so many cool wallets on the market today, but we felt that something was missing. That’s why we made this wallet, the Evan wallet™. The Evan wallet™ is made out of leather and includes a band that secures the contents. We been developing this initial wallet for about ten months. There were many design revisions and prototypes, but finally we got it!

AINSTEImage courtesy of AINSTE®

We currently have a small sized and regular sized Evan wallet™. In the future we plan to make larger Evan wallets™ for other countries that fit with the currency of the country. We think that many people will enjoy the unique design of this wallet. Our goal is simple- to make better products and make people happy with our products. That’s all.


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