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Image courtesy of Airinum

Glacier White

Airinum’s latest colour drop supports critical glacier research Swedish mask innovator Airinum will donate part of the proceeds of its new colourway to vital research conducted by glaciologist Heïdi Sevestre. Launching 25th January, ‘Glacier White’ is the latest colour drop of Airinum’s award-winning Lite Air Mask. It aims to draw attention to the devastating impact of glacier mass loss and climate change.

Over 99% of glaciers are currently melting, with the resulting meltwater contributing to significant sea-level rise. More than 700 million people will be directly affected by this. Indirectly, massive streams of climate refugees will dramatically increase population density, diseases, and conflicts.

Image courtesy of Airinum

By donating part of the proceeds from the Glacier White colourway, The Airinum Fund powered by Milkywire is the largest donor to Heïdi Sevestre’s tropical glacier research expedition. Heïdi’s research provides invaluable information on glaciers, such as black carbon particles, which could be vital in preventing further glacial melting and rising sea levels.

“The partnership with Milkywire enables Airinum to contribute to research and initiatives that are critical in the fight against climate change. Heïdi’s work to protect the glaciers is absolutely essential and we are proud to donate part of the proceeds from Glacier White to further her research,” says Fredrik Kempe, CMO and co-founder of Airinum.

Image courtesy of Airinum

Airinum is a Swedish health tech company founded in 2015. Since then, it has provided people with innovative everyday accessories that reduce the health effects of climate change. In addition to innovative product launches and colour drops, Airinum often drops collaborations with brands such as Marine Serre, Human Made, and UNDERCOVER.

Each of Airinum‘s collaborative designs intends to raise awareness about climate change and inspire more people to join the movement towards a cleaner, healthier tomorrow. In partnership with Milkywire, a Swedish platform promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals by supporting locally-rooted nonprofits, Airinum donates part of the revenue from all our collaborations via The Airinum Fund.


Image courtesy of Airinum

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