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Fashion | July 24, 2021 |

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Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith is the story of a family that, starting from an ancient profession in the footwear industry, has been capable of evolving naturally over time, becoming an innovative brand aimed at achieving excellence. The passion for craftsmanship, attention to the environment, quality of raw materials and attention to detail are the values of family tradition that have been handed down for three generations and that have allowed the realization of this project. The meeting between creativity and know-how has been achieved with the Alexander Smith brand in 2012 in London. The idea unfolds by being captured in the multicultural atmosphere and dynamism of the city and culminates in the Riviera del Brenta, where the past meets the future, tradition evolves into innovation and experience and passion are driven towards the creation of new styles and new trends. 

“Every day we want to wear what truly expresses our authenticity, Alexander Smith shoes celebrate the uniqueness of each person. Those who choose our brand don’t want to prove anything to others, but are aware of what each person likes and makes them feel comfortable. Our creative philosophy rejects excess in favor of an harmonious vision of lines and colors that come together naturally, creating something refined and through refinement and attention to detail translates into personality and elegance.”

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith designs products for everyday use, striving to offer items with a delicate and refined taste in shapes, volumes and materials that make them contemporary and make the people who wear them feel unique. The manufacturing of the collections is mainly entrusted to family-run companies, which pay great attention to quality and care for details in the product, respecting the best working conditions. The strong link with the manufacturers allows the company to constantly monitor the production process of the collections, ensuring that the highest quality is achieved. In order to avoid over production which, besides being costly in terms of environmental impact, also exceeds market demands, the company is committed to producing only the required quantities its needs at the right time. 

To achieve the highest quality standards, Alexander Smith relies on suppliers who ensure that the raw material they provide is certified according to European laws and that it guarantees the comfort and aesthetics of the product. The company establishes a long-term relationship with its suppliers, who are chosen by a careful selection process. The research and experimentation of new materials encourage the company to always keep up with the present, without losing sight of the goals of the future and allowing at the same time to establish collaborations with companies that develop highly sustainable materials

“The philosophy that we have embraced and upon which we have developed an ambitious growth plan is aimed at creating a more sustainable world through the reduced impact of footwear production on the environment.” 

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Sustainability is a core element of Alexander Smith’s identity that doesn’t stop at a simple moral obligation, but every action its takes is aimed at driving meaningful change for both the company and the society. Products are involved in a continuous process of reinvention and innovation with the goal of allowing the collections to evolve in line with modern trends, while preserving the individual heritage and identity of the brand. 

“We have decided to start a path to improve the conditions of the planet and people through a sustainable point of view and through the use of technological innovations, with the aim of reducing the negative impact in environmental terms that the fashion system often has on environment.”

Wembley – Refined Simplicity 
The reference to the famous tournament is clear and the inspiration is the tennis sneakers with a lot more personality. Wembley are the sneakers with the perfect balance of comfort and style, elegant and sober but with a modern twist given by the details that make them unique. Over the seasons, Wembley has established itself as the most important line for both women and men, perfectly combining the simplicity of the shapes and the refinement of the materials used. Currently the Wembley line is the best-selling.

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Cambridge – Contemporary Myth 
Legendary and refined like the prestigious English university city. Sporty and light like the American basketball sneakers of the 80s. The reinterpretation of a myth, perfect for those who want to be both elegant and casual.  Since the first season Cambridge immediately aroused great interest from customers, representing an iconic model in the world of sneakers revisited in a totally new, refined and elegant key, like the rest of the models in the collection. 

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Piccadilly – Irreverent Elegance 
The name comes from the famous London crossroads known as Piccadilly Circus. Crossing it, you can not help but notice the bright displays and LED signs that cover the entire facade of a building, making this intersection famous all over the world, but at the same time the elegance, importance and luxury of historic buildings.  This place inspired the development of the latest model born in the Alexander Smith house, enclosing the sportiness of runner sneakers and the elegance of a shoe that can be used on any occasion, very simple but at the same time very refined and with character. The maxi logo on the side and the oversized laces once again underline the attention to detail, essential for the client Alexander Smith. 

Marble – Details Matter
 The sole recalls the famous triumphal arch of London, but its look is definitely more contemporary. Marble are the right shoes for the urban explorers who like to stand out in style without renouncing to the comfort of a sneakers. For those who love the different shades of life. 

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Queen Woman – Majestic and Regal 
The name refers to the British musical group formed in London in the 70s and included in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” known worldwide as one of the best rock bands of all time. Created to complete the part of the collection in a more decisive way, the Queen line emphasizes the attention to detail and volumes revised in a more important way than the other models. 

Oxford Man – The right balance of everything 
Casual and essential but also polished and intriguing, like the famous London street which is the beating heart of the city since the ancient times. For world travelers who don’t compromise quality and style. 

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

Starting with the FW21-22 collection, Alexander Smith started a collaboration with ACBC, an innovative Italian startup specializing in the design and production of sustainable products (which has already developed collaborations with Armani, Moschino, Pantofola d’oro, Philippe Model). ACBC is the only Italian company in the footwear sector to receive B-Corp certification, reserved for companies that voluntarily and formally choose to simultaneously produce social and environmental benefits while achieving their profit results. 

The SS22 season will also see the debut of the Eco Wembley Man line, developed with the same characteristics and purpose as the Eco Wembley Woman line. The debut of women’s capsules saw distribution exceed 100 stores and the goal with the expansion of the men’s line is to reach 200 stores (in Italy). 

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Image Courtesy of Alexander Smith

After collaborating with ACBC and creating a sustainable line such as Eco-Wembley, Alexander Smith has decided to increase his commitment to the environment.
The company aims in the future to raise awareness among its consumers and make them aware that responsible purchasing choices will be the basis for a better future. 

By the end of the year, Alexander Smith plans to start a collaboration with Treedom, a Florentine company that has been involved in forest repopulation since 2010 with the aim of directly financing small agroforestry projects spread throughout the area. The philosophy is to create sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities over time. 

The company’s goal at the end of the year is to be able to realize two projects whose purpose is the disposal of the unsaleable goods. Alexander Smith is constantly looking for two associations to collaborate with in different ways: both for the donation of products that do not conform to the sale, and for recycling and disposal in a conscious way of raw materials and products. 


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