Almagul Menlibayeva in the new Louis Vuitton Almaty store

Artist Almagul Menlibayeva’s work “Global Entry 1” will be exhibited in the new Louis Vuitton Almaty store in Kazakhstan

Living and working between Berlin and Kazakhstan, this international asrtist has conceived a new perspective through the relationship between contemporary art and vintage objects from Louis Vuitton’s own collection. For the occasion of the new store opening, a platform has been dedicated to give visitors the opportunity to discover Menlibayeva’s original lightbox “Global Entry 1” which reflects on global society today and the birth of new values.

This installation explores modern contemporary local architecture along old silk road towns in the South of Kazakhstan. The image features a modern building’s construction that had begun to take place before an ancient town had been discovered in the ground beneath. The figures in the image are symbolic for subjects recreating their identity while they internalize their parameters in this new world around them.


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