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Amazing comet landmark

Design | October 26, 2016 |

Amazing comet landmark at NASA’s Jat Propulsion LaboratoryImage courtesy of Studio KCA

Amazing Comet Landmark
A comet lands in Brooklyn celebrates the success of the Rosetta mission. It was a common order of the NASA, the World Science Festival and the European Space Agency. The landmark is directly inspired by the aspect of a comet when it starts warming up and breaking up. 


Amazing comet landmark at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Image courtesy of Studio KCA


StudioKCA covered the installation of 67 iron folded sheets and the craters are enhanced with lights and steam jets. The second part of the element reflects in the water of the pool. Before landing in Brooklyn Bridge Park, this creation stopped in different places in the world and its next destination is Pasadena, California, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.


Amazing comet landmarkImage courtesy of Studio KCA


003Image courtesy of Studio KCA


more. studiokca


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