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Tools for the modern desk
Minimal and refined stationery for our new working environments

Andhand is a new independent British pen and stationery brand established in South London. Their focus is on creating products which embrace our new modern hybrid working practices and environments. The last few years have brought into sharp focus the importance of a positive workspace, and so the products aim to nurture working wellness, contributing to a desk environment that is supportive of both creativity and productivity, in other words, ‘The Modern Desk’. Andhand believes that in a digital world of ever-increasing screen time, it is important to remain connected to the analogue and curate our working spaces with treasured pieces that will last for decades.

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Andhand‘s inaugural range of modern desk tools consists of multiple pens and desk accessories. The products are designed to delight in everyday use and have been crafted with care from a minimal palette of premium materials, making them highly durable. The longevity and sustainable impact of the range is an important part of the design process and so all items are created in line with the buy once, buy well philosophy.

The thinking behind Andhand started out in early 2020 just as the first lockdown was taking place and many of us were getting familiar with the big shift towards working from home. Our working practices and the tools that we use took on greater importance as many of us found the need for improved workspace environments that could both stimulate and soothe the mind.

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Andhand has created this range with durability and minimal design at the core along with a dash of the unexpected. The paired-back use of familiar forms gives the pieces a modernist sculptural appeal whilst still being very tactile objects that are a joy to use. Crafted from mainly machined solid brass and aluminium the pieces will stand the test of time and enhance your time spent working, creating and daydreaming.

Design is at the heart of Andhand. Its founders Simon Donald and Joe Wentworth are both product designers and have worked together for several years as Donald Wentworth. They have consulted and designed for a range of companies including Joseph Joseph to bring innovative products to market, receiving three prestigious Red Dot design awards to date. Andhand sees Simon and Joe as both designers and clients with the full art direction of the brand.

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Further details about the product range:
The primary focus for the Andhand range has been fine writing tools with the Core Retractable Pen and Method series creating the foundation of the product offering. The Method series consists of several rollerball pens, a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil, all of which feature robust materiality combined with subtle minimal detailing. The Method ballpoint for instance features an elegant twist movement, revealing a contrasting material in its retracted position. This series is available in either machined anodized aluminium or solid brass, each material offers its own distinct qualities but this also allows for a preference for weight and balance in the hand when it comes to writing. The Core Retractable Pen features a unique retracting mechanism which defines its true character. Doing away with traditional spring or rotary mechanisms core uses a similar movement to the humble craft knife with the two main elements of the pen sliding over one another and clicking satisfyingly into place. The outcome is minimal, new and surprisingly intuitive to use.

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The range also features a ruler, pen rest and a tape dispenser that really spark the imagination, all items have a strong presence on the desk for all the right reasons. The hoop tape dispenser is formed of one continuous arch that has a sculptural presence with the tape very much part of the elegant composition. Furthermore, its bespoke stainless steel blade ensures a clean cut time after time. The somewhat Escher-esque illusion ruler features a smart angled profile, making it highly practical for all mark-making and measuring in both metric and imperial. When not in use the unique rhomboid form and angled markings create a striking illusion, a real statement piece for any pen-pot. The oo pen rest is crafted from solid oak and utilizes a super minimal wood joinery technique, creating a sculpturally pleasing resting place for any pen.

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Founder Simon Donald comments: “Home offices are now more important than ever. These tools are very much as essential as the chair and desk in setting the right environment for working wellness.”

He adds: “People now find themselves curating the desk rather than just organizing it, taking pleasure and comfort in the items they choose.”

He goes on to say: “The bonds that you build with your everyday tools are equally as strong as a product’s durability; you have to want to use it forever for it to be truly bought once.”

The products range from £15.00 for the Oo Pen Rest to £110 for the brass Method Fountain Pen

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About Andhand
London-based award-winning industrial designers Joe Wentworth and Simon Donald established Andhand as a result of their joint love of stationery and refined functional design. In the early 2020’s they set about creating a brand that celebrates minimal form and timeless ingenuity, producing durable and honest products that are thoughtfully designed and made with precision. With over 30 years of experience in product design between them and previous backgrounds in sculpture and mechanical Engineering, Simon Donald and Joe Wentworth’s complementary skill sets provide Andhand with a distinct design approach. They are three times winners of the esteemed Red Dot Design Award and have work featured in the permanent collection of the Design Museum London. Simon also has an esteemed courier as a senior lecturer in Product and Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins.


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