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Winners 2021 001
Image courtesy of Bibby Gignilliat


ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2021, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.

Artworks have been judged based on creativityoriginalityquality of work, and overall artistic ability. Winners have been chosen based on the quality of a single entry as well as the quality of overall work.

Winners 2021
Bibby Gignilliat . USA
Dean Castillejos . USA
Irene Venetsanou . Switzerland
Masaki Hirokawa . Japan
Stanley Felderman . USA

ARTIST OF THE YEAR – 2021 Winners

Bibby Gignilliat
Image courtesy of Bibby Gignilliat

Bibby Gignilliat . USA

Bibby has been creative since she picked up her first crayon. She started private art classes at 10 and put her art career on the hold at 11, after being criticized by her art teacher. Turning her adult creative talents toward cooking, Bibby became a marketing manager for Williams-Sonoma and then decided to go to culinary school. From there she offered interactive cooking classes which evolved into the company, Parties That Cook, with a satellite office in Chicago, Seattle and Portland. The business was successful, but Bibby had an epiphany when, as a panellist at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. She heard her company described as a “lifestyle business.” I realized I had been pushing so hard, that I had left my own lifestyle behind. And I had forgotten what I liked to do.” And what she liked to do was paint.

Dean Castillejos
Image courtesy of Dean Castillejos

Dean Castillejos . USA

My art genre belongs to abstract/minimalism. Looking at my canvas, one is immediately transported into a world mesmerizing and new, a world, that though at first unexplainable, enters easily into the heart of the beholder. My intention is for the viewer to think, imagine and absorb what the viewer is looking at.

I don’t create images from nature, I create images thru imagination.

Irene Venetsanou
Image courtesy of Irene Venetsanou

Irene Venetsanou . Switzerland

Irene takes her time to wait and observe what nature is capable of creating. She is finding herself by creating asymmetrical natural shapes that bring an organic and earthy feel to the hand-shaped objects she creates.

Masaki Hirokawa
Image courtesy of Masaki Hirokawa

Masaki Hirokawa . Japan

Masaki Hirokawa’s wide range of activities includes graphic design, smartphone app development, interactive movie production, and website development. They also write technical articles on graphic design for graphic design magazines and reference books.

Stanley Felderman
Image courtesy of Stanley Felderman

Stanley Felderman . USA

I am interested in celebrating the geometry of the cityscape and how light and shadow play on the city environment. The use of colour celebrates the boldness of colour of the urban landscape. It blurs the lines between atmosphere and structure. The boldness of the colour speaks to the loudness of the city.

Artist Of The Year 2021


ITSLIQUID Group officially presents ARTIST OF THE YEAR, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.
The winner will be awarded as ‘Artist of the Year’, will be represented by ITSLIQUID Group for one year and will take part in some selected exhibitions in Venice and London ITSLIQUID Galleries during 2023. The winner will be featured and interviewed on ITSLIQUID Platform, promoted extensively worldwide and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects of ITSLIQUID Group.

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During the last 20 years, ITSLIQUID Group has become a cultural hub between creatives, exhibition spaces and art lovers. Among our international partners, Art Now Fair, Art Vancouver, Design Tokyo, INDEX Qatar, INDEX Saudi, The Big 5 Construct Dubai, The Big 5 Construct Qatar, Photo LA Los Angeles and international magazines like Art Style. ITSLIQUID Group supports some of the most important no-profit organizations, like UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, SSCS – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, One Tree Planted, The Ocean CleanUp and Plastic Oceans, with the goal to increase public awareness about environmental issues. Click here to find out more.

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ITSLIQUID Group manages a variety of art spaces all over the world; among them THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space in the heart of San Marco Square in Venice and different historical buildings, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space in London city centre and other different partners worldwide. Since its beginning, the group has organized more than 250 events all around the world, involving more than 5.000 artists, in more than 60 international venues in Italy, the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, France, etc. Most of the last events have been realized in museums (CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain, NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, etc.), galleries and private foundations.

ITSLIQUID is based on fluidity, motion, connection and accessibility. Making things easy to do. Welcome.

Winners 2021 004
Image courtesy of Masaki Hirokawa
Winners 2021 002
Image courtesy of Bibby Gignilliat
Winners 2021 003
Image courtesy of Masaki Hirokawa

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