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Apple’s Cupertino Campus by Foster + Partners

Architecture | November 19, 2013 |

Apple CampusApple’s Cupertino Spaceship Campus by Foster + Partners. Image curtesy of Cupertino

Apple’s Cupertino Campus by Foster + Partners

Almost a month after Apple had unveiled the scale model of the Foster + Partners-designed curved glass Apple headquarters in Cupertino, new renders of the final HQ plan have been uncovered by wired. Apple Campus 2, which was approved by city officials last month, will sit on a plot of 176-acres of land, accommodating approximately 12,000 employees within the south bay city of 60,000 people.

Apple CampusApple’s Cupertino Spaceship Campus by Foster + Partners. Image curtesy of Cupertino

Included in the plan is a 260, 128 m2 office, research and development building, 1000-seat auditorium, 27,870 m2 research facilities, and a generating plant that will serve as the campus’ primary source of electricity. The net-zero architectural development has been conceived as an environmentally-aware scheme, which will increase the existing landscape on the site by 350%.

Apple CampusApple’s Cupertino Spaceship Campus by Foster + Partners. Image curtesy of Cupertino

A video Apple presented to Cupertino city officials last month  the majority of the asphalt parking will be moved underground to make room for 6,000 indigenous trees and network of foot paths. The central courtyard is defined by the circular building, providing ample green space for Apple employees that integrates outdoor elements into their corporate lifestyle.

Apple CampusApple’s Cupertino Spaceship Campus by Foster + Partners. Image curtesy of Cupertino

Entrance to the Campus  the landscape features abundant green space and walking paths for pedestrians  field leading up to the HQ  employees relaxing outside  another entrance to the campus  office life outdoors – view from within the inside of the ring  visitor’s entrance  press pavilion.


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