Art | November 30, 2021

The gallery presents the semi-permanent exhibition Merz! Flux! Pop!. It exhibits works by one of the founders of the avant-garde, Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948), his colleagues, and successors. Read more


Art | November 28, 2021

"Sulfur Cycle" now resides in the walls of the current museum. Although never formally acquired by the museum as an artwork the ton of sulfur is permanently, yet invisibly, on display.In Sulfur Cycle 2.0, Dan Peterman (American, b. 1960) excavates the walls of an MCA gallery to reveal that the museum itself is built in part with materials produced from fossil fuels. Read more


Art | November 28, 2021

Suzanne Csikos-Nagy (Suzanne C. Nagy) is an American film producer, environmental artist, and curator who lives and works in New York City. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally, including The National Museum in Poznan, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Palazzo Guicciardini Bongianni, Art Avenue, New York University, Osprey Foundation Florida, and other institutions. Read more

Featured Artist: Pinar Ture Gursoy

Art | November 26, 2021

Pinar Ture Gursoy is a portrait and figurative painter & photographer who was born in 1965 in Istanbul. She completed her higher education in Urban and Regional Planning at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul. Between 2010 and 2014, she got back to university and graduated with BA in Philosophy from Anadolu University with distinction. Read more

Jennifer Packer

Art | November 23, 2021

Over the past five years, New York–based artist Jennifer Packer has received increasing acclaim for her portraits and allegorical tableaux, including a series of commemorative floral still lifes. Rendered in virtuosic lyrical style and layered intensity, Packer’s drawings and canvases surface representations of intimacy, embodiment, and loss. Read more

Featured artist: Pato Reichler

Art | November 21, 2021

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very young age, I have been passionate about art. I always painted and always sang, I am also an engineer, but a few years ago I decided to focus exclusively on painting. Read more

Featured Artist: Tasha Wolff

Art | November 20, 2021

I was born in the USSR. This fact was probably determinating in my artist formation, as I were there I was suffocated by the soviet realism, moral and political line. But since I left many years ago, I started to appreciate some soviet art's expression, mainly sculpture, which release huge force and energy and seems to me in temporal. Read more


Art | November 19, 2021

Biosfera Peluche / Biosphere Plush is Ad Minoliti's first solo show in the UK. Minoliti uses feminist and queer theory to generate alternative Read more

Tony Cragg: New Sculptures

Art | November 18, 2021

Lisson Gallery is delighted to present Tony Cragg's first solo exhibition in China following his major presentation at CAFA Art Museum in Beijing in 2012. The internationally acclaimed artist will present a selection of recent works in bronze and stone. These sculptures-composite, polymorphic entities that are stacked and layered like geological plates-highlight the distinguished practice of an artist who has been hugely influential since the 1970s. Read more


Art | November 18, 2021

My formative years as an artist were spent studying at the Art Academy in Den Bosch, NL. Today, I regard myself as self-taught, having developed my own distinct style out of the untraditional medium of collage. Read more

Thomas Demand

Art | November 16, 2021

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first Russian exhibition of Thomas Demand, one of the most important photographers of recent decades. Read more


Art | November 16, 2021

In the course of a single day, each of us breathes in and out around 24,000 times. With every breath, irresistible signals are sent straight to the brain – smells, which in a matter of nanoseconds trigger emotions and memories, stirring up the subconscious in turn. Read more

Doug Aitken: New Era

Art | November 15, 2021

American artist Doug Aitken’s first major solo exhibition in the southern hemisphere, has opened on the 20 October at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), as part of the 2021-22 Sydney International Art Series. Exclusive to Sydney, this comprehensive survey exhibition brings together key works from the late 1990s to recent multi-screen video installations. Read more

Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Art | November 13, 2021

The 85th installment of Carnegie Museum of Art's Forum series presents new works by Brooklyn-based artist Sara Greenberger Rafferty (b. 1978). Read more

Kehinde Wiley

Art | November 9, 2021

Kehinde Wiley is an American artist best known for his portraits that render people of colour in the traditional settings of Old Master paintings. Most famously, in 2017, he was commissioned to paint Barack Obama, becoming the first Black artist to paint an official portrait of a president of the United States. Read more

Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle

Art | November 8, 2021

Vasily Kandinsky is recognized as a major artistic innovator and painting theorist. In the opening decades of the twentieth century, he was among those who advanced nonrepresentational modes of art-making to lasting effect. The artist’s stylistic evolution in this regard was intimately tied to his sense of place and the communities with which he engaged. Read more


Art | November 5, 2021

Unclassifiable, vacillating between figuration, abstraction and a conceptual approach, Georg Baselitz claims to paint images that have yet to exist and to unearth that which has been relegated to the past: ‘I was born amid an order destroyed, in a landscape of ruins, a people in ruins, a society in ruins. Read more


Art | November 4, 2021

Best known as a textile artist, this exhibition positions Olga de Amaral as a vital force in sculpture, installation art and indeed in painting, albeit using her foundational materials of fiber, thread, wool, gesso and metallic leaf. Read more

Fabio Viale – In Between

Art | November 3, 2021

Fabio Viale’s monumental tattooed statues have arrived in Turin. The sculptures of the Piemontese artist famous all over the world for his creative marble artworks will be on display in Piazzetta Reale and inside the Royal Palace in collaboration with the Poggiali art gallery in Florence Vigorous bodies and delicate female figures, masterpieces by masters such as Canova and Michelangelo: an expression of classic iconography in which the purity of marble clashes with the boldness of the colourful, provocative tattoos that emerge from the skin. Read more

Domenico Gnoli

Art | November 2, 2021

Milan, 6 October 2021 – Fondazione Prada will present the exhibition “Domenico Gnoli” in Milan from 28 October 2021 to 27 February 2022. The press preview will be held on Wednesday, 27 October, from 10am to 2pm. Read more

Saul Steinberg Milano New York

Art | October 31, 2021

Triennale Milano and Electa are devoting a long-awaited exhibition to Saul Steinberg (1914-1999), curated by Italo Lupi and Marco Belpoliti Read more

Tunji Adeniyi-Jones – That Which…

Art | October 29, 2021

White Cube is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Tunji Adeniyi-Jones, his first at the gallery. Coinciding with the artist’s inaugural UK museum presentation at Charleston, Sussex, which runs until 13 March 2022, the exhibition features 12 new oil paintings in which luminous figures emerge from organic landscapes or disperse into tessellating shapes. Read more

Sebastião Salgado – Amazônia

Art | October 27, 2021

For six years Sebastião Salgado travelled in the Brazilian Amazon, photographing the forest, the rivers, the mountains and the people who live there. This exhibition, premiering in Italy with more than 200 photographs, plunges us into the Amazon rainforest, uniting Salgado’s impressive images with the sounds of the jungle. Read more

Featured Artist: Julia Cassia

Art | October 25, 2021

My name is Julia Cassia and I am a professional abstract painter. It's been about 10 years since I got interested in art and painting and bought my very first precious colours. Read more

Making Knowing: Craft in Art

Art | October 20, 2021

Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950–2019 foregrounds how visual artists have explored the materials, methods, and strategies of craft over the past seven decades. Some expand techniques with long histories, such as weaving, sewing, or pottery, while others experiment with textiles, thread, clay, beads, and glass, among other mediums. The traces of the artists’ hands-on engagement with their materials invite viewers to imagine how it might feel to make each work. Read more

Enjoy – the mumok Collection…

Art | October 19, 2021

Ten years after Museum of Desires, her inaugural exhibition at mumok, Karola Kraus is organizing with her team a collection presentation that showcases central donations and acquisitions from the past decade in order to shed new light on the collections development. Read more

Sarah Morris – Means of…

Art | October 19, 2021

White Cube Bermondsey is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Sarah Morris. Featuring films, paintings and works on paper that explore and create an architecture of forms, the exhibition furthers Morris’s interest in the psychology and perception of space and time. Read more

Etel Adnan: Light’s New Measure

Art | October 18, 2021

Over the course of a lifetime that spans almost a century, Etel Adnan's creative and intellectual vision has taken many forms. In addition to being a visual artist, she is a renowned poet, a prominent journalist, and the author of one of the defining novels of the modern Arab world. Adnan’s biography is notable for its rich convergence of cultural influences. Read more

Joanna Pousette-Dart

Art | October 14, 2021

For her first exhibition with Lisson Gallery in London, American painter Joanna Pousette-Dart will present a series of new paintings and works on paper. Pousette-Dart’s shaped paintings are unique in their melding of formal and poetic concerns, and take their inspiration from many sources: Islamic, Mozarabic and Catalonian art, Chinese landscape paintings and calligraphy, Mayan and American Indian art, as well as the landscape itself. Read more

Deborah Roberts: I’m

Art | October 13, 2021

Deborah Roberts: I’m features all new work by the Austin-based artist (American, born 1962 in Austin, Texas), including collages, paintings, a sound and video installation, and text-based works on paper. Roberts critiques notions of beauty, the body, race, and identity in contemporary society. Read more