“Think Smart”: WIN 1 YEAR…

Architecture, Calls, Design | February 18, 2013

“Think Smart” Competition: WIN 1 YEAR of Interviews, Specials and Articles on It’s LIQUID website! NO ENTRY FEE! Deadline: February 23, 2013 Categories Architecture and Design “Think Smart” is based on the theme of Smart City. Mixing sustainable transport; modern (ICT) communication infrastructure; sustainable economic development; and wise management of natural resources, human, intellectual and […] Read more

Design studio etc.etc. | Foldin…

Design | February 15, 2013

Foldin shelf, 9 sections by Design studio etc.etc. for EMKO Design studio etc.etc. | Foldin shelf Foldin is a modular shelving unit comprised out of a framework and foldable shelves. Each shelf is made out of three plywood plates connected with a piece of felt. The framework can vary in sizes and hold from two […] Read more


Design | February 15, 2013

BOCA is a porcelain bottle for watering plants, in apartments and on balconies STUDIO MACURA The STUDIO MACURA collection, launched in 2010, consists of compelling design objects suitable for home and contract environments. The objects are conceived and created to please by their aesthetics, wit and unexpected functionality. They are designed, manufactured and sold in […] Read more

UNStudio | Seating Stones

Design | February 14, 2013

Seating Stones by UNStudio, 2012 UNStudio | Seating Stones Inspired by the rhythmic smoothness of geological formations, the sculptural Seating Stones exhibit a playful take on spatial awareness and versatility, presenting myriad possibilities for placement, color, texture, arrangement and communication. Seating Stones are designed as individual objects and can be used autonomously. However they can […] Read more

Twodesigners | Kork, table and…

Design | February 11, 2013

Kork table by Twodesigners © Twodesigners Twodesigners | Kork, table and lighting KORK proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and realize a family of objects based on the connection between different elements. Every combination has its own identity as well on a visual level as on a functional level. Every piece is […] Read more

Producks Design Studio | Ori…

Design | February 8, 2013

Ori pendant light by Producks Design Studio and Mika Barr Producks Design Studio | Ori light Ori light series is an offspring of the collaboration between Producks Design Studio and textile designer Mika Barr. The design starting point was Mika’s Folding Apart fabric. The fabric has a special print on it that gives it an […] Read more

F.A.D.S. and Fujiki Studio |…

Architecture, Design | February 1, 2013

Aqua-scape by F.A.D.S. and Fujiki Studio © Ryumei Fujiki F.A.D.S. and Fujiki Studio | Aqua-scape Aqua-scape is the first prototype of “Whole Plastic Architecture“. This architecture was floating on the water. F.A.D.S. constructed all of this only by themselves cooperated with the members of Fujiki Studio, KOU::ARC in the summer of 2006. Read more

UGO Architecture and Design |…

Architecture, Design | January 30, 2013

Operalab theatre pavilion by UGO Architecture and Design © UGO Architecture and Design UGO Architecture and Design | Operalab theatre pavilion Hugon Kowalski graduated University of Fine Arts in Poznan in 2011. He was a co-founder and owner of the H3ar architecture design group. Now he is the owner of the UGO Architecture and Design […] Read more

Frank Gehry | Fish Lamps

Design | January 24, 2013

Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry Frank Gehry | Fish Lamps One of the most celebrated architects living today, Gehry’s career spans five decades and three continents. Known for his imaginative designs and creative use of materials, he has forever altered the urban landscape with spectacular buildings that are conceived as dynamic structures rather than static […] Read more


Design | January 21, 2013

The Shard by Renzo Piano (London) DESIGN MUSEUM DESIGNS OF THE YEAR 2013 The Design Museum announces the contenders for the sixth annual Designs of the Year. They include the best designs from around the world in the last 12 months across seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Product and Transport. Selected by a […] Read more

The liquid Glacial Table by…

Design | January 18, 2013

The liquid Glacial Table has been nominated for the 2013 Designs of the Year Awards. The awards span seven categories and showcase the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world over the past year. ZHA’s nominated project will be included in the “Designs of the Year” exhibition at the Design Museum, London from […] Read more

The Toad Sofa

Design | January 14, 2013

The Toad Sofa by Máximo Riera (front) The Toad Sofa The Toad Sofa by Máximo Riera is the newest from the Animal Chair collection, which constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This […] Read more

Julie. L. Parisi

Design, Fashion | January 10, 2013

Julie. L. Parisi Julie. L. Parisi’s jewelry evokes a beautiful deception of materials. These lightweight necklaces and bracelets can be as chunky and big as desired and still wearable in any occasion. There is a practicality and freedom to her jewelry of which she has three collections “GOLD?“, “the new GOLD” and “Tie me up” […] Read more


Design | December 7, 2012

Office besturenraad by COEN! COEN! Coen van Ham (1971) is a Dutch conceptual designer, architectural designer and source of creative inspiration. He studied at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. COEN! is one of the leading agencies in the Netherlands on account of its innovative concepts, stunning designs and inspiring workshops. Its style is colourful, […] Read more

Nano Aoshima

Design, Fashion | December 4, 2012

Nano Aoshima Tokyo born Nano has been living between England and Japan since the age of twelve. Her experiences from both sides of the globe have shaped her identity into one of a mixture of Western and Eastern cultures: producing a worldly wisdom and super-open mind. With an admiration for Japanese preconceptual fashion and the […] Read more


Design | November 18, 2012

Kkis.Produced by Mojoo Aps Designed by Martin Jakobsen (2012) Mojoo Mojoo Aps is a Danish design and manufacturing enterprise producing elegant and subtle designs that – with their understated simplicity – capture the Scandinavian spirit. Our company represents the following well recognised Danish designers; Martin Jakobsen, Tina Lofstad, Sofie Refer, Erik Magnussen, Rikke Jakobsen and […] Read more

Alexander McQueen

Design, Fashion | October 9, 2012

Alexander McQueen WOMEN’S SPRING/SUMMER 2013 Signature tailored jackets are layered over jewelled, moulded resin bustier tops and sheer, mid-calf length honeycomb pencil skirts, or cropped panelled trousers. A play between covering the body and discreetly exposing it is seen throughout as the transparent is juxtaposed with the opaque and garments peel away from necklines and […] Read more


Design, Fashion | September 29, 2012

Sandra Suybroderie anglaise. Printemps / été 2006 (Detail) Chloé.Attitudes Chloé.Attitudes is the very first exhibition dedicated to Chloé, a celebration of the Maison’s 60-year contribution to fashion culture. Since 1952, its legacy of luxury prêt-à-porter clothing has consistently defined how modern women live. This spectacular and groundbreaking exhibition offers a playful interpretation of the Chloé […] Read more

DIAPHRAGM Stool by Michaël Bihain

Design | April 12, 2012

Diaphragm is a stool that triggers a questioning on the synthesis of its composition which is ‘emotion/construction’. Indirectly, it revisits the archetype of the stool anchored in the collective mind. Read more

Single Scatter | Candy for…

Design | February 1, 2012

Single Scatter | Candy for Public Space Furniture for public space mostly consists out of a long or short bench made out of steel or wood, preferably accompanied by a garbage bin and a streetlight. Contemporary public space, however, demands flexibility in composition and use. Furniture to scatter around. Read more

RIVA 1920

Design | November 28, 2011

RIVA 1920 We have been working for years on this project: creating furniture that challenges time and respects nature. Riva 1920 has been producing furniture for three generations. Anna, Maurizio and Davide Riva are currently leading the company, started off by granfather Nino Romano in 1920 and carried on by their father Mario Riva. In […] Read more

Worldwide crowdfunding campaign by Fousse®

Design | November 28, 2011

Dutch furniture brand Fousse®, winner of the ICFF Studio Award, is launching a campaign this november together with American crowdsourcing platform IndieGoGo, to bring one their products to the U.S. market and beyond. Fousse® is on a mission to make the world prettier by creating playful furniture. To that end, Fousse® produces a rocking loungechair […] Read more

Jacco Maris Design

Design | August 29, 2011

Jacco Maris Design Montone Cohesive force. Ultimate coordination. Unity in balance. Enchanting effect. Moment of contemplation. The montone collection consists of light features that are as striking as they are graceful, with continuous, twisting shapes. The various models are made of brushed or highly polished stainless steel (in various colours) and opaline glass. The continuous […] Read more

Jacco Maris Design

Design | August 3, 2011

Jacco Maris Design The Outsider Unusual outsider. Silent witness. Robust charm. Impressive aura. Illuminating element. The outsider is an imposing lamp for indoor and outdoor use; an intriguing object that combines decorative simplicity with a hefty dose of robust charm.   The pedestal and the arched frame are made of powder-coated steel and the shade […] Read more

Jacco Maris Design

Design | July 20, 2011

Jacco Maris Design Solo Frozen motion. Natural warmth. Vital beauty. Pure simplicity. Understated character. With its minimalist design, solo does not outspokenly call attention to itself, but in all its purity it has a quiet presence all of its own. The lamp is cast and polished by hand, which makes each one unique. Solo is […] Read more

Jacco Maris Design

Design | July 6, 2011

Jacco Maris Design – Maximum Light Features using Minimum Materials Making something from nothing and creating optimum designs from minimal amounts of materials. This is the inspiring basic concept that underlies the creation, since 1994, of the exceptional light features of Jacco Maris. These are unique objects that combine powerful and exciting looks with graceful […] Read more

Share your Design Products with…

Design | June 23, 2011

Share your Design Products with the World It’s LIQUID offers you the possibility of sending press releases to over 60,000 qualified subscribers. Among them design companies, design stores, international collectors, consultants, advisers, architects, designers, critics, curators, dealers and other personalities of the International art, architecture and design world. Database demographics: 40% in North America, 45% […] Read more

prop lamp

Design | April 26, 2011

The Prop has been designed to a strict brief of efficiency both in use of material as well as energy, whilst still retaining a high aesthetic appeal.  Completely manufactured in the UK for this first edition, the Prop is perfectly timed as consumers balance cost, both financially and environmentally with the desire for beauty. Read more

praktrik 4×3 table

Design | April 1, 2011

PRAKTRIK is a new brand that focuses on sophistication free design. The production is getting more and more hi-tech, the details more and more complicated and specific for each manufacturer. We think there is still space for movement in the opposite direction! Read more

ZzZen by Fousse

Design | March 17, 2011

Fousse, a new Dutch design label, is on a mission to promote playful design; furniture that makes people smile. The ZzZen, Fousse’s new loungechair, certainly achieves this with its low but very comfortable seating position and versatility. This chair rocks in all directions and can be used indoor and outdoor. Read more