Interview: Ozlem Baser

Interviews | July 30, 2019

After graduating from Anadolu University department of Economy, Ozlem Baser had MBA degree from Yeditepe University in 2005. Read more

Interview: Vincent de Haan

Interviews | April 21, 2019

Vincent de Haan is a self-taught painter working with a wide range of different paints and materials. After having spent the first seven years his childhood growing up in subtropical Durban, South Africa, he moved with his family to the Netherlands in the late 1990's. Read more

Interview: Maria Tsormpatzoglou

Interviews | April 20, 2019

Being born and raised in Greece, Maria moved to Berlin 4 years ago to gain some new inspiration. Her official steps in the art scene where initiated at the end of the last year, at the moment where she realized that abstract is her way to express her messages as a photographer and artist. Maria also writes and performs. Read more

Interview: Brioni

Interviews | April 19, 2019

Brioni is a European artist London - based. She combines music and art developing her own synesthetic concept: the painting is not a copy of what she hears; rather, when she listens to music, she perceives more colorful textures than she normally perceives and she is able to depict them in the painting. Read more

Interview: Vandana

Interviews | April 18, 2019

Vandana, born in Haryana, has completed her MFA in Fine Art from London, UK, after attending Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts & Craft, Mumbai, and achieving Masters degree in English from New Delhi following her Bachelors degree from Haryana. She has exhibited her work in India (Including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata), United Kingdom (including London), Switzerland, South Korea (Daegu Art Fair) and Thailand (Bangkok Art Biennale 2018). Read more

Interview: Nathalie Massa

Interviews | April 18, 2019

During her childhood, Nathalie was always around her Italian grandfather’s paintings. He communicated her the desire to express herself with a paintbrush. She studied at the Beaux-Art in Paris as well as theatre in the Cours Florent. Read more

Interview: Mark Anthony Taylor

Interviews | April 17, 2019

Mark Taylor is a self-taught artist and has proven himself to be a painter with a remarkable natural talent. Taylor’s early figurative paintings were finely crafted and heavily influenced by the vision and technique of the old masters. Read more

Interview: Valeria Fano

Interviews | April 17, 2019

Valeria Fano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and resides in Burgundy, France, since 2017. She started her career as an artist at the University of Cambridge (1980 to 1981) and studied Art History in 1985 at the School of Architecture of the University of Florence, Italy (Gothic to Baroque periods). Read more

Interview: Irem Arcasoy

Interviews | April 16, 2019

İrem Arcasoy is a Turkish artist born in İstanbul and graduated from french High School Notre Dame de Sion then from the Faculty of Literature Department, English Literature at Istanbul University. İrem' s interest in art begins in preschool ages. Read more

Interview: Michele Tombolini

Interviews | April 15, 2019

Venice, 1963. Michele Tombolini's research ranges in different disciplines, from painting to sculpture, to installations and to performance.  His initial pictorial style originates from an introspective research that has in instinct its most strong characteristic with a material style which is inspired by the great masters of the twentieth century, from Picasso to the great upheavals of the transavantgarde. Read more

Interview: Shafaq Ahmad

Interviews | April 11, 2019

Shafaq Ahmad was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. After she left Pakistan Ahmad lived in the United Kingdom, Iran and Denmark before settling down in the United States. Read more

Interview: Kazuhiro Inomata

Interviews | April 10, 2019

1967: Kazuhiro Inomata was born in Japan Joetsu city Niigata. After three years of training since graduating from high school, I took over the family business and started working as a craftsman. Read more

Interview: Clara Céna

Interviews | April 9, 2019

My father studed in the arts school and he was my mentor, I begun to paint and later I made argentic or digital photography. I live in the north of France, and I made a lot of photographies from people and musiciens. Then I lived near Paris. Read more

Interview: Eliska Dordova

Interviews | April 9, 2019

Eliška Dordová is a devoted paiter from Czech Republic. She gains inspiration in her everyday life and transfigures all her emotions and experiences onto a canvas. As she stood up to many difficulties concerning her family the more recent paintings outcome in darker tones and reveal bits of her broken dreams. Read more

Interview: Hind Chaouat

Interviews | April 9, 2019

Born in Fes (Morocco) in 1979. Lives and works between Casablanca, Paris and Rio. In December 2016 Hind Chaouat made the video "Flawlessness", which denounces violence against women; The video has been displayed worldwide and won several prestigious awards: Silver Dubai Lynx 2017 / Silver Loeries Johanesbourg / 3 x Gold African Crystal Festival 2017 / Gold Effie Awards Mena 2017 Dubai / Silver LIA 2017 London. Read more

Interview: Sonya Pancucci

Interviews | April 9, 2019

My name is Sonya Pancucci and I am a lifelong learner. As a child and teenager I spent numerous hours drawing and painting to perfect my skills ultimately creating an 8'x12' oil painting mural that was displayed at the entrance of my high school for 20-years. Read more

Interview: Suzy Birstein

Interviews | April 8, 2019

Using fired clay, oil and collage on canvas, Suzy creates sculptures and paintings that simultaneously celebrate individuality and interconnectedness. The artist references historical women and popular culture to build composites of a current self. Read more

Interview: Marisol Grijalva

Interviews | April 8, 2019

Born and raised in Ecuador and having lived in Paris, London and currently in Dubai, this has given me the opportunity to learn many techniques from different teachers from all over the world.  My work is inspired by the flamboyance of the Latin American spirit, the reverence to nature as a nurturing feminine presence and the elegance of the European style. Read more

Interview: Haimeng Cao

Interviews | April 7, 2019

Haimeng Cao is one of the honourable mentioned artists of 6th Itsliquid International Contest. He works as a professional visual development and concept artist of film and game industry in Los Angeles. He used to work for Blizzard Entertainment for their new games and Framestore for the upcoming film "Dune" directed by Denis Villeneuve. Read more

Interview: Carmela Rizzuti

Interviews | April 7, 2019

Palermitan painter and photographer, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo in the painting section where she subsequently wanted to continue her studies specializing in restoration paintings on canvas and panel at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence. For 10 years he was part of the Photo Club Conca d’Oro and registered with the FIAF (Italian Federations Photographic Associations). Read more

Interview: I-Vanessa Rumstajn

Interviews | April 6, 2019

Artist, I-Vanessa Rumstajn, born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. Year 2017, she started “Art Collage”, fine art. Dedicating her life to create art, painting, dancing and writing poetry/ music. Her influences are based on different cultures, as she admires street culture such as graffiti, Ancient Egypt and Greek mythology. Previously, I-Vanessa Rumstajn has exhibited in Gothenburg (2018), Stockholm (2018), Dubai (2018), New York (2019) and Venice (2019). Read more

Interview: Xu Hui

Interviews | April 5, 2019

Xu Hui is a Chinese artist who has been engaged in creating the original hand-painted silk painting for many years and has formed distinctive artistic characteristics and unique self-style. The silk painting is one of national art treasure in China. Read more

Interview: Synergy Group

Interviews | April 4, 2019

Synergy represents a group of phenomenal female artists from all over the world. They combine their love of the arts and culture and hold exhibitions together. Synergy artists are currently from Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait, U.A.E., Egypt, Canada, USA, Russia and Kenya. Read more

Interview: Suzanne C. Nagy

Interviews | April 3, 2019

Suzanne C. Nagy is an environmental artist and curator, born in Hungary, living and working in New York City. She is a member of the Yale Club and is listed in the "Who's Who," in the Successful American Women Directory. Read more

Interview: Marija Koneska

Interviews | April 2, 2019

Marija Koneska (1984) is an artist from Prilep, Macedonia. In 2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, in department of graphic art, and in 2016 she graduated from the second cycle of studies at the same faculty, department of painting. Read more

Interview: Maja Maglajlic

Interviews | April 2, 2019

Maja is a Vancouver, BC, based artist with a degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia. Though she does not have formal post-secondary art training, she has been a creative force since childhood. Her art is born out of necessity to create, a feeling springing up from the depths of her soul. Read more

Interview: Galaxia Wang

Interviews | April 1, 2019

Galaxia Wang (1990) is a Chinese artist based in Beijing and Geneva, he is a traveler artist into Switzerland and Iceland. Analogy, synesthesia and astrology are of particular interest for Galaxia who, through his practice, invents all sorts of systems, languages and other cosmogonies upsetting fixed identities. Read more

Interview: Naqiba Bergefurt

Interviews | April 1, 2019

Naqiba Bergefurt (1954) is autodidact. As a child she was strongly attracted to the visual arts as well as to music and theater. After High school she studied Pedagogy and Art Therapy at Utrecht University (The Netherlands). She did several courses and trainings in intuitive drawing and painting and had private singing lessons, which led to solo’s in concerts. Read more

Interview: Elis Lin

Interviews | March 31, 2019

My hand wants to repeat movements. With the help of my fingers. I try to record the movements as imprints.  Slightly equal movement of the fingers, many times overlapped and pressed onto the canvas with a transparent plastic sheet and tapes that create the work– which are very translucent and tapes overlapping. Read more

Interview: Vanessa Ximenes

Interviews | March 30, 2019

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1989. Vanessa Ximenes is an art teacher at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro. Her classes are modeling, ceramics, sculpture, painting, theory and practice of visual arts teaching. She also works as a sculptor and photographer. Read more