Interviews | October 25, 2023

"Born and raised in Belgium, Nilwe was already fascinated by her grandfather's dark room as a small child. He instilled in her the love for photography from a young age." Read more


Interviews | October 24, 2023

Yating Liu holds a BFA in Communications Design from the School of Visual Arts, where she studied under the tutelage of Professor Scott Buschkuhl. Following graduation, she worked for Viacom, Prophet, and other design agencies in New York. Yating Liu is a versatile graphic designer with a strong penchant for customized typefaces and branding design. Read more


Interviews | October 24, 2023

Sarah Montani, born 1972, is a Painter and Sculptress with a long-standing international exhibition profile. She is a Digital Pioneer and focuses on connecting traditional Painting Techniques to Augmented Reality. Read more


Interviews | October 23, 2023

In the aesthetic research of textures, I sought an opportunity to immerse myself in the intricate forms created by nature while documenting human interventions in the environment, demonstrating how human presence can alter the natural landscape. Read more


Interviews | October 21, 2023

I studied, worked and lived abroad for a long time before I started painting in 2015. Now I live in Germany, near Düsseldorf as a freelance artist. Style and Technique I developed decisively through attending the master class for painting and my regular work in a group with several artists. Read more


Interviews | October 20, 2023

Luca Lee is a transmedia artist from Chile based in New York, whose practice springs from the multitude of approaches of Extended Reality, 3D, and 2D art. Read more


Interviews | October 19, 2023

Monica Pla is a visual artist and an interior designer raised in Barcelona; working in design since 1990, Read more


Interviews | October 19, 2023

Creative photographer and artist, graduated from University of the Arts London, 8 years experience in photography, with excellent skills in artistic portrait, fashion and product photography. I like to use photos to tell stories. Read more


Interviews | October 18, 2023

My name is Anna Jung, I´m a Germany based artist and architect, born in Poland, since 2001 living near Stuttgart. I grew up in a relatively monochrome environment. Read more


Interviews | October 17, 2023

My goal as an artist is to portray the symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the living universe. Working in acrylic and mixed media, I depict nature through the lens of environmental sustainability, capturing viewpoints of the flora and fauna that inhabit a particular landscape Read more


Interviews | October 16, 2023

Felicja Lamprecht is based in France since 12 years, she carries out her activities as a conservator- restorer of works of art by participating in major projects on leading historical monuments Read more


Interviews | October 15, 2023

Yanming Chen hails from Chengdu, a city in southwestern China that serves as a vibrant melting pot of culture, art, and diversity. Yanming's natural curiosity and sensitivity shape her approach to learning. By exploring related fields such as illustration and animation, she keeps herself at the forefront of emerging arts and technologies, incorporating these into her distinctive artistic expressions. Yanming maintains the belief that design transcends mere communication, serving as a vessel for abstract concepts like emotion, as well as a link between humans and objects that hold meaning. Read more


Interviews | October 14, 2023

Yu Chen’s art is an exploration of the complexities of society and the human experience. He delves into social issues and the rich cultural inheritance that informs our understanding of the world. He is particularly interested in examining the cultural differences between the East and West, and how these disparities shape our perceptions of the world around us. At the heart of his work is a deep passion for exploring human emotions. Read more


Interviews | October 13, 2023

"My practice engages with human relationships between craft and labor, and the scaled production systems that have generated these histories. In the process of creating works, I inhabit the roles of archivist, manual laborer, archeologist and spiritual medium as a way of investigating the relationships of “producer” to “consumer” and “artist” to “viewer.” Read more


Interviews | October 12, 2023

Born in Rome to a cosmopolitan family, Barbara Duran is a contemporary artist, painter and video maker. She works through multiple mediums such as painting, photography, and video art. She started exposing in the early ’90s, in collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Her work is currently exposed in private and public collections, in Italy, France, England, Greece and other countries. Read more


Interviews | October 11, 2023

Dierk Osterloh, who was born in Oldenburg/Lower Saxony in 1964, initially studied law. At the age of 27, he took a new direction in his life and found his way to art. In Freiburg im Breisgau, he created his first oil paintings and the passion for artistic work ignited a fire in him that continues to this day. With esprit he changed his residence in 1994 and moved to Cologne, to his first own studio. In 1996 he moved his studio to the well-known „Kunstzentrum Wachsfabrik“ in the south of Cologne. Read more

Interview: Jenny Alexandra Prado

Interviews | October 11, 2023

Jenny Alexandra Prado Bernal is an artist with a master's degree in Contemporary Art, University of Barcelona (2020), Philosopher, UNAD Colombia, Surgeon. Nueva Granada Military University in Colombia (2004) with a speciality in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2012). Read more


Interviews | October 10, 2023

Driven by a deep passion for art, the author made the brave decision to leave behind her legal and business career and embark on a new and exciting journey. Fueled by a thirst for creativity and a desire to explore new horizons, she embraced the unknown with open arms, eager to see where this path might lead her. After moving from Slovenia to Switzerland, the author found inspiration in the rich cultural tapestry of her surroundings, drawing upon the contrasting landscapes and traditions of both countries to inform her artistic vision. Read more


Interviews | October 9, 2023

"Yukuyuku creates artwork hoping people can walk the long road of life with humor and hope. There are three main types of artwork." Read more


Interviews | October 8, 2023

Self-taught painter and qualified art-therapist; born in 1969 in south of France; my sources of inspiration are societal issues, travel, people and situations that can touch and overwhelm me and also the human capacity to celebrate life. I work with mixed techniques, respecting eco-responsability, slow art, using recycled materials. My style is close to storytelling, a narrative art that tells a story to people.I am interested in contrasts, since everything is in motion and in perpetual search of balance; the need for relief on my canvases give me the sensation that characters will emerge and come to life. Read more


Interviews | October 7, 2023

"Daria, born in 1996 in Russia and raised in the UAE, is a fine artist with a multicultural background, that is greatly influenced by Bulgarian, Russian and Italian traditional academies in which she has studied." Read more


Interviews | October 7, 2023

Homo Sapiens is dual by nature. I believe we are endowed with the consciousness to be aware of and accept free will. My choice is the cultivation of light and the sublimation of darkness. Memories are the starting point in my art works, observations of the present with a vision of the future. Read more


Interviews | October 7, 2023

"I was born in 1989, Istanbul. Received my Bachelor of Art degree from Bilgi University with a focus in Cultural and Art Management. Did my masters in photography in Los Angeles." Read more

Interview: Maggie Veroli

Interviews | October 6, 2023

Mathematician, teacher, traveller; interested in history - in particular antiquity and the Middle Ages, dance, culture and art. She creates his own painting style - called virilism. She runs her own art gallery in Gdańsk and an artistic, cultural and culinary restaurant (culinary travels in time and space). Read more


Interviews | October 6, 2023

I am Patrizia Berti and I live and creates in my studio which is also home, in the middle of the Maremma’s countryside, close to the sea where I grew up. Through my art, I not only give voice to the beauty, but mainly to injustices, that cause pain, fear, anguish in the human being. Every line, sign put on paper, canvas, wherever, it is like a private confession breaking free, representing everything that is unconscious and external. Taking shape - draws, sketches, and paints… just poured out. Read more

INTERVIEW: Magdalena Piwko-Chudzik

Interviews | October 5, 2023

I am a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Association of Polish Artists OW and the Association of Polish Painters and Graphic Designers. I practice contemporary painting, sculpture, graphics and create installations. I presented my works at 19 individual exhibitions and over 100 collective presentations. Through art I try to organize life events, emotions and interactions with the outside world. Read more


Interviews | October 5, 2023

Tatiana is a Ukrainian contemporary artist born on August 11, 1986, in Mariupol. She graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2009 and studied icon painting in Moscow. While working as a graphic designer, Tatiana continued to paint, refining her artistic style. Her philosophy revolves around the interconnectedness of everything, with past events shaping our future and chance encounters holding meaning. Read more


Interviews | October 4, 2023

She finds inspiration in the emotionality behind the human experience. She paints as a personal exploration of mental health, using her own experiences and those of her peers as a quiet, empathic manifesto. Her desire to understand and subvert the stigma around the emotional body has pushed her to pursue these themes consistently in her career. Read more


Interviews | October 3, 2023

Natália Junasová is a young (born in 1990) Slovak artist from Partizánske. Already in her childhood, you could notice a significant artistic talent and an extraordinary child's imagination. In the years 2005 –2010, she studied Applied Painting at the Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory of Applied Art in Topoľčany, and then at the same school she completed training in the field of Promotional Art, manual processing of textiles. Her paintings have a high degree of artistic abstraction, which she achieves with the help of outlines of simplified objects created mostly from linear strokes and expressive colors. Read more


Interviews | October 3, 2023

I am a London-based Innovation Designer and Creator who graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Master's degree in Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures, and I also have a Bachelor's degree in the Art of Digital Media (Interactive Design pathway). Read more