Interview: Eileen Halfpenny

Art, Interviews | April 13, 2015

Image courtesy of Eileen Halfpenny Interview: Eileen Halfpenny Luca Curci talks with artist Eileen Halfpenny during Liquid Rooms + Labyrinth exhibition in Venice. Eileen Halfpenny is a watercolour artist living on the Eastern shores of Lake Superior in the City of Sault Sainte Marie, Canada. She started painting when she lived in the Netherlands in the […] Read more

Interview: Wednesday Kim

Art, Interviews | April 10, 2015

Image courtesy Wednesday Kim Interview: Wednesday Kim Luca Curci talks with artist Wednesday Kim during Contemporary Venice. Born in 1985 in Seoul, Korea. She is a New York based artist who produces videos, installations, digital drawings and photographs. She studied Fine Arts at School Of Visual Arts in NYC. Most of her works are records […] Read more

Interview: Ikaro Valderrama

Art, Interviews | April 9, 2015

Image courtesy of Ikaro Valderrama Interview: Ikaro Valderrama Director Luca Curci talks with artist and performer Ikaro Valderrama during HYBRID MEMORIES exhibition in Bogotà. Ikaro Valderrama is a traveler musician, singing master and writer from the Colombian Andes. He defines his self as a kind of modern nomad, open to explore different geographies, traditions and […] Read more

Interview: Anna Fafaliou

Art, Interviews | April 8, 2015

Image courtesy Anna Fafaliou. ©Kris Makri Interview: Anna Fafaliou Director Luca Curci talks with artist Anna Fafaliou during LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH exhibition in Venice. Anna Fafaliou is a London based conceptual and visual artist. Exploring the relationship between the body, space and object she creates imaginary environments questioning the way people embody the […] Read more

Interview: Christos Ilias

Art, Interviews | April 7, 2015

Image courtesy of Christos Ilias Interview: Christos Ilias Luca Curci talks with artist Christos Ilias during LIQUID ROOMS – Venice. Christos Ilias was born in Albania in 1987. He studied in Athens University of Fine Arts (2006-2011) . He has done several group and solo exhibitions, some of which are : “100 years of Sculpture”, […] Read more

Interview with Andrea Laroux

Art, Interviews | March 24, 2015

Image courtesy of Andrea Laroux Interview: Andrea Laroux Luca Curci talks with Andrea Laroux during LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH exhibition in Venice. Andrea Laroux was born in Turin in 1985. She graduated at the “Istituto Fellini” cinema school and “Fondazione Artevision” photography academy. She teaches Photography, post-production and filmic analysis in secondary schools and cultural […] Read more

Interview: Carmen Garcia

Art, Interviews | March 18, 2015

Image courtesy of It’s Liquid Group Interview: Carmen Garcia Luca Curci talks with artist and performer Carmen Garcia during LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH exhibition in Venice. Carmen Garcia was born and raised in Valencia where she currently live. She studied Fine Art in Valencia and engraving and lithography in Barcelona. Read more

Interview: Johanna Nuutinen

Art, Interviews | March 17, 2015

Johanna Nuutinen, HATCHED, 2014. © Joonas Tikkanen Interview: Johanna Nuutinen Luca Curci talks with artist Johanna Nuutinen during HIDDEN ROOMS exhibition in Venice. Johanna Nuutinen: “During my career I have been working with dozens of talented choreographers. Each one of them has left marks on my body and my mind with the language of their […] Read more

Interview: Elena Sigmund

Art, Interviews | March 12, 2015

Elena Sigmund, Eco Village, 2012 Interview: Elena Sigmund Luca Curci talks with artist Elena Sigmund during LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH exhibition in Venice. Read more

Interview: Lea Vidakovic

Art, Interviews | March 11, 2015

Lea Vidakovic, Sisters (video still), 2012 Interview: Lea Vidakovic Luca Curci talks with artist Lea Vidakovic during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Lea Vidakovic (1983, Serbia) is a multimedia artist, who works in the field of art installation and puppet animation. Read more

Interview: Natasha Jozi

Art, Interviews | March 9, 2015

Natasha Jozi, Red Prayers (30 mins performance), 2013, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Art, Constance S. and Robert J. Hennessy Project, DE. Photo credits: Scotty Beland Interview: Natasha Jozi Director Luca Curci‘s conversaton with artist Natasha Jozi during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Natasha Iqbal Jozi is a Pakistan born artist who works with video […] Read more

Interview: David Agudelo-Bernal

Art, Interviews | March 6, 2015

Image courtesy of David Agudelo-Bernal Interview: David Agudelo-Bernal Director Luca Curci talks with artist David Agudelo-Bernal during HYBRID MEMORIES exhibition in Bogotà. David Agudelo-Bernal is a Sound Artist/Designer with experience in diverse sound creation practices and audiovisual content making. Read more

Interview: Huber.koelliker

Art, Interviews | February 26, 2015

Image courtesy of Huber.Koelliker Interview: Huber.Koelliker Luca Curci talks with artists duo Huber.Koelliker during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice on November 2014. Huber.Koelliker, Sabine Huber & Fido Koelliker, are two Swiss visual artists, who met eachother 25 years ago at the art school. They have been realizing together video art projects since than. Read more

Interview: Ary Wertheir

Art, Interviews | February 20, 2015

Image courtesy of Ary Wertheir Interview: Ary Wertheir Luca Curci talks with the artist Ary Wertheir during Pixels of Identities exhibition in Almeria, Spain. Luca Curci – When did you start practicing art and why? Ary Wertheir – Art has always been around in my family, since I was very young I have memories of […] Read more

interview: Romina Mejak

Art, Interviews | February 19, 2015

Image courtesy of Romina Mejak Interview: Romina Mejak Luca Curci talks with Romina Mejac during Hidden Rooms in Venice. Romina Mejac was born Born in Rijeka, Croatia. Finished High School for Applied Arts in Rijeka, sculptural design in 2001. In 2007 she enrolled at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, and in 2011 she […] Read more

Interview: Astrid Jahns

Art, Interviews | February 17, 2015

Astrid Jahns, Unison Interview: Astrid Jahns Luca Curci talks with Astrid Jahns during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Born in 1972 in Wolfsburg, Astrid Jahns lives and works in Hanover (Germany). She studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover. Than she started to work as a freelance artist and […] Read more

Interview: Ed Darino

Art, Interviews | February 13, 2015

Image courtesy of Ed Darino Interview: Ed Darino Luca Curci‘s conversation with artist Ed Darino about his experience during Contemporary Venice exhibition on December 2014. Eduardo  Darino, born in Montevideo (Uruguay), came to the US with a Fulbright to specialize in animation at NYU, receiving a MFA on Film & Television. After graduation he animated […] Read more

Interview: Daria Krasilnikova

Art, Interviews | February 12, 2015

Image courtesy of Daria Krasilnikova Interview: Daria Krasilnikova Luca Curci talks with artist Daria Krasilnikova during Contemporary Venice exhibition. Daria Krasilnikova was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Currently, she lives and works in Koblenz, Germany. Daria has finished the Master of Glass Art and Science program of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, research unit Vicarte, […] Read more

Interview: Rania Fouad

Art, Interviews | February 11, 2015

Image courtesy of Rania Fouad Interview: Rania Fouad Luca Curci talks with artist Rania Fouad during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Rania Fouad graduated from Faculty of Arts of Helwan University in Egypt, continued her graduate studies in Japan, at the School of Art and Design – Tsukuba University. Her major preoccupation is to create […] Read more

Interview: Danny Bittencourt

Art, Interviews | February 10, 2015

Image courtesy of Danny Bittencourt Interview: Danny Bittencourt Luca Curci talks with Danny Bittencourt after her participation in Contemporary Venice. Danny Bittencourt is a Brazilian visual artist who has been dedicated to photography as a form of expression, whether it is in her personal work or in the classes she teaches in multiple schools, as […] Read more

Interview: Francoise Gaujour

Art, Interviews | February 9, 2015

Image courtesy of Francoise Gaujour Interview: Francoise Gaujour Luca Curci talks with artist Francoise Gaujour during the Contemporary Venice – EXTENDED. After a solid career as a radio and TV journalist Francoise Gaujour begins photo in Mali in the 2000s, attracted by the colors of Africa. Since then, she has exhibited her pictures in several […] Read more

Interview: Eleanor Oakes

Art, Interviews | January 30, 2015

Still from Barnes Hall, 2012. Image courtesy of Eleanor Oakes Interview: Eleanor Oakes Luca Curci talks with artist Eleanor Oakes during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Eleanor Oakes was born in New York and currently lives and works in the Detroit area. She received an MFA in Art Practice from Stanford University in 2014 and […] Read more

Interview: Alberto Riccardo Messaggi

Art, Interviews | January 29, 2015

Image courtesy of Alberto Riccardo Messaggi Interview: Alberto Riccardo Messaggi Luca Curci‘s conversation with artist Alberto Riccardo Messaggi (alias Rick Deckard), during Hidden Rooms, Venice. Rick Deckard is the alias for the Italian videographer Alberto Riccardo Messaggi. Video images been his passion since early stage, he studied at the Center for Professional Film&Tv techniques in […] Read more

Interview: Milan Del Vecchio

Art, Interviews | January 27, 2015

Image courtesy of Milan Del Vecchio Interview: Milan Del Vecchio Luca Curci talks with artist Milan Del Vecchio during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Milan Del Vecchio (b. 1987, Carson City, NV), is a visual artist currently living in New YorkCity. She received a BS in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP in 2010 […] Read more

Interview: Beatriz Castañeda Díaz

Art, Interviews | January 20, 2015

Interview: Beatriz Castañeda Díaz Luca Curci talks with artist Beatriz Castañeda Díaz during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Beatriz Castañeda Díaz was born 1988 in Madrid, Spain. While she was studying Degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising & RRPP, she also studied Advertising Design, Illustration and Comic for three years in ESDIP. After living and […] Read more

Interview: Angelika Rinnhofer

Art, Interviews | January 15, 2015

Image courtesy of Angelika Rinnhofer Interview: Angelika Rinnhofer Director Luca Curci talks with artist Angelika Rinnhofer during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Angelika Rinnhofer works primarily in photography, video, dance and performance but incorporates non-traditional art media such as baking, gaming, and trace making into her practice. In her work she reflects on the feeling of […] Read more

Interview: Hiroko Maya Okahashi

Art, Interviews | January 14, 2015

Hiroko Maya Okahashi, In Love. Interview: Hiroko Maya Okahashi Director Luca Curci talks with artist Hiroko Maya Okahashi during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Hiroko Maya Okahashi is a Japanese artist and photographer. She was born and grew up in Japan. She loves Japanese culture and learned Japanese art such as calligraphy, flower arrangement, Tea […] Read more

Interview: Kathy Rose

Art, Interviews | January 9, 2015

Interview: Kathy Rose Director Luca Curci‘s conversation with the artist Kathy Rose about her experience at HIDDEN ROOMS – IDENTITIES . CITIES . MEMORIES in Venice. Kathy Rose’s work has evolved from her early drawn animated films of the 1970s, through her unique, pioneering performance work combining dance with film in the 1980-1990s, to her […] Read more

Interview: Renate Schweizer

Art, Interviews | January 8, 2015

Image courtesy of Renate Shweizer Interview: Renate Schweizer Director Luca Curci‘s conversation with artist Renate Schweizer about her concept of art and her experience during Pixels of Identities – Spain. Renate Schweizer is an intermodal artist (video, photography, installations, performing) and paper artist (masks, figures, objects, installations), born in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, living in Karlsruhe since 1993, Germany. Read more

Interview: Alfredo Zubiaur

Art, Interviews | January 2, 2015

Image courtesy of Alfredo Zubiaur Interview: Alfredo Zubiaur Director Luca Curci talks with artist Alfredo Zubiaur during Hidden Rooms exhibition in Venice. Alfredo Zubiaur is an artist who lives and works in Barcelona. He’s currently writing a final thesis about the traces of light in the post-sculptural practice. He has studied in different cities such as […] Read more