Interview: Natalia Jaime-Cortez

Interviews | September 26, 2014

Image courtesy of Agathe Ennevled Occorram Interview: Natalia Jaime-Cortez Natalia Jaime-Cortez shares with Luca Curci her point of view on Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival. French-based artist Natalia Jaime-Cortez lives and work in Paris. She is graduated from the National Fine Arts Academy of Paris in 2007 from Richard Deacon studio. Her work […] Read more

Interview: Sara Donati

Interviews | September 25, 2014

Image courtesy of Sara Donati Interview: Sara Donati The Italian performer Sara Donati talks with Luca Curci about her experience during Future Identities – Bodies . Places . Spaces. Sara Donati is an Italian performer and choreographer graduated at Trinity Laban Contemporary of Music and Dance in 2014, after three years of BA (Hons) in […] Read more

Interview: Caglar Gezer

Interviews | September 23, 2014

Caglar Gezer, Dissolution 1 Interview: Caglar Gezer Caglar Gezer discusses with Luca Curci about the festival Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces. Award-winning photographer Caglar Gezer was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1981 and lives in Geneva, Switzerland since 2011. As a self-taught photographer, his humanistic approach to life is reflected in his photographs, providing […] Read more

Interview: Dorthe Lykke Troke

Interviews | September 22, 2014

Dorthe Lykke Troke, Untitled, needles & metal Interview: Dorthe Lykke Troke After her participation in Future Identities – Bodies . Places . Spaces, Dorthe Lykke Troke meets Luca Curci. Read more

Interview: Julian Scordato and Martina…

Interviews | September 18, 2014

Image courtesy of Julian Scordato and Martina Favret Interview: Julian Scordato and Martina Favret Julian Scordato and Martina Favret talk with Luca Curci about their experience in Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival. Read more

Interview: Marizelda Eggertsson

Interviews | September 17, 2014

Image courtesy of Joanna Ursal Interview: Marizelda Eggertsson Marizelda Eggertsson and Luca Curci’s conversation about Pixels of Identities – Istanbul. Saxophonist, performance artist, playwright, Marizelda Eggertsson began studying the saxophone at age twelve in Texas.  She moved to Italy and pursued her interest in classical music by enrolling in the Milan School of Music.  Later […] Read more

Interview: Úrsula San Cristóbal

Interviews | September 16, 2014

Image courtesy of Úrsula San Cristóbal Interview: Úrsula San Cristóbal Luca Curci meets Úrsula San Cristóbal in Venice after her participation in Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces exhibition. Read more

Interview: Federica Barcellona

Interviews | September 15, 2014

Image courtesy of Federica Barcellona Interview: Federica Barcellona Luca Curci‘s conversation with performer Federica Barcellona, after her participation in Future Identities – Bodies. Places. Spaces festival. Since 1990 Federica Barcellona has been focused on body message of performing actor, starting from an intense study of the Theater of research. Read more

Interview: Martina Vakarelova and Marco…

Interviews | July 29, 2014

Interview: Martina Vakarelova and Marco Nektan The performers Martina and Marco talks with Luca Curci about their experience in Venice, during MORPHOS II. Marco Nektan (born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) is a visual artist, photographer, performance artist, dancer, choreographer, art manager, author and shamanic priest (Dancing Shaman). Martina Vakarelova was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and currently […] Read more

Interview: Gizem Karayavuz

Interviews | July 28, 2014

Image courtesy of Gizem Karayavuz Interview: Gizem Karayavuz Gizem Karayavuz and Luca Curci’s conversation about Pixels of Identites – Istanbul. Gizem Karayavuz worked as a financial advisor for three years before she applied for the fine arts university. She decided to make his childhood dream come true, so applied to the Turkey-Istanbul Marmary University Fine Arts […] Read more

Interview: Ali Berrada

Interviews | July 24, 2014

Ali Berrada, One day we will leave together Interview: Ali Berrada Moroccan photographer Ali Berrada talks with Luca Curci about art and Pixels of Identities – Istanbul. Co-founder of his life, travel lover especially when it’s an inner quest. Photographer, sometimes writer, walking across the globe to see how small he is. Read more

Interview: Meng-Chin Huang

Interviews | July 23, 2014

Image courtesy of Meng-Chin Huang Interview: Meng-Chin Huang After the presentation of his video “孌luân” during Pixels of Identities exhibition in Istanbul, Luca Curci meets Meng-Chin Huang. Meng-Chin, Huang was born in Chai-Yi, Taiwan. In 2007, he completed MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts and received sponsorship to undertake an artist residency in […] Read more

Interview: Nancy Oliveri

Interviews | July 9, 2014

Nancy Oliveri, 3 wise monkeys Interview: Nancy Oliveri Luca Curci has a discussion with Nancy Oliveri about her experience in MORPHOS – Sustainable Empires. Nancy Oliveri is an artist and psychotherapist who lives and works in NYC. She was introduced to experimental film makers, conceptual art and the New York art world by her teachers at […] Read more

Interview: Ester Pirotta + Tom…

Interviews | June 25, 2014

Ester Pirotta + Tom Vack, New York Interview: Ester Pirotta + Tom Vack Ester Pirotta and Tom Vack are two professionals, jointed by their passion for photography: she is an architect, he is a photographer. After a degree in Architecture at Politecnico in Milan, Ester Pirotta has been working in designing layouts for showrooms and fairs, […] Read more

Interview: Diego de Oliveira

Interviews | June 24, 2014

Diêgo de Oliveira, Selfportrait Interview: Diego de Oliveira Diêgo de Oliveira is a Brazilian artist, born in Acopiara, in the state of Ceará, majoring in Visual Arts at the Regional University of Cariri – URCA. Interested in discussing issues related to the male universe, his work focuses primarily on the representation of the figure of […] Read more

Interview: Valérie Reding

Interviews | April 22, 2014

Image courtesy of Valérie Reding Interview: Valérie Reding Valérie Reding was born on 16th February, 1990 in Luxembourg. She is studing Media Arts at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. She has taken part in many exhibitions such as “Sexualitäten”, presented by “Kunst passiert!” in the “Coqd’Or” in Olten (Switzerland); “Vertiefung Mediale Künste”, at the Zürcher […] Read more

Interview: Marko Stamatovic

Interviews | April 11, 2014

Image courtesy of Marko Stamatovic Interview: Marko Stamatovic Marko Stamatovic was born on 13th February, 1977 in Kragujevac, Serbia. He graduated at the Faculty of Philology and Art, Department for Graphic Design in 2008. His works have been published in many publications and magazines like Politika, REFOTO, Novi Magazin, Svetlost, CityWalker, National Geographic Serbia and Smithsonian […] Read more

Interview Harpo ‘t Hart

Interviews | March 31, 2014

Image courtesy of Rik van Santen Interview Harpo ‘t Hart Harpo ‘t Hart is a jazz-piano graduate of the Conservatory of Utrecht. During his studies Harpo got involved in the free jazz/improv scene in Amsterdam playing at Zaal100 and the Bimhuis. Here he met theatre director Julie van den Berghe with whom Harpo collaborated on many […] Read more

Interview: claRa apaRicio yoldi

Interviews | March 25, 2014

Image courtesy of claRa apaRicio yoldi Interview: claRa apaRicio yoldi ClaRa ApaRicio Yoldi is a video artist from Madrid, Spain. Graduating in Art History from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she moved to London in 2008, where she currently lives and works. She studied Digital Film and Animation at the London Metropolitan University and Programming for Artists […] Read more

Interview: Susan Yeung

Interviews | March 14, 2014

Susan Yeung, They Talk, video still. Image courtesy of Susan Yeung Interview: Susan Yeung Susan Yeung is a producer, artistic director, choreographer, event manager, lecturer and performer. She graduated with a music degree from Kingston University (England) and Lasalle – SIA College of the Arts (Singapore), and was awarded with the City Contemporary Dance Company […] Read more

Interview: Sophie Delaporte

Interviews | March 11, 2014

Image courtesy of Sophie Delaporte Interview: Sophie Delaporte Born in Paris, Sophie Delaporte studied photography and film at the ENSLL art school in Paris. After graduating, she moved to London and started to work for the English press. Her first publications appeared in i-D magazine, with whom she collaborates since a long time. She currently […] Read more

Interview: David Wasch

Interviews | March 6, 2014

Image courtesy of David Wasch Interview: David Wasch David Wasch was born in 1987 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He graduated in 2013 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. During his graduation exhibition he got nominated for the Young Blood Award 2013 by Gallery Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, as well as for the Concordia competition […] Read more

Interview: Aurora Giampaoli

Interviews | March 4, 2014

Aurora Giampaoli, Le Marionette Interview: Aurora Giampaoli Italian artist Aurora Giampaoli was born in Lucca on November 26, 1984. At the age of 13, she started his artistic journey, first by attending the High School of Art in her home town in Tuscany, and then by getting a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Arts at […] Read more

Interview: Carlos Torres Machado

Interviews | February 19, 2014

Carlos Torres Machado, Charlie in heaven: The new owner of power, 2008 Interview: Carlos Torres Machado Born in Ecuador in 1981, over the last eight years Carlos Torres Machado has made remarkable images that explore the construction of the scene in a neo-pictorialist will to demonstrate the difference between “taking a picture” and “making a […] Read more

Interview: Gian Cruz

Interviews | February 14, 2014

Gian Cruz, You as Me, 2013. Collage of images from the portraits series Interview: Gian Cruz Gian Cruz‘s artistic practice is heavily rooted in photography. His major preoccupation is about tracing identities in the context of the global and the digital age, which is often self-referential. His artistic practices range from photography, video art and […] Read more

Interview: Gabriella Parisi

Interviews | January 22, 2014

Gabriella Parisi, L’avventura di un poeta. Video still Interview: Gabriella Parisi Gabriella Parisi is an eclectic artist, independent film director, fashion designer and costume producer. Currently she’s working on projects oriented toward electronic solutions applied to art, movie and fashion. She graduated with honors in Scenography at Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome on an […] Read more

Interview: Ilia Yefimovich

Interviews | January 20, 2014

Image courtesy of  Yefimovich Ilia       Interview: Ilia Yefimovich Yefimovich Ilia‘s work is a research of the human conflict and it obsession with territory. She works both in Russia and Israel. She is building a puzzle that shows the territorial conflict of Israel and Palestine. She bases her work in photographing Portraits and Landscapes. In her […] Read more

Interview: Antonis Kourkoulos

Interviews | January 16, 2014

Antonis Kourkoulos, Tempus II. Video still Interview: Antonis Kourkoulos Antonis Kourkoulos is a Greek artist working and tangling with matters of time and memory. From Media Studies to Cultural Management he was led studying Digital Arts in the Athens School of Fine Arts. He thinks that in the recording of the ephemeral lays the beauty […] Read more

Interview: Jelena Dejanovska

Interviews | January 14, 2014

Image courtesy of Jelena Dejanovska. Video still Interview: Jelena Dejanovska Jelena Dejanovska was born in Zrenjanin, Serbia, in 1972. After completing undergraduate studies she became professor of Computer Science, continuing education and interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, where she received her MA, and became PhD within the Department of Digital Arts, […] Read more

Interview: Vera Arjoma

Interviews | January 10, 2014

Vera Arjoma, Towards The Heavens, 2010. Seeker photographic series Interview: Vera Arjoma Vera Arjoma was born in Tampere, Finland. She has graduated with BA in fine arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2010. She works with moving image, photography and sculpture and combines them with installation. In her art she deals with human mind, […] Read more