international artExpo 2006 exhibitions

Calls | November 15, 2006

International ArtExpo 2006 Exhibitions Deadline: December 30, 2006 International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2006 Exhibitions: -After Urban – University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA – USA (February 2007). The deadline for applications is December 30, 2006. Read more


Art | November 7, 2006

IMPOSSIBLE Luca Curci vs Fabiana Roscioli curated by Giorgia Calo’ and Micol di Veroli   Opening reception: Wednesday, November 15th, 2006.  6pm Dates: November 15 – December 9, 2006 Location: Abitart Hotel – via Pellegrino Matteucci 10-20, 00154 – Rome   Wednesday November 15, 2006, at 6pm, the Abitart Hotel in Rome will […] Read more

frame – porto

Events | October 22, 2006

FRAME – International Dance-Video Festival November 02-04, 2006 FRAME – International Dance-Video Festival, is annual dance-video festival promoted by Fábrica de Movimentos, aiming to present a wide range of works and styles on dance-video field. On 2006 program, we established some collaboration with different international festivals, where we present a selection of Portuguese dance-video works […] Read more

original art expo

Calls | September 24, 2006

Original art EXPO October 26-29, 2006 Rotterdam – Holland   Opening hours: The art expo starts on Thursday at 4.30 pm for VIP’s and general public. On Thursday the expo ends at 9.30 pm. Opening hours on Friday and Saturday are 10.30 am till 9.30 pm. Sunday from 10.30 am till 7.00 pm.   Promotie […] Read more

temporary cities . moscow

Events | September 15, 2006

Temporary Cities – Moscow, Russia . September 22 – November 30, 2006 International ArtExpo Collection Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography National Center for Contemporary arts Video-Cinema . director Karina Karaeva This programme focuses on the popularisation of contemporary intellectual cinema and video art. The […] Read more

symposium – trans versa

Art | September 7, 2006

SYMPOSIUM 3-7 October 2006 Venues: Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, University ARCIS, Santiago.   TRANS VERSA 4 October – 4 November 2006 Venues: Museo de Arte Contemporáne, Galeria Metropolitana, Matucana 100, Santiago. Launched in Melbourne with the inaugural South 1: The Gathering, the South Project emerges as a five year artistic programme […] Read more

appledore visual arts festival

Calls | September 3, 2006

Appledore Visual Arts Festival May 31st – June 3rd 2007 Deadline for entries: October 16th, 2006     Contact: Fiona Fraser-Smith Appledore Arts is inviting artists to submit proposals for the 10th Appledore Visual Arts Festival. Please submit proposals for any of the following categories: 1. Events 2. Residencies 3. Festival Photographer 4. […] Read more

temporary cities – lithuania

Art, Events | September 2, 2006

Temporary Cities – Klaipeda, Lithuania International ArtExpo Collection Dates: September 20-22, 2006 Location: Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Baznyciu street 4/ Darzu street 10 – 91246 Klaipeda, Lithuania Director: Luca Curci ArtExpo coordinator: Sarah Tremlett Project coordinator:Skaiste Kazarauskaite   A new event organized by International ArtExpo Group is another occasion for the public to share […] Read more

gulay alpay – solo exhibition

Art | September 1, 2006

Gulay Alpay Solo Exhibition September 8 – 17, 2006 Opening: September 8, 2006 Curator: Tchera Niyego Location: Turkish Center – Culture and Tourism Office Gallery, 821 United Nations Plaza – New York, NY 10017   Gulay Alpay’s work displays delicacy and fragility, revealing a deep respect for something fundamental, some primal, indigenous sense of shape […] Read more

river’s edge film festival .…

Events | August 8, 2006

River’s Edge Film Festival – Paducah, Kentucky – August 17-20, 2006 International ArtExpo Collection General Information. The River’s Edge Film Festival is destined for greatness. Bringing indipendent film to the smart, arts-oriented, mid-american river town of Paducah, Kentucky is an easy transition to make. Paducah already has a burgeoning visual and performing arts scene, and […] Read more

marcus antonius jansen

Art | August 7, 2006

Marcus Antonius Jansen URBAN EXPRESSIONISM A leader since 1997 in modern urban expressionism, bringing a new sophistication to urban art – Marcus Antonius Jansen Book Release 2006 Date: August 31, 2006 Contact: Michaela Jansen, 239-369-0846 “Marcus understands the language of Contemporary Art. His work is loose and spontaneous. I have been in many Galleries and […] Read more

port performance

Art | August 2, 2006

PORT PERFORMANCE Forum for Performance Art Opening: August 12, 2006 at 19.00 Organisation: Angelika Fojtuch & BBB Johannes Deimling presents CUMA (HAWSER) results of the Port Performance Art Workshop in Gdañsk Location: Modelarnia, ul. Doki 1, Gdañsk Shipyard (entrance gate 3) – Poland Contacts: Angelika Fojtuch +48 607206416 email: BBB J. Deimling +48 667759720 […] Read more

river’s edge film festival

Art | August 1, 2006

River’s Edge Film Festival International ArtExpo Collection Dates: August 17-20, 2006 Location: River’s Edge Film Festival c/o Maiden Alley Cinema, 112 Maiden Alley – Paducah, KY 42001 – USA Curator: Luca Curci Partner: Karina Karaeva – National Centre for Contemporary arts, Moscow (Russia) The River’s Edge Film Festival is destined for greatness. Bringing indipendent film […] Read more

stolen glances

Art | July 12, 2006

Stolen Glances Portraits by Carola Syz Sarzi-Amadè Dates: July 20-31, 2006 Location: Pevero Golf Club, Porto Cervo – Italy   Carola Syz Sarzi-Amadè exhibits «Sguardi clandestini» (“Stolen Glances”) at the Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo, a selection of black and white images printed on aluminium. Through these pictures, the London-based photographer pays tribute to […] Read more

call for entries from lacda

Calls | July 12, 2006

Call for Entries from L.A. Center for Digital Art Director: Rex Bruce Deadline for entries: August 27, 2006   Third annual SNAP TO GRID The UN-Juried Show Every Entry Shown! Click here to register: September 14 – October 7, 2006 Opening Reception Thursday September 14, 7 – 9pm Show your work at our gallery […] Read more

international artexpo 2006 exhibitions

Calls | July 3, 2006

International ArtExpo 2006 Exhibitions Deadline: August 15, 2006 International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2006 Exhibitions: – Temporary Cities – Video Art & Architecture event at the National Centre for Contemporary arts NCCA in Moscow, Russia (September 18-22, 2006). The deadline for applications is August 15, 2006. Read more

mark rodriguez

Art | July 2, 2006

Mark Rodriguez Baroque Blu Opening: July 16, 2006 Location: Primo Piano Livingallery Contemporary Art – viale G. Marconi 4 – Lecce, Italy The paintings of California artist, Mark Rodriguez will be a part of an international exhibition. Opening this month in Lecce, Italy. Curator, Dores Sacquegna created the Baroque Blu Project in mind to experience […] Read more

enigmatic figures

Art | June 7, 2006

Enigmatic Figures ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Opening: June 23, 2006, 5 – 9 p.m. Dates: June 2 – July 5, 2006 Location: ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries – 169 Madeira Avenue, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida 33134 USA     Two Argentine Artists Being Introduced At ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Two Argentine artists, Mateo Argüello Pitts and […] Read more

ewa partum – the legality…

Art | June 1, 2006

Ewa Partum: The Legality of Space a studio space showing of photography by Donna L. Clovis   Opening: June 17th, 7pm Dates: June 17th – August 15th, 2006   Exhibition curator: Aneta Szylak Workshop curator: Berenika Partum Location: Wyspa Institute of Art / Wyspa Progress Foundation – 1 Doki Street building 145B – 80-958 Gdansk, […] Read more


Art | May 29, 2006

CONJONCTIONS Opening: June 8, 2006 Date of the event: June 9 – September 17, 2006 Organisation: Mamco, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva Location: Mamco, 10 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland Conjonctions: 9 monographic exhibitions of Luc Tuymans, Silvia Bächli, Philippe Cognée, Laurent Faulon, Douglas Huebler, Alfredo Jaar, Jean-Marc Meunier, Anita Molinero and […] Read more

electronic artworks

Calls | May 24, 2006

Electronic Artworks The collective IDEO (a collective of Strasbourg video artists including Olivier Lelong, Christian Nicolas, Céline Trouillet and Simon Welch) and the Fort of Mutzig (constructed in 1895 in Alsace and nicknamed “Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II”, it was the biggest German Empire fortification) are seeking works about the First World War, war in general, […] Read more

international artexpo 2006 exhibitions

Calls | May 24, 2006

International ArtExpo 2006 Exhibitions Deadline: June 30, 2006 International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2006 Exhibitions: – Temporary Cities – Video Art & Architecture event at the Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Lithuania (September 14-16, 2006). The deadline for applications is June 30, 2006. Read more

woman – self portrait

Art | May 23, 2006

Woman: Self Portrait KASHYA HILDEBRAND GALLERY Opening: Thursday, June 1st 6-8pm Dates: June 1st – July 1st, 2006 Location: KASHYA HILDEBRAND GALLERY 531 W. 25th St., New York, NY, 10001 – USA Curator: Dalit Anolik Tel: (212) 366-5757 Fax: (212) 366-4747 Artists: Shirin Aliabadi, Michal Chelbin, Christina Dallas, Dalit Gurevich, Naomi Harris, Erika Harrsch, […] Read more

hubert dobler

Art | May 22, 2006

Hubert Dobler GASOLINE Dates: June 2nd – July 2nd, 2006 Location: Jack The Pelican Presents – 487 Driggs, between North 9th and 10th – Williamsburg, Brooklyn – NY 11211   Hubert Dobler Jack The Pelican Presents 487 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn Through July 2 In an endlessly looping video, a driverless motorcycle bucks […] Read more

mark rodriguez

Art | May 22, 2006

Mark Rodriguez HEAVEN OR HELL Dates: June 3rd – July 1st, 2006 Location: CANVAS GALLERY, 3809 Parry Avenue, #313 – Dallas Texas, U.S.A. 75226 Organization: Agora Gallery Studio Space     Mark Rodriguez will be exhibiting one of his wall installations “Attention Given To Something” Fourteen arms modeled in wood are individuality nailed […] Read more

When Life Becomes Still

Art | May 18, 2006

When Life Becomes Still a studio space showing of photography by Donna L. Clovis Opening: June 2, 2006 Dates: June 1 – June 30, 2006 Location: Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th St., NY, NY 10001 – USA Organization: Agora Gallery Studio Space When Life Becomes Still is an exhibition of a series of still life […] Read more

Kunsthaus Graz

Art | May 14, 2006

Kunsthaus Graz Inventory Works from the Herbert Collection Opening: Friday, June 9, 2006, 7pm Dates: June 10 – September 3, 2006 Location: Kunsthaus Graz am Landesmuseum Joanneum – Lendkai 1, A-8020 Graz – Austria The Anton and Annick Herbert Collection housed in the Belgian City of Ghent represents important positions in Conceptual, Minimal […] Read more

jamaica center for arts &…

Calls | May 12, 2006

Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning Visual Arts Department Jamaica Flux: Workspace & Windows 2007 Deadline: June 15, 2006 Please send your materials to: Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning Attn: Curator, Visual Arts Department Jamaica Flux: Workspace & Windows 2007 161-04 Jamaica Avenue – Jamaica, NY 11432   For additional information, please contact Heng-Gil […] Read more

bucharest biennale 2

Art | May 10, 2006

BUCHAREST BIENNALE 2 International Biennial for Contemporary Art Dates: May 25 – June 27, 2006 Location: Museum of Geology/Museum of Literature/Botanical Garden/National Dance Center/South Shop/Test Point/Skeateboard Park Herastrau/Audi Art Room Opening: May 25, 2006, 19.00 hours, Skateboard Park Herastrau. Agent MC performance and launch of a limited edition of skateboard plates draw by […] Read more

2006 open juried exhibition call…

Calls | May 8, 2006

2006 OPEN JURIED EXHIBITION CALL FOR ENTRIES Open to all artists internationally working in any photographic media—including collage, digital, traditional, alternative, and new media. There is no restriction on subject matter. Artists may enter up to 10 pieces by CD only (no slides or prints). Entry fee is $5 per image; early entry is $3 […] Read more