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L. Tishkov | Krokin Galllery (Moscow, Russia)


From 21 to 25 September 2011 the Central House of Artists will host 15 International Art Fair ART MOSCOW 2011

International Art Fair ART MOSCOW is a key event on Russian art market and also an important event in the calendar of international art fairs. It plays an important role in interaction of business environment and culture and also is cultural and educational event itself. Annually the Fair receives over 20000 visitors, including a large number of foreign experts. Professional audience includes collectors, artists, representatives of Russian and foreign museums and galleries, curators, art dealers, critics and journalists.

ART MOSCOW is renewed annually, not only presenting to the public new works, names and galleries, but also introducing vital changes, which deeply affect the development of the project.

This year the number of experts in the Expert Council enlarged by entering foreign professionals from Great Britain (Rachael Barrett) and Germany (Anne Maier). The structure of exposition area was also altered. Following the international experience, ART MOSCOW offered the system of equal exposition area. Galleries are offered to stand out for the quality of their expositions but not for their size.

During the 2011 ART MOSCOW representations appeared in international activities at key sites of the world art scene in Berlin, Cologne, London, Madrid and Basel. The result of foreign activity is the increased number of foreign participants (10 new galleries this year) and the expanding pool of foreign participants in mass-media (18 new partners).

This year over 40 national and international galleries introduce their expositions at 15 ART MOSCOW Fair.

Traditionally the Fair hosts Moscow galleries АIDAN, М&Y GUELMAN, XL gallery and other famous Russian galleries.

“Letters from the Celestial Empire” | Dmitry Povorotov | 60×80 | Materials silver bromide photo | 2010 | AL Gallery (St.Petersburg, Russia)

KROKIN GALLERY will present the momentous works of Konstantin Batynkov, Alexander Dzhikiya and Vladimir Semenskiy. Also there will be presented the works of OPEN GROUP, a Moscow group of artists and designers, who successfully manifested themselves at previous ART MOSCOW. This project, named “I Like It”, consists of a series of paintings and offers an interactive social experiment, engaging audience in appraisal of particular art works.

TRIUMPH gallery presents a part of new project «Allegoria Sacra» by AES+F art-group. This project is a third part of a trilogy about contemporary world (Hades – Eden – Purgatory), following “The Last Insurrection” and “Feast of Trimalсhio”, featured at Venice Biennale in 2007-2009.

FINE ART gallery will present the paintings of Dmitriy Shorin and Irina Drozd. Photo works of Alexey Titarenko, Irina Polin, Henry Lutwiler and Linn Davis and the project of art-group «Fourth Height + Urs Bigler» are exhibited at ART MOSCOW by POBEDA gallery. Resumed its participation RUARTS gallery, presenting “Self-portraits”  of Kimiko Ioshida, series of paintings “Live Iron” of Semion Agroskin and “Team” of Vita Bouivid, project «The Impossible Love» of Cornelli Tolensa and photos of Sergey Borisov and Yefrosina Lavroukhina.

Besides, three Russian galleries made at ART MOSCOW their début: Green Art (Perm), Kultproject (Moscow) and Gallery 21 (Moscow). In particular, Green Art will present the paintings of Rinat Voligamsi, known, first of all, for his provocative “Non-official Album”, apocryphal photo biography of Lenin. Gallery KultProject included in the exposition the works of Igor Shelkovsky (sculptures) and Vladislav Nasedkin (paintings). Recently founded GALLERY 21 has passed the Expert Council due to active work with young Russian artists and cogent program, thus becoming an exception, as according to ART MOSCOW rules, only galleries with three-year work-experience are admitted to participation in the Fair.

“The Hyperborea-episode” | Tanya Podmarkova | 250х150 + 250х150 | canvas, oils | 2010 | Atelier + (Moscow)

Many foreign galleries take part in ART MOSCOW for the first time. Gallery Gagliardi Art System (Torino) presents at the Fair the ironic sculptures of Italian artists Fabio Viale. Exposition by Anca Poterasu gallery (Bucharest) in the person of artists Florin Mitroi, Suzana Dan, Zoltan Bela unites two Romanian different-generations art schools. Adora Calvo (Salamanca) presents the works of six artists from Spain and Latin America – Félix Curto, Diego del Pozo, SUSO33, Fernando Sinaga, Anaisa Franco, Beth Moyses. Collage Habana (Havana) will show project «Coincidencias de un Género» («Gender Coincidences»), including photo works of three Cuban female artists Cirenaica Moreira, Lidzie Alvisa Jiménez and Mabel Poulet and interpreting gender authentication of a woman in contemporary society. Temnikova&Kasella (Tallinn) presents Jaan Toomik video and the works of Kaido Ole from China and young Estonian female artists Merike Estna. Black Square (Miami) presents paper installations by Argentinian artist Pablo Lehmann and video-installations Taro Hasstori (USA-Japan). Galleries Nadya Brykina Gallery (Zurich) and Art&Space (Munich) will bring other interesting projects.


ART MOSCOW presents not only galleries, but also personal expositions. This year it invites to see photo-works of Jeff Cowen, exhibition of Vitas Stasyunas, paintings of Rafael Reno, 3D-projects supervised by Liza Plavinskaya and exposition of young artists from Great Britain Translate/Transcribe.

At the Fair there are expected lectures by Carlos Amorales and Adrian Notz, panel discussions from Artchronika magazine and Goethe Institute, creative workshops and seminars with outstanding representatives of contemporary art from Los Angeles and London. Artists and teacher Ian Gonczarow organizes with lecturers from British Higher School of Art and Design a series of lectures on theory and researches of contemporary art. A series of film screenings by Jason Underhill is also in the program.

It should be noted that this year’s September in Moscow is rich for art events.

4th Biennale of Contemporary Art is held in Moscow from September 23 till October 30.
ART MOSCOW is on the list of Biennale’s concurrent events. Main exposition of ART MOSCOW will be accompanied by vernisages in art-galleries, museum expositions and special projects.

September, 20:
16:00 – ART MOSCOW press conference  
17:30 – press-tour on Festival of New Culture

September, 21:
14:00 – official opening of ART MOSCOW fair
19:00 – official opening of New Culture Festival

20:00 – world premier of «Planeta LEM» performance by Biuro Podróży, a pioneering Polish theatre (grandiose multimedia installation with impressing decorations andilluminating effects, inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s prose).

September 21 – 25:
ART MOSCOW and New Culture Festival are open for visitors

The programme of the fair is currently under development. Any amendments to it will be communicated via mailing lists for the press and published on our official website Please follow our news!

“Two” | Irina Drozd | Fine Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

ART MOSCOW is held from 1996, this year it celebrates 15th anniversary.

Expert Council: Iosif Bakshteyn (Russia), Marat Guelman (Russia), Hans Knoll (Austria), Aidan Salakhova (Russia), Yelena Selina (Russia), Christina Steinbrecher (Germany), Rachael Barrett (Great Britain), Anne Maier (Germany).

Participants 2011: Adora Calvo Gallery (Salamanca, Spain), Aidan Gallery (Moscow, Russia), La Acacia Gallery (Havana, Cuba), AL Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Alma Gallery (Riga, Latvia), Anca Poterasu Gallery (Bucharest, Romania), Art&Space (Munich, Germany), Atelier 2 (Moscow), Barbarian Art Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Black Square Gallery (New York, USA), Vostochnaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Gagliardi Art System (Torino, Italy), Gallery21 (ex-Art-Kasha) (Moscow, Russia), GAM Galerie Obrist (Essen, Germany), Green Art Gallery (Perm, Russia), Zvono Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia), Iragui Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Collage Habana Gallery (Havana, Cuba), Kollektsia Gallery (Kiev, the Ukraine), Knoll Gallery (Vienna, Austria/Budapest, Hungary), Kiev Fine Art (Kiev, the Ukraine), Krokin Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Kultproject (Moscow, Russia), Glaz Gallery (Moscow, Russia), M&Y Guelman Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Marina Gisich Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Mironova Gallery (Kiev, the Ukraine), Nadja Brykina Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Pobeda Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Riga Gallery (Riga, Latvia), RuArts (Moscow, Russia), Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Tallinn, Estonia), Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Fine Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia), FotoLoft Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Frolov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Forsblom Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), Whitestone Gallery (ex-Shiraishi) (Tokyo, Japan), Wilde Gallery (Berlin, Germany), XL Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Collection Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine).

Organized by:


Venue: Central House of Artists (Krymskiy Val 10, Moscow)
Dates: 21st-25th of September 2011
Opening hours: 21/09 2pm-8pm
22/09-24/09 10am-8pm
25/09 10am-6pm

Fair Director: Victoria Kondrashova
Phone: 007 (495) 657-99-22, ext. 109

Art Director: Christina Steinbrecher

Contact for media: Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Phone: 007 (495) 657-99-22, ext. 227

15 International Art Fair
Moscow, Central House of Artists
September, 21 – 25, 2011

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