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Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, BEACH ‘AURORA’

2/F K11 HACC, K11 Atelier King’s Road, Hong Kong
October 07, 2022 – January 07, 2024

The immersive media art exhibition ‘ARTE MUSEUM‘, a renowned digital art exhibition seen by 3.2 million people in Korea, is opening its upcoming exhibition in Hong Kong on October 7th, 2022. ARTE MUSEUM is an immersive media art exhibition with its theme of ‘eternal nature‘ presented by a Korean digital design company d’strict. The special exhibition ‘ARTE M‘ is composed of a carefully curated collection of works selected from the immersive media art exhibition ‘ARTE MUSEUM‘. The exhibition opening in Hong Kong, as the world’s first destination for the exhibition besides Korea, is shown at K11 HACC, 2F, K11 ATELIER KING’S ROAD in a space measuring about 9,149sq. ft. 

Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, FLOWER ‘CAMELLIA’

ARTE M‘, featuring epochal works, is a special temporary exhibition located in the center of the urban area to facilitate easy accessibility amidst a busy life, reflecting the locational characteristics of offices and commercial districts. The exhibition hall is consisted of four separate spaces individually designed with distinct concepts, displaying a total of six media artworks reinterpreting elements and spaces of nature; such as the life of flowers, endlessly crashing swells, boundlessly stretching seashore, and jungle in the tropical rain forest. Under the theme of Eternal Nature, the works create a balance with the qualities of visual intensity, sensuous sound, and elegant ambiance of ARTE MUSEUM and provide the audiences with a comprehensive experience of immersion.

Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, BEACH ‘AURORA’

The opening of the exhibition marks the first achievement of the ‘strategic partnership on the media art exhibition business’ co-signed by d’strict and K11 last year. In 2020, d’strict gained recognition for its production of realistic media content by showcasing a public media art ‘WAVE‘ on a large billboard in Samseong-dong, Seoul, and immersive media artworks shown at ‘ARTE MUSEUM’. d’strict and K11, a global high-end lifestyle brand operator pioneering the blend of Art, People, and Nature, continue to develop a close partnership for the ‘ARTE MUSEUM‘ business executed in China. The first exhibition hall, ARTE M, is presented as a showcase for 15 months at K11 HACC. The exhibition is expected to move to ‘11 SKIES‘, Hong Kong’s largest one-stop destination for retail, entertainment, and commerce, with more works added to the collection in a larger space with F&B facilities as a permanent exhibition. Developed by New World Development and operated by K11, 11 SKIES spans over 3.8 million sq. ft. and ARTE MUSEUM will occupy about 28,040 sq. ft of the indoor entertainment hub in 11 SKIES, and it will open from the end of 2023 to early 2024. Sean Lee, the CEO of d’strict, said, “we are proud to open the first overseas exhibition hall of ‘ARTE MUSEUM’ in Hong Kong, the center of culture, art and tourism. We anticipate the exhibition to be positioned as a place of amusing experience and mindfulness for audiences in Hong Kong.” Also, Lee said, “I would like to express my gratitude to K11 for their support in the opening of ‘ARTE M’, looking forward to the synergy in the future.”

Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, FLOWER ‘RAPESEED’

ABOUT ARTE MUSEUM: ARTE MUSEUM offers an immersive media art exhibition space presented by a media art production company d’strict, highly celebrated for the production of top-notch reality content. The exhibition displays immersive media artworks representing the re-interpretation of various elements and spaces in nature with the theme of Eternal Nature. The realistic representation of the eternity of nature and its graphic depiction through the convergence of visual creativity and digital media technology including projection mapping, and sensor-based interaction allow audiences to experience nature without limits of time and space. The collection of works is deliberately designed to facilitate an intuitive understanding of nature and appreciation of the exhibition by audiences of all age. The space is composed of free circulation that enables audiences to move at an individual pace for each work. ARTE MUSEUM is currently open in three different cities in Korea. The first location opened in Jeju in September 2020 followed by Yeosu and Gangneung in 2021. Since the opening of the museum, for approximately 23 months, the accumulated number of visitors at three locations is 3.2 million up to date. With the ease of travel restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of the upheaval pandemic, d’strict anticipates the international showing of exhibitions from 2022. Starting from ARTE M in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Las Vegas, New York, and LA, d’strict expects to open ARTE MUSEUM in metropolis worldwide throughout the next 5 years.

Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, ‘WAVE’

ABOUT D’STRICT: d’strict is a design company that creates innovative spatial experiences by developing content with digital media technology. Our company has always kept pace with the development of technology since its establishment in 2004. Today, d’strict provides custom-developed content upon request (Commercial Service), offers clients a license to media art content, and operates our own exhibition venues (Art Service). d’strict’s strength lies in the ability to produce content based on a comprehensive understanding of digital media technology. Our creative, visually stunning outcomes and cutting-edge technology-infused content are made possible by our outstanding in-house team. Each member of d’strict demonstrates exceptional competency in their field, ranging from content planning to visual/motion/graphic design, system design and spatial integration, software development, and operations management. With our unrivaled content development prowess, we are globally expanding the scope of our innovation. d’strict provides various B2B services to the world’s leading companies; we offer licenses of sophisticated media art content via LED.ART; we are growing our B2C service by implementing a global expansion of ARTE MUSEUM, our own immersive media art exhibition space first showcased in Jeju Island in 2020; a’strict, our own media artist unit, continues to introduce a new set of values to the contemporary art scene by straddling the boundary between commerce and art. Our journey of innovating spatial experience with digital media technology continues.


Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, JUNGLE ‘TROPIC’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, JUNGLE ‘GLOW’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, JUNGLE ‘TROPIC’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, JUNGLE ‘TROPIC’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, FLOWER ‘RAPESEED’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, JUNGLE ‘GLOW’
Image courtesy of d’strict | ARTE MUSEUM, BEACH ‘AURORA’

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