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artist of the month lena krashevka 002
Image courtesy of Lena Krashevka


ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ARTIST OF THE MONTH – JANUARY 2023, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.

Artworks have been judged based on creativityoriginalityquality of work, and overall artistic ability. The winner has been chosen based on the quality of a single entry as well as the quality of overall work.

Winners January 2023
Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher . Austria
Lena Krashevka . Germany
Olivia Alexander . Australia


brigitte oberlik burtscher 001
Image courtesy of Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher . Austria

I paint abstract images that explore contradictions and contrasts, but also images in which colours, shapes and silhouettes emerge from the depths of my memories and condense into fictional places or into impressions of nature, where nature is not only an abstracted landscape but rather its character, the silence, the vastness, a horizon… Sometimes, however, it is simply the desire for powerful strokes of the brush that drives me or the prospect of an uncontrollable emotional adventure. To feel this energy that arises when painting, to let it become visible and pass it on to a viewer, captivates and challenges me every time anew.

lena krashevka 002
Image courtesy of Lena Krashevka

Lena Krashevka . Germany

Lena Krashevka was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1988. Since 2015 she lives and works in Cologne, Germany. In 2008 she graduated from the College of Architecture and received a speciality Artist-Designer. In 2014 she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts with a degree in Graphic Design. A person with his feelings and emotions is at the centre of the artist’s works. The core of Krashevka’s works is to capture and reflect the psycho-emotional state from the inside of a person on the canvas. The artist aims to achieve both expressive psychological images and a convincing saturation of the light-air atmosphere, colour harmony and overall emotionality of the works.

olivia alexander 003
Image courtesy of Olivia Alexander

Olivia Alexander . Australia

Olivia Alexander is a contemporary artist who was born in London but grew up in Australia. It was there she found a passion for the rugged coastal landscapes and oceans that are now her artistic focus. In 2001 she began to pursue an artistic career and undertook nine years of art training, eventually specializing in mixed media. Olivia uses unique techniques in a combination of acrylics, inks, watercolours, mineral pigments and gold leaf to create paintings in contemporary abstract. Her aim is to capture the spirit of the ocean and coastal landscape using an alchemy of design elements and formed compositions in nature.

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Deadline: February 28, 2023

ITSLIQUID Group officially presents ARTIST OF THE MONTH, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.
The winners will be featured on ITSLIQUID Platform, promoted extensively worldwide and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects of ITSLIQUID Group.

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artist of the month brigitte oberlik burtscher 001
Image courtesy of Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher
artist of the month lena krashevka 003
Image courtesy of Lena Krashevka
artist of the month olivia alexander 004
Image courtesy of Olivia Alexander

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