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artistoftheyearwinners 001
Image courtesy of Ariel Palanzone


ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2022, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.

Artworks have been judged based on creativityoriginalityquality of work, and overall artistic ability. Winners have been chosen based on the quality of a single entry as well as the quality of overall work.

Winners 2022
Andrew Soria . USA
Ariel Palanzone . Argentina
Dirk Rees . Sudafrica
Janet Schwartz . USA
Katja Lührs . Germany
Michael Cheung . China
Ruri Matsumoto . Japan

ARTIST OF THE YEAR – 2022 Winners

andrew soria
Image courtesy of Andrew Soria

Andrew Soria . USA

Life’s journey is about attaining the idea of wholeness and perfection. We are constantly trying to reach the top and always wanting more, however, we can never achieve absolute perfection. We must accept the good with the bad; that there is no one perfect thing. The quest for happiness and the feeling of being whole relies on oneself. While we constantly try to fill the void to feel whole, we must stay clear on our paths and avoid the distractions that life throws our way. Once we realize the gifts we already have and keep a calm clear mind, only then will we reach true “perfection”. My works represent life’s journey; the need to feel whole, and the good with the bad; they are reflections of life itself.

ariel palanzone
Image courtesy of Ariel Palanzone

Ariel Palanzone . Argentina

My name is Ariel Palanzone, I am a designer and multidisciplinary artist. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987 and I graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires in 2013. My style is somewhat unclassifiable since it is eclectic, experimental, restless, curious and in constant mutation. My techniques range from digital art, drawing, photography, and even sculpture and collages. In some of my works, I emphasize composition and morphological searches, while in others there is a more reflective, existentialist and conceptual.

dirk rees
Image courtesy of Dirk Rees

Dirk Rees . Sudafrica

His passionate and experimental approach to image-making has defined his creative style in the industry, collaborating with leading ad agencies and brands all over the world. Dirk’s love for connecting with people and creating an authentic narrative has seen him capture the human form at its most compelling moments, studying the diversity and intricacies of identity throughout cultures, dance and movement. His Afro-European perspective and passion for travel have fuelled extensive exploration around the world, aiding the constant development of his creative approach in both personal and commission work. Dirk’s projects have gained international recognition in numerous awards such as the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, American Photography Awards, Communication Arts Award and the AOP.

janet schwartz
Image courtesy of Janet Schwartz

Janet Schwartz . USA

Janet’s love of the arts began when she was five years old. Her mother recognized her talent and enrolled her in the Tampa Art Institute which has since merged with the Tampa Museum of Art. “I can still picture myself having the best time sitting at the long table and creating my works of art.” She always had a pencil and paper in hand and continued to draw through her elementary school years. Her talent was recognized when her drawing was selected as part of a newspaper article in the Tampa Bay Tribune on the Girl Scout summer camp, “I began Girl Scouts at a very young age and continued through high school. My mother was the troop leader in the early years. While my father was in the Air Force at MacDill AFB I would pick out the choicest spot for cookie sales at the gate where the enlisted men exited from work.”

katja luhrs
Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

Katja Lührs . Germany

The variety of colours and shapes of flowers, trees and leaves has fascinated me since I was a child. The power of the sun and its play with light and shadow in nature are characterized by: “grace – joy of life – confidence – peace and serenity”. With pictures, you can capture the beauties of nature. Because what you love, you also protect. Therefore, my motto for my pictures is: “Save the earth!”.

michael cheung
Image courtesy of Michael Cheung

Michael Cheung . China

Michael Cheung (Chinese name: 張卓榮) is a Chinese contemporary artist living and working in Hong Kong. He is specialized in abstract painting and figurative painting. Growing up in the former British Colony – Hong Kong where East meets West, Michael is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. His approach is edgy, sophisticated and creative one that understands the value of good art. His art creation is deeply embedded within perception, memory, identity and communication in contemporary life.

Image courtesy of Ruri Matsumoto

Ruri Matsumoto . Japan

Perspective and color visual effects are important themes in my paintings. The space depicted in the work is a place that is related to me or a fantasy space. I perceive space and try to express it with colors.

artist of the year 008 v2
Image courtesy of Ariel Palanzone


ITSLIQUID Group officially presents ARTIST OF THE YEAR, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.
The winner will be awarded as ‘Artist of the Year’, will be represented by ITSLIQUID Group for one year and will take part in some selected exhibitions in Venice, Rome and London ITSLIQUID Galleries during 2024. The winner will be featured and interviewed on ITSLIQUID Platform, promoted extensively worldwide and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects of ITSLIQUID Group.

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artist of the year winners 002
Image courtesy of Katja Lührs
artist of the year winners 003
Image courtesy of Ariel Palanzone
artist of the year winners 004
Image courtesy of Ariel Palanzone

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