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Events | December 18, 2006 |

ATTITUDE – video /short & experimental film / photography festival.

Festival ATTITUDE which is going to live through its third realization this year, will be opened on 28th of December 2006 at 20.00 with the exhibition of photography by 17 artists: Dominique Panhuysen (Netherlands), Yane Calovski (Macedonia), Charles Citron (Netherlands/USA), Jana Kunovska (Macedonia), Orit Ishay (Israel), Aleksandar Grozdanovski (Macedonia), Marina Gertsovskaya (Russia/Germany), Tim Deussen (Germany), Chris de Lutz (USA/Germany), Darko Moraitov (Macedonia), Vladimir Knezevic (Macedonia), Iwona Borkovska & Lucina Viale (Poland/Germany), Beti Avramovska (Macedonia), Valentin Dimanovski (Macedonia), Marina Lyubaskina (Russia/Germany), Ljupco Temelkovski (Macedonia) and the projection of videos and short films at Cultural Center “Magaza” starting from 20.30. The next day (29th December) the projections will start at 12.30 and at 20.30. On 30th of December they will start at 12.30 and at 20.30 with the videos by Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli from Italy and experimental feature “The Judge” by Macedonian artist Zaneta Vangeli.

.organizer Center for Contemporary Public Arts ELEMENTI
Luca Curci – International Art Expo (Italy)
.curator Biljana Petrovska Isijanin
.place Bitola, Macedonia – Cultural Center “Magaza”

The exhibition of photography will be opened until 28.01.2007. All selected works are focused on the problem which as a concept (and a question) of this project has been posed: The artist’s attitude is the most authentic expression of what is going on in the society. In a world where the individual is rejected because of the power of any kind and in a world in which all spheres of interest are focused on globalization, the power of the artist could be the strongest weapon against it. Can the artist be identified through his (her) own act of creating (as the most important one) considering the fact that the new visions and attitudes are changing the image of the future world?

In collaboration with: Luca Curci – International Art Expo, Italy / The One Minutes Foundation, Amsterdam / Jovan Balov – Prima Center Berlin – Skopje / Zoran Petrovski – Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje / Melentie Pandilovski – Experimental Art Foundation, Addelaide – Australia / Skip Blumberg, New York USA / Anna Tsouloufi-Lagiou, Athens – Greece and with the support from USA Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia and media support from TERA television.

Etta Safve
. Netherlands | Cliff Caines . Canada | Sophia Simaki . Greece | Ed Emshwiller . USA | Nam June Paik & John Godfrey . USA | Michael Owen & Carole Ann Klonarides . USA | Dionysios Kavalieratos & Sifis Likakis . Greece | Pui Lee . United Kingdom | Mamta B.Herland . Norway | Gerlinde Miesenboeck . Austria | Claudia Kappenberg . United Kingdom | Borjan Zafirovski . Macedonia | Chip Lord . USA | Skip Blumberg . USA | Jason Mena . Puerto Rico | Amy Cohen Banker . USA | Magda Matwiejev . Australia | Alberto Nacci . Italy | Robert Seward . USA | Vasilis Patmios-Karouk . Greece | Tom Estlack . USA | Lino Cairo . Italy | Maria Sarri & Yannis Stamatiou . Greece | Hubert Dobler . Austria | Filippo Filliger . Switzerland | Nikola Uzunovski . Macedonia/Italy | Yi-Li Yeh . Taiwan | Lisa Yachia . Italy | Kostas Tzimoulis . Greece | Jeremy Laffon . France | Kristin Lucas . USA | Karolina Sobecka . USA | Luna Park-Maggy Touliatou & Kosmas Kosmopoulos . Greece | Tina Kotsi . Greece | Georgia Kotretsos . Greece | Nuno Godinho . Portugal | Gregory Steel . USA | Sarah Tremlett . United Kingdom | Mary Zygouri . Greece | Karen Tzina Georgoudis . Greece | Cheng Shin-Chun . Taiwan | Mauricio Mayorga . Colombia | Lucia Flego . Italy | Matthew Bradley . Australia | Mitchell Rose . USA | Brian Doyle . USA | Jacqueline Goss . USA | Tracy Cornish . Australia | Mandy Albani . Greece | Mirna Arsovska . Macedonia | Aleksandar Grozdanovski . Macedonia | Tim Deussen . Germany | Vana Kostayola & Kostis Stafylakis . Greece | Velimir Zernovski . Macedonia | Jovan Balov . Macedonia/Germany | Beryl Korot . USA | OPA . Macedonia | Arthur Neve . Netherlands | Nicky Zwaan . Netherlands | Florian Goettke . Netherlands | Michal Butink . Netherlands | Jan Gryczan . Germany | Tony Hofman . Netherlands | Vedran Samanovic . Croatia | Gerben Kruk . Netherlands | Nils Muhlenbruch . Netherlands | Luca Curci & Fabiana Roscioli . Italy | Brunel Wester . Netherlands | Willehad Eilers . Germany | Frans Hofmeester . Netherlands | Sanny Overbake . Netherlands | Guido van de Werve . Netherlands | Damir Niksic . Bosnia&Herzegovina | Zaneta Vangeli . Macedonia | Dragan Zivancevic . Serbia | Michaela Strumberger . Austria/Germany | Shahram Enthekabi . Iran/Germany | Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos . Greece | Heiko Daxl . Germany | Hop La . France | AthIst Group . Greece | Eleni Tzirtzilaki . Greece | Yota Ioannidou . Greece

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