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Bracciale Nuovo
Image courtesy of Baxet

Rome – ITALY

If you always have a hard time finding the perfect gift for any occasion, most of your problems will disappear from today! Baxet will find many unique and original gift ideas! Technological gadgets are very popular with everyone regardless of gender or age.

Bracelet Baxet
Image courtesy of Baxet

USB bracelet
The unmissable tech gadget! This is, by far, the object that we should all have. It is a small USB bracelet that will allow you to recharge your Smartphone wherever you are without having to look for cables that are bulky and uncomfortable. Technological gift it really is the best! And the good news is the price! Really within everyone’s reach.

Eyewear 5
Image courtesy of Baxet

The technological gadget that LOOKS like simple sunglasses but is MUCH MORE! A technological accessory dedicated to all your daily activities. Ideal for listening to music while running, cycling and other occasions. You will be able to receive calls and control all the functions of your smartphone. YOU DON’T NEED HEADPHONES ANY MORE AND YOU WILL NEVER NEED A BLUETOOTH DEVICE IN YOUR CAR !! YOU WILL NEVER BE “ISOLATED” anymore because the glasses in question do not block your ears. This will be a gift that, in addition to having an attractive design, is also useful. The battery is also durable – it needs to be recharged on average every 3 days if used frequently.

Lunalamp Black White

It is a led table lamp with an essential design and minimal shapes. Cordless and rechargeable via USB, it adapts to any environment both indoors and outdoors and is dimmable – leaving the possibility of varying the light intensity as needed.

Agenda8 Medium Baxet
Image courtesy of Baxet

Powerbank Diary
The ideal gift for professionals ORGANIZER WITH POWER BANK. A classic folder with notepad and a powerful 8000 mAh POWER BANK integrated. You can recharge your phone whenever you need it, even while in a meeting, traveling, university, etc.

Ezy Bike White Office 1
Image courtesy of Baxet

EZY by BAXET – A fantastic 250W FAT BIKE
EZY BIKE is the emblem of sustainable mobility, that is, the type of movement capable of reducing the environmental, social and economic impact generated by private vehicles, namely: air pollution. BAXET with its EZY BIKE guarantees the product of high quality and extreme comfort. The components are of superior quality which guarantees maximum peace of mind when traveling. Technological gifts are ageless and make everyone happy: children, adults, housewives and of course technology lovers. The BAXET pedal assisted bike perfectly combines strength, comfort and design. Available in two black and titanium colors.

Motore Bafang 1
Image courtesy of Baxet

The winning combination is certainly quality and efficiency, supported by an attractive and innovative design and excellent quality. Customer support available 7 days a week. EZY bike folds up in an instant to fit in any car trunk. The pedals can also be folded in case you want to further reduce the encumbrance. Front shock absorbers accompanied by larger wheels, guarantee grip and grip on any type of road, making driving very comfortable.

Ezybike Move 1
Image courtesy of Baxet

Shimano 7-speed gearbox is an ideal way to adapt to various road conditions and the needs of the driver, ensuring efficiency even on steep climbs. EZY Bike has two driving modes: 1. Pedal assisted and 2. Free ride (no pedal assisted) The 250W Bafang motor ensures effective driving power. Hydraulic disc brakes in the BAXET FAT BIKE are stable and effective and therefore guarantee greater safety in the event of even very sharp braking. BAXET offers a wide choice of accessories to equip and customize your FAT BIKE. Object holder, seat and colored sleeves + baby accessories.


Cambio Shimano 1
Image courtesy of Baxet

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