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Bebo Objects

Design | June 2, 2024 |

Image courtesy of Bebo

Bebo Objects

Bebo Objects is a new Swedish brand launched in 2022 by Mattias Karlsson and Adam Jismark. We are a Nordic lifestyle brand in furniture and interior design that creates well-crafted furniture and interior details designed to cross boundaries between outdoor and indoor environments, with the aim to add value and joy to people’s lives. Our furniture breathes timelessness and quality in the hopes that it eventually will be inherited by our children and grandchildren. Long-lasting furniture creates sustainability, but we also aim to cut emissions created by our work today. “We want to challenge the view of when and how our outdoor environment can be used in our constantly shifting climate. By doing this, we extend the outdoor season and the product’s life cycle,” says Mattias Karlsson. We created Bebo Objects to offer products with an interesting expression and inherent serenity, to provide characteristics and function regardless of the environment. Outdoors or indoors. By adding flexibility and freedom to each product, it becomes more useful and valuable. Smooth lines that are stripped down to their core and carefully selected materials, make it possible to slow down the pace, breathe, meet and find peace – a new, yet old, and long-awaited quality in everyday life.

Image courtesy of Bebo

“Starting a brand today allows us to be part of the solution, not the problem, of the environmental crisis,” says Mattias Karlsson. From the start, our concerns for the environment, nature and humankind have been a part of Bebo Objects’ DNA. We always think twice and see our business from a larger perspective. Bebo Objects is a small organization and has no production of its own. This means that our impact on sustainability largely takes place through our requirements and what suppliers we choose to work with.

Image courtesy of Bebo

Image courtesy of Bebo

We show that we care through:
• timeless design that does not get worn down by time or the eye.
• the opportunity to renew the furniture with new textiles and spare parts.
• careful choices of partners and suppliers.
quality materials and FSC-labeled woods.
• excluding materials such as teak, artificial rattan, offal and non-certified plastics.
• stimulating work and ensuring a good working environment.
• always having sustainability as a top priority.

Image courtesy of Bebo

Bebo is a name that encompasses life and people. To ‘bebo’, to live in, somewhere is more than just staying there, more than being housed. The person who ‘bebos’ has moved in, with heart and soul, and fills the space. In the Nordics, we live close to nature and with distinct seasons that transform the dynamics between outside and inside. Warm and cold. Light and dark. Lush and bare. We create objects with the ability to ‘bebo’ their environments, whether they are indoors or outdoors. In fact, we aim to bring the outside in and the inside out, extending the seasons and enabling greater well-being.

Image courtesy of Bebo

It’s a new way to use furniture and to get more value out of a single piece. It’s up to you to choose; outside or inside. Or both. There are no restrictions. All products are created to withstand the Nordic climate. Cushions, pillows and colors can be changed as often or rarely as you like. Stripped of its textile details, our furniture is as stylistically beautiful as the leafless trees during the winter. Curiosity gives us the courage to dream big. We make responsible choices but lean away from predictable solutions. We are committed to trying new things, adding value to people’s lives and finding ways to create a circular ecosystem. So that the next generation can enjoy Bebo Objects as much as the first.

Image courtesy of Bebo

“Inspired by the possibilities of architecture, we create products with confidence enough to find their given place both indoors and outdoors. And who are never afraid to reconsider their position.”


Image courtesy of Bebo

Image courtesy of Bebo

Image courtesy of Bebo

Image courtesy of Bebo

Image courtesy of Bebo

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