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Image courtesy of Bellroy


Bellroy is the design-obsessed Australian carry brand changing the way we move through the world. Since 2010, Bellroy has solved some of the most common problems, such as fat wallets and flimsy bags, through meticulous production, ensuring timeless and enduring products that adapt to every need. Through B Corp status, purpose-driven business practices and sustainable material development, Bellroy continues to show the world what “better” looks like. Every person’s journey is unique; Bellroy believes that brands shouldn’t define who you are but support you in pursuing the life you crave. Bellroy constantly pursues better ways to source its leathers, develop ‘better’ materials, reduce their impact on the environment and make products that last. Using agile thinking and customer-informed design practices, Bellroy works to innovate and push boundaries year after year. In 2021, the company was also recognized as Australia’s Best Place to Work.

Image courtesy of Bellroy

“We’re working towards a future where people, animals and the planet can sustain each other in a way that also leads to ‘better’, overall. The loop between humans, animals and the environment is intricate – but we’re making progress. We’re building processes that measure our activities, shifting more materials to lower-impact alternatives and working with promising technologies (and inspiring partners) to develop abundant systems. We’re a long way from perfect, but we’re making the most of our journey towards better.”

Image courtesy of Bellroy

“To sustain something is to keep it the same. But we believe that we need to keep things moving forward. And regeneration is key. What does that mean exactly, and why is it so important? Let’s break it down.

SUSTAINABLE practices seek to maintain natural systems without degrading them.
REGENERATIVE practices recognize how natural systems are currently impacted, and apply techniques that encourage abundant cycles (and growth).
CIRCULAR practices (which can include sustainable and regenerative practices) extend the life cycle of a product indefinitely, through infinite reuse.”

Image courtesy of Bellroy

“We aim to reduce our impact across the board, and focus on utilizing abundant feedstocks – whether that be waste that’s already in the system or abundant natural systems. It’s no longer enough just to sustain, we need to start implementing practices that regenerate the land that we use. Regeneration is one of many cogs in the wheel to reduce our overall impact. And technologies like MIRUM®, which are far less resource intensive, are the way forward.”

“We set out to find a leather alternative that could both perform up to our rigorous standards, and
contained no petrochemicals or synthetics. A very tall order, it turned out. Until we found Natural
Fiber Welding, and their groundbreaking, plant-based leather alternative – MIRUM®. We then spent years working with NFW, tweaking their recipe until we had developed a custom version of MIRUM® that met our high-performance standards. A material that can flex and bend for years (like a wallet, for instance), while still feeling and looking great in your hand.”

Image courtesy of Bellroy

What sets MIRUM® apart is what’s NOT in it. Most leather alternatives are derived from petrochemicals. A new breed of alternatives incorporates some plant-based ingredients – cactus, and apple – however, these almost universally add petrochemicals for stability and performance. Not MIRUM®. It’s made from 100% natural, renewable inputs that can be grown again and again. With zero plastics, synthetics or other nasties.

Image courtesy of Bellroy

“Here at Bellroy, our business model is to make and sell things. And we believe that we can harness the success of that model to help create a more vibrant future for people, animals and the planet. While the big-picture goal is regeneration – the concept that we can not just sustain, but actively help all three of those categories flourish in abundance – getting there involves solving shorter-term problems.”

“We’ve been working hard for years to eliminate PFAS chemicals from our materials, without compromising the water resistance they provide. 94% of our materials are currently entirely PFAS-free, and we are on track to be 100% PFAS-free in 2024.”

Image courtesy of Bellroy

PFAS (otherwise known as PFCs, or ‘forever chemicals’) are a class of chemicals commonly used in water- and stain-resistant coatings. They can be found in a wide variety of products, from non-stick cookware to upholstery stain guards, to outdoor equipment and clothing. However, mounting evidence suggests these chemicals pose significant risks to human, animal and plant health.


Image courtesy of Bellroy
Image courtesy of Bellroy
Image courtesy of Bellroy

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