belluard bollwerk international

Belluard Bollwerk International

The Belluard Festival (BBI) is an event that produces and presents artistic projects in Fribourg (Switzerland) since 1983. It takes place yearly early Summer in a medieval fortress.

The BBI is looking for relevant and innovative projects.
– Any form or means serving the project’s purpose is admitted.

– The projects will be supported by the BBI (organization, distribution, promotion). They will be presented during the festival and labelled as BBI productions.

1. The contest is open to all.
2. Each project is to be presented on 2 A4-format pages at most. A detailed budget shall be included. Plans, drawings, photos, videos, recordings… are highly recommended.
3. Projects must be sent by January 17th, 2006 at the latest (postal stamp is proof) at Belluard Bollwerk International, Contest 2006, PO Box 214, CH – 1701 Fribourg. Or by email, at
4. The projects are evaluated by an international jury. No mail will be exchanged.
5. All participants shall be made aware of the results by February 17th, 2006.
6. The material sent will not be returned.

Belluard Bollwerk International
PO Box 214 – CH – 1701 Fribourg
Tel +41 26 321 24 20
Fax +41 26 321 24 21

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