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binaryceramics 001
Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics

Binary Ceramics

BinaryCeramics was created as the result of the passion and research the artist Yiannis Vogdanis put into developing systems that make 3D printing semi-fluid type of materials possible.

“I always strive to find ways that allow me to materialize and show the beauty that I encounter through my research in terms of forms, patterns, vibrations, subtle things that exist around us but oftentimes go unnoticed.” In BinaryCeramics we have a passion to explore the boundaries of a world where analog meets digital.

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Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics

With new tools like 3D printing and computational design, we can bring to life forms and shapes that would otherwise be impossible to make even for a craft as ancient and mastered as ceramics. Like nature does on many occasions, when we design we strive to find a simple logic that when executed in a thoughtful way can bring out immense complexity.

binaryceramics 003
Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics

Yiannis Vogdanis is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Athens, Greece. His career started in Rome after graduating from the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma“. His area of interest lies at the meeting point of craft, design and science. Yiannis’s passion to explore and hone his craft led him to live in places like San Francisco, Berlin and Barcelona working for universities and high-tech startups. In Barcelona, he acquired a master’s degree in advanced interaction design from UPC. Lately, Yiannis’s focus is on exploring the limits of digital fabrication and creative programming.


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Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics
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Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics
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Image courtesy of Binary Ceramics

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