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Camillavcamilla is an independent label, born in 2019 as an evolution of the main label Camilla, where the couture features turn into new modern ones, close to the challenges of the present days, to be really up to date, where a kind of design-couture makes every garment really wearable. The sartorial way is always a staple of this timeless label, and the unique pieces are a characteristic of this label: handmade, hand stitched (embroideries, beads or sequins stitched one by one by hand) with craftsmanship as a higlight.

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Image courtesy of Camillavcamilla

A wit imagination enclosed in a clever, smooth line, which can give off a sense of order, and flawless, light beauty. Camillavcamilla always looks for elegance, with its clever lines, rational shapes, and harmony of colours celebrating the charm. There’s also particular attention to creative processing, which often gets close to “Art” for the concept and the final result so that a dress can also be shown in an exhibition like the Biennale di Venezia. New important attention is given to sustainability, through the use of sustainable fabrics and recycled practices: recycling, and upcycling.

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Image courtesy of Camillavcamilla

Since the beginning, Camilla had attention to sustainability, especially by using the waste of the latest collections, tiny scraps which were mixed together in order to create new pieces. A recycling process that tries, at the same time, to follow her inspiration and the main trends. This is also a great source to make her creativity rise. Still, it is important the research new sustainable fabrics and materials, with thorough attention to quality, without lessening it in order to profit. The production process has a low impact. The fabrics – all natural – came from certificated factories. The brand is undergoing sustainability certification.


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Image courtesy of Camillavcamilla
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Image courtesy of Camillavcamilla
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Image courtesy of Camillavcamilla

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