Architecture | July 7, 2021 |

Orma Corse
Image courtesy of Orma Architects

Casa P by Orma Architects
Location: Corse, Italy
Status: Completed

Originally the context of this project was relatively straightforward. The mission was the renovation of a small villa built in the 1980’s, but without extension work or development of the existing volumes in order to avoid planning permission. The contractor’s ambitious mandate committed us primarily to maximizing the living area without expanding what was first built. The covered patio, the porch and the garage were thus converted into living space.

Orma Corse 003 1
Image courtesy of Orma Architects

Furthermore, the refurbishment of the roof enabled us to completely rethink the infrastructure in order to reorganize and optimize the existing living area.

Once the plan work completed, the facades become the mirror of the architectural input and develop a new relationship with the surroundings. In order to both consolidate the structure of the facades and mark the constructive expression of our work, new openings were valorized by large rough concrete frames.

Orma Corse 004 1
Image courtesy of Orma Architects

To complete the villa’s new aspect, the existing sprayed cement coating was picketed and recovered by a manual state of the art covering of lime and local sand. By using this sand, we were able to integrate the building in its natural environment thus recreating a new dialogue.


Orma Corse 006 1
Image courtesy of Orma Architects
Orma Corse 005 2
Image courtesy of Orma Architects
Orma Corse 007 1
Image courtesy of Orma Architects
Orma Corse 008 1
Image courtesy of Orma Architects

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