Interviews | October 13, 2020

Channeler, writer, photographer and personal facilitator, to find purpose in life and release wounds of the soul. I am a certified facilitator of emotional management through photography and use of art as a tool for my sessions. I am in charge of showing the world what each soul hides in its heart. I was born in Madrid in 1976 and I had a childhood marked by the death of my older brother from an illness, which made me extremely sensitive to emotions and empathetic. Read more


Interviews | October 12, 2020

I am looking for abstract compositions in my surroundings to capture them photographically. The objects and situations are neither changed, arranged nor manually illuminated, nor are they subsequently edited on the computer, even the detail is identical to the shot. All pictures are 'Pure Photography'. I see my surroundings as a 'natural exhibition space'. I find works of art on the pavement, on building walls, in the water and in factory buildings. These works of art are fixations of the moment and therefore difficult to reproduce. A different angle of view, a changed incidence of light, and the colours, bizarrely changed forms have disappeared. Read more


Interviews | October 12, 2020

Born from the desire of Michela Trento, designer of the brand and Gianluca Ricci to reinterpret objects from distant eras and countries: from the typical forms of the Victorian age to the symbolism of flowers that distinguishes Japanese culture. After a research that lasted over a year, the first collection was created in 2019: the material we have decide to use is finely worked brass in order to give each piece its own uniqueness. Read more


Interviews | October 11, 2020

Leilani Euphrosyne was born in the beautiful town of Schramberg, in the middle of the Black Forest. Her parents owned a stylish boutique with fine porcelain, ceramic and glass articles. Therefore, already from her childhood, she has been surrounded by '' beautiful things and pieces of decorative art and craft ''. She is mother of two children, and for many years she lived near Frankfurt/Main. Leilani Euphrosyne has traveled the world as a flight attendant for Lufthansa for 35 wonderful years. She has always been fascinated by foreign people, their cultures and, above all, by the world’s most diverse artistic genres. However, her special interest has always been painting. As a flight attendant, Leilani has been very close to the sky, and now she paints to experience the sky down on earth. '' When I paint, I feel free as a bird and blissful as a child! ''. She is a real globetrotter, who discovers herself while painting. Read more


Interviews | October 11, 2020

“Small everyday things such as nature, people and animals are often the subject. The photos are personal, but because the themes are universal, they can also be felt by the viewer. I photograph memories, events, perceptions and emotions, with which I want to show the transience of life. Read more


Interviews | October 10, 2020

Massimo Crivelli was born in 1965 in Varese in a family with ancient Milanese traditions. During his high school years, Massimo Crivelli worked in the family business, where he could grow his love for fabrics, their production processes and their most innovative applications. Read more


Interviews | October 10, 2020

Chun-Chieh Chang is an artist who was diagnosed with hearing impairment at an early age. Chun-Chieh was invited to participate in many group exhibitions during university. Chun-Chieh was interviewed by television and newspapers in Taiwan inspiring other students with impaired hearing with his story. Most of his works are now in the collection of public and private institutes and hotels include オークラプレステージ台北 (The Okura Prestige Taipei). Read more


Interviews | October 9, 2020

Elisabeth Schutting (*1973 in Innsbruck/Austria) is educated as a Graphic-Designer. She studied in Innsbruck, Salzburg, at the Art Academy of Bologna and the University of arts in Linz. Primarily she works as a painter, additionally she deals with collages and mixed media, especially in the field of video art. Read more


Interviews | October 8, 2020

Danielle Benvenuto is a multimedia artist based in Berlin, Germany. Born in the US, she lived in NYC where she had a 15 year long career as a psychologist & energy healer. Over three years ago she left it all behind to pursue something deeper calling inside of her she had yet to define. Read more


Interviews | October 7, 2020

"I prefer to work with natural, familiar material such as stone and metal to create my own work, and I depends on create forms using details abstract and simple to focus on the beauty of shape, I chose animals shape and abstract it, cause it have more vitality and ability to make different movement, and trying to make a dialogue between shapes in some work, but now I am trying to focus on the idea of beginning and how to find away from it till you find your own way (when I look at my work and checked it I feel like it’s all talking about the beginning when everything started – all we trying to do will be better if we found our real start). Now I am working on creates new shapes inspired from all I did before and develop it, to present my first solo exhibition next year." Read more


Interviews | October 6, 2020

Denis Douveneau turns intellectual concepts into drawings, abstraction being the only vivid means of doing so. He develops the concept of ©OPPRESSIONISM, a movement that expresses contemporary constraint on individuals, be it social, political or technological. Read more


Interviews | October 5, 2020

Marco Galeotti (Ravenna, 1978) simply Gale in art, after twenty years spent in underground music as a guitarist and event organizer, in the early months of 2017 he began a parallel journey in the visual arts. The characterizing element of his works is wood, used both as the basis of his painting and as the protagonist of his sculptures and installations. In October 2017 after a few months of this new adventure, tackled without any type of training, takes part in the fifth and last edition of the Cantiere Artistico, a collective hosted inside MirMar, a disused factory in San Mauro Pascoli. Read more


Interviews | October 4, 2020

In her works, which include dance choreographies, writings, paintings, photographs and installations, Tatjana Christelbauer researches about art practices as forms for creation of the narrative identity by exploring how the prosodic of language effects on imagination and state of mind, movement and cognition. Read more


Interviews | October 3, 2020

Neo Mahlangu is a Johannesburg-based artist who works with diverse mediums: from charcoal to digital illustrations. Since debuting her artworks at an August House Open Studio ( Johannesburg, 2017) and having a sold out showing, Mahlangu completed a course in Advertising at UMUZI and has shown regularly at galleries domestically, managing to make her Fair debut at the first Latitudes Art Fair Johannesburg, in 2019, In 2017, Mahlangu was a finalist for the Cassirer Welz Award, and was later listed by Between 10and5 as one of the Top 30 creatives under 30 to watch in 2018. Read more


Interviews | October 3, 2020

Sometimes life changes from one moment to the next without any notification. For me it was two and a half years ago when my son afflicted with heavy flue and I was stuck at home for three weeks nursing him as a single mother. Feeling deeply lonely and frustrated, suddenly out of the blue I had the deep wish to become creative and to paint. Read more


Interviews | October 2, 2020

Yiwen Tu is an award-winning artist and communications designer from Shanghai, China and she is now based in New York. In her junior year at Donghua University, she got the scholarship to exchange study at Fashion Institute of Technology. Yiwen was inspired by the energy, culture, art and design education in New York city. She decided to pursue a further study after she graduated from Donghua University. When she studied at Pratt Institute in 2019, she focused on design experiment and research. Her work series Extinction And Revival communicate her idea of reaching balance and evolve through debating between thesis and antithesis. Along with working on art exploration and design research, Yiwen is a successful commercial designer who has worked for many high-profile clients including Porche, Volve, and the NBA. Read more


Interviews | October 1, 2020

Teresa Letizia Bontà was born in Licata, Agrigento, in 1981. Approaching the world of photography as a self-taught photographer. The first person who stimulated her was certainly her environment, the artistic beauties and the landscapes of her country. Among her favorite themes there is no shortage of people, women, reality, surrounding. Read more


Interviews | October 1, 2020

“The present interests me as time and mainly as a place. Architecture and my surroundings have always informed my body on how to relate between the now and the consecutive. In my paintings and drawings this tense dynamic is in the presence of the gesture and also in the speed of the execution; both building an architectural structure that is ambiguous and a place that is unstable: a fragile solidity”. Read more

Interview: Esther O’Kelly

Interviews | October 1, 2020

I make my paintings in Vault Artist Studio's in Belfast. They are mostly large format acrylic paint applied with thick brushes. An experimental and intuitive approach is at the core of my work. Works are produced in a spontaneous manner drawing upon the unconscious as source material. I work into the painting using wide blades that remove layers of paint while simultaneously creating scratch marks. I like this visceral approach to the medium, quite often it is what I remove from the canvas rather than what is added that creates the focal point of the work. My paintings are an evocation of my relationship with home; memories, landscape and heritage. Read more

Interview: Gary Scott

Interviews | September 30, 2020

Based in Plymouth, Devon, Gary Scott has recently returned to his home city after many years living in London. He's a sculptor and painter producing abstract works which reflect his interest in psychology; he uses the wild oceanic environment to draw out memories and emotions from his life, particularly his childhood. His sculptures are characterised by long sensual sweeping lines and deep textures and his paintings are similarly textural and made with the same degree of spontaneity. Gary's work has been widely exhibited including at the Royal College of Art, ING Discerning Eye, the Cork Street Open, KPMG’s Canary Wharf HQ and at Waterperry House, Oxford. His work is collected internationally, with owners as far afield as New York, Dubai, Barbados and Brisbane. As well as his Gallery work he has undertaken numerous commissions including the memorial sculpture ‘Free Spirit’ situated in the heart of St Ives in Cornwall and publically visible. Scott completed an MA (Art & Science) at Central Saint Martins, London in 2018, achieving a Merit. Read more


Interviews | September 29, 2020

Karina Kristoffersen McKenzie makes digital art, prints and textiles based on teachings of tibetan Buddhism. She lives by the sea in the southern part of Norway. Karina attended two schools of art in Norway. She earned a Master in Psychology from Sweden meanwhile earning the degree as Art Therapist from Denmark. She has exhibited in London and New York and has made the tapestry interiors of Spiregården yogasenter in Norway. Two of her pictures is being included in the book "Be Kind" from Tecassia Publishing this summer and she is exhibiting her art at the ECOFeminism festival in London in November this year. She is occupied with sustainability and about sustainability in the interface of psychology and art. As a psychologist a lot is about repairing what people do to each other. Read more


Interviews | September 28, 2020

Dana Hassan was born in Beirut amid civil war and political instability. She still lives and works in a city that she loves despite everything. Dana’s passion for art began earlier in her childhood where she used to spend summertime with her family at a small village in Mount Lebanon, sketching with a piece of charcoal under a tree, some of Rodin’s sculptures. She grew that love for art throughout the years with some encouragement from her teachers at school. Even after completing her BA in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut, she resumed her art studies at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) where she completed her BA in Illustration and Comics. Dana works today at the intersection of conceptual art and storytelling. As a communication consultant, she believes that art can be a powerful way to communicate and engage with communities on global matters by making a strong impact, changing perceptions, or calling for action. In October 2019, Dana was shortlisted among 15 international artists to help raise awareness on the impacts of disaster and environmental changes on our communities and societies. Her latest work, If Not Now, When? was featured in The Art of Resilience curated exhibition at the World Bank headquarter-Washington DC. Dana was, also, a second prize winner at The International Festival of Comics in Beirut in 2004. Read more


Interviews | September 28, 2020

I was born in Italy, after study in graphics and advertising, I moved to Milan, where I currently live and work as an art director for fashion and design firms. After several years of reviewing other people’s pictures, I decided to start taking photos by and of myself. The element of water is often present in my shots, whether in the form of rain, tears or humble public swimming pools. Water cleans, soothes and swallows, becoming the only escape. Read more


Interviews | September 27, 2020

And I want to have it all! Joy & success, good and interesting living, art travels & world exploration, love and gratitude of being alive. In my art, you will discover this life hunger, which is the main interest field of my artistic creation, and all the layers in between of discovering this path. I am deeply interested in how to be successful & achieve the best in life. How to go forward and delete your limits, how to overcome the weakness and reverse them into a powerful strength, how to enjoy life and truly live your potential. My language is color. I adore color and being a colorful personality myself. I rather focus on brighter colors than the opposite. It doesn’t mean that there are no challenges or difficulties on the way, - it is more like a lighthouse, which shows the right direction to follow. And finally lemons. The Italian landscape view from the top of the sea rock, which faces the sunrise above the Mediterranean sea & the Seagulls flying above my head, - my heart shall never forget this treasure, I found on this land. No matter where I go now, I will bring this piece of fulfillment by translating it to the colorful canvases of my art. Read more

Interview: Magdalena Maatkare

Interviews | September 27, 2020

Magdalena Maatkare is a german artist based in Berlin and raised up in several cultures: Germany - France - and West Africa (Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso). I am a thread waving into the texture of the universe. My thread is light-source/light-wave channelling energy, vibrating with other energetic waves. Creating resonance. Universe is build up by light and darkness. Bodies are charged positive and negative. I am working with light. Light-waves. Light-braking. Braking into the textiles, which I bring a-life to new units through my hands. Lightening works vibrating in colours with light-resonance. Read more


Interviews | September 26, 2020

Laura Orrego, was born in 1994 in the city of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. With a few years of life, he moved with his family to Medellín, the city where she currently lives. Medellín is a place known for its mountains, beautiful landscapes and an incredible weather, called "The city of eternal spring". If you ask Laura how she would like to live her life, the answer would always be based on experiences, this way of life is owed to her parents, who have encouraged her and accompanied her since she was little to discover the world, allowing her to meet her own country and get to know hundreds of cultures around the world. After graduating as an architect, she traveled to Paris to do an internship at Offcina Architecture, dedicated to restoration; later he traveled to Barcelona to do a master's degree in design and production of spaces at the University of Catalonia. She also finds beauty in simplicity, also in abundance. Always looking for different ways of understanding the world, understanding and rescuing the multiculturalism that inhabits it, seeing it as a constantly changing space, where art and the way of inhabiting it are creating different realities all the time. Her experiences and the way she perceives the world, as a dynamic space, have managed to make her pieces something of her own. For her, architecture has become something more than a profession, she has appropriated it to her style and transformed it into a sensory and human experience, where she seeks, through it, to generate changes in the consciousness and behaviors of people. humans, as individuals and as a society. Read more


Interviews | September 26, 2020

Kayee is a fine art photographer born and raised in Hong Kong before relocating in France a decade ago. She makes use of techniques of self-portrait and composite photography to create story-telling images to explore the dynamics of relationships on different levels. Her works can be humorous, dramatic or melancholic mises en scene of a variety of human interactions. Read more


Interviews | September 25, 2020

Most of my works have a relation to nature or dealing with the relation between nature and human. Although human is part of nature, we are different from any other species since we use more tools than them, so that we can have better control of things around us. And I would like to say that's the contrast between body and mind, organic and artificial, and controlled and uncontrolled. I put most of my vigor on making sculptures and installations, which addresses issues related to the strict regulations and the softness of nature in contemporary society. Read more