Interviews | November 12, 2020

"More than a job, this is my purpose. Sensing, understanding, expressing are the guidelines that have led me to what you will witness in my artwork. As per my personality, my art is a stylistic fusion of encounters and opportunities. Starting with puntinism and arriving to Action Painting and Pouring Painting, I have found my "colourful" way of expressing myself. Passion, a desire to live render my artwork my presentation card. Every single brush stroke, chromatic flexion, line of colour exploded on the canvas, is a part of me." Read more


Interviews | November 12, 2020

"My name is Alina Hamalia and I am a young Ukrainian artist. I am interested in creating paintings that transform consciousness, harmonize the state of mind and heal the deepest wounds of the soul. I was born in Alushta, Crimea, in 1994. I have the desire to draw since my childhood when I was 5 years. In 2012 I graduated from a comprehensive school and moved to Kiev, where I continued my studies at KNUCA at the Department of Architecture. Having received a master's degree in 2018, I continue my studies as a graduate student till now. Read more


Interviews | November 11, 2020

Van der Wath’s passion for collecting art spurred the desire in 2005 to undertake art as a hobby for self-expression. His fulfilling journey evolved significantly in 2019 when he commenced mentorship under Dr. Elfriede Dreyer, Professor Extraordinarius. This introduction to the broader spectrum of art concepts and history created the opportunity for Van der Wath to express himself through experiences in his world of business, engineering, and psychology. Besides holding formal qualifications in these disciplines, Van der Wath has pursued several short courses in art and is currently completing a certificate in Contemporary Art with the CAP Institute. In 2020 the artist has been recognized in various international competitions and exhibitions, notably as third Edition Winner (Biafarin Prize) in the Prisma International Art competition, exhibiting at the Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, (BORDERS – Venice International Art Fair, ITSLIQUID Group) and International Art Fair, Luxembourg, Kirchberg (Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain). Van der Wath lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he reflects on the country's cultural and human diversity, conceptual "worlds", business and political controversies. Read more


Interviews | November 11, 2020

Tatsiana was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she attended a high school with arts specialization. After studying international relations and economics, she worked as a diplomat and consultant for several international organizations. Read more


Interviews | November 10, 2020

Gerard Puxhe is an international award-winning Spanish London based designer. Throughout his career Gerard has worked on high-end projects internationally including London, Madrid, Marbella and Amsterdam, among others, and has also collaborated with different brands. He specializes in creating top-notch designs, that showcases his unique style and creativity. Read more


Interviews | November 10, 2020

I graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institutes in 2017, Chongqing, China. I am currently studying in the Academy od Fine Arts in Venice, Italy. The sequence of Clouds floating in the air, birds flying in the clouds, the fish swimming in the water, and the plants floating in the wind suggests those natural creatures are using the body to express themselves in the space and time. I also want to be alive like them. Read more


Interviews | November 9, 2020

Born in Cracow in 1977. Studied in Art Institute at Pedagogical Academy in Cracow. Diploma in graphic- linocut in 2002 in atelier of prof. Jerzy Bujnowski. In years 2007 till 2010 attended photo seminar by Sibylle Bergemann in Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. Works in subjective reportage learned from Photographers like Michael Ackerman, Anders Petersen, Lorenzo Castore and filmmaker Adam Cohen. Lives and works in Berlin. Read more


Interviews | November 8, 2020

Stephania was born in Malta in 1980. She did her studies in draughtsmanship, civil engineering and topography between 1997 and 2001. She furthered her artistic and design studies at the University of Malta and graduated in 2019, where she practiced various media such as sculpture, drawing techniques, xylography, etching and other forms of art. Read more


Interviews | November 7, 2020

Yichiao explores the changes of natural elements and energy. The invisible energy comes from the source and is close to eternity. It is extremely calm and without traces. It cannot be accurately described in all human words. Therefore, She tries to present it on the easel painting and dynamic art form with abstraction and impression Read more


Interviews | November 7, 2020

“My art is the study and observation of modern society in which, according to me, the influence of the media captures personal opinions and then turns these into thoughts for the masses. Individual thoughts are removed, and thus modern society tends to deceive itself. Read more


Interviews | November 6, 2020

Eva Marc'h began painting at the age of 19 with no artistic training. Her very first paintings revealed the qualities of an inherent artistic gift, including perspective, depth, balance, and especially, color. Painting self-taught for ten years, she was free to explore her talent, allowing for only the expression of her unconscious to guide her many and varied creations. By 2000, she was inspired to participate in formal art study workshops at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, where she learned practice drawing and many other different techniques of painting to enhance her works. Read more


Interviews | November 5, 2020

Marie Indahl is by education a social scientist / cand. polit. with a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Oslo. As an artist, she is self-taught and has been painting since 2013. She has previously worked with accessory design (1999-2004) and during that period she participated in various projects, like Fretex book project “Soup, Soap and Salvation” with redesign of accessories for the book “Soap” from 2002. She has also had accessory assignments in connection with the 10 years anniversary of the broadcast channel TV2. Crown Princess Mette-Marit has purchased several of her accessories. Read more


Interviews | November 4, 2020

“I’m a french artist based in the south-west of France. I completed my studies in France in the Beaux-Arts and in Lisbon in the Faculdade de Belas-Artes. Regionalism is a key component of my work; the source of my inspiration derives from a world on the fringe, and all its traditional ways of life, that are gradually disappearing. Read more


Interviews | November 3, 2020

I am an artist and poet based in Seattle, WA. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts, Media and Culture from the University of WA, worked for Chihuly-trained International glass artist Martin Blank, and for the Bryan Ohno Art Gallery. Read more

Interview: Monika Thoms

Interviews | November 1, 2020

nderstanding my artist work as a social plastic contribution of innovative and integrating forms I integrate life onto art and art into life. This is the reason of a big variety of means in my work reaching from ready made to glass design, video, performance, drawings, painting to sound sculptures... Read more

Interview: Janet Mait

Interviews | November 1, 2020

My collection of paintings ‘New Shoes’ began as a challenge. I had been a sculptor all of my life, working from the figure exclusively. After many years of working in clay, I yearned to experiment with a different medium. Read more

Interview: Lollie Ortiz

Interviews | November 1, 2020

Miss Ortiz playfully indulges her imagination with curious inspiration. This journey of "colorful discovery" continued to flourish throughout her school years with "artistic competition recognition." Seeking to refine her talents, she pursued a design degree from the San Francisco City College. She also attended specialized classes in advertising and film from the Los Angels of School of Design. Read more

Interview: Sally De Courcy

Interviews | November 1, 2020

Sally de Courcy qualified in 2016 from the University of Creative Arts, Farnham with a first- class honours degree, scholarship and masters with distinction in Fine Art. She is interested in repetition of cast objects and works in different mediums including bronze. The objects are re-assembled to reveal a narrative. Her medical experience of working with refugees is reflected in her work, which often stands for those who are treated as less than human. Read more

Interview: Yi Kai

Interviews | November 1, 2020

I was born in China and lived there for half of my life, experiencing the effects of the Cultural Revolution from 1966 - 1976. In the 1990’s I immigrated to the United States and built a new life here. Life experiences under two entirely different cultures, languages, and ideologies weigh heavily on my conceptual thinking and approach to painting. My formal art training was divided between Chinese traditional painting and western oil painting. Since then, I have been immersed in the world of painting for decades. Read more


Interviews | October 30, 2020

“I make 2-dimensional work with lines. The images I make are of cities, I draw and re-draw cities. The cities are often viewed from a high viewpoint or are on a hillside. I am interested in seeing the patterns humans make on the planet from different distances. I change the scale of buildings. I am interested in how far these patterns reach in time and space". Read more


Interviews | October 30, 2020

Franca Dariol was born in Treviso in 1970 and she received her high school diploma at the state Art School. She has been living in Meolo, in the province of Venice (Italy), since 2000, with her son. She resumed her artistic activity in all respects in 2012, following a break due to professional and family commitments. After experimenting with Baba Bedi's psychic techniques for five years and organizing various exhibitions, the artist felt the need to integrate this new found knowledge into the figurative psychic portrait. Read more


Interviews | October 29, 2020

Farid Izemmour is a Swiss Citizen with Algerian origin, He was born on September 24th, 1961 in Algiers. Farid discovered his attraction for drawing at the Lycée Hamis in Algiers. In 1978, a professor noticed his talent and enrolled him in the School of Fine Arts of Algiers. Read more


Interviews | October 26, 2020

I was born in the middle of the deepest winter of 1966 in Zossen, on the edge of the Berlin Wall. The first profession I learned was toolmaker, a completely uncreative, though beautiful profession. In order not to burst, I dedicated myself to music composition and painting on the side. In 1997 the first of three sons was born. In order not to burst again, I wrote and illustrated children's books in addition to the duties of a mother and wife. They were published by Engelsdorfer Verlag. In 2004 I found my real feel-good art: Surrealism. Read more

Interview: Lia Bottanelli

Interviews | October 25, 2020

My very different technical choices have each time led to the construction of a single work, or a limited number, to be understood as part of a larger machine: an alphabet, where each element has a different appearance and sound. What unites my works is the extension of my relationship of sensitivity towards the objects of which I tell a story every time without chaining it to a style, to a single thought. The continuity of the stylistic code is in fact hardly compatible with the construction of linguistic utopias. The absence of a consolidated exhibition path allows a certain distance from the orthodoxy of the Art System. My job was not, and is not, to package answers. It has certainly never been a pure cosmetic job. Read more


Interviews | October 25, 2020

I was born in Speyer, Germany in 1957 and studied Art and History of Art at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, which gave me the opportunity to study under Professor Eberhard Schlotter in Altea, Spain. Reality is always the starting point of my works, partly first-hand experience of reality, partly reality transmitted through the media. Read more


Interviews | October 24, 2020

Interview: Zizi RincoliskyLuca Curci talks with Zizi Rincolisky during FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES, second appointment of BORDERS Art Fair 2020, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello. Born in 1956 in Cologne, lives and works between Brussels and Ireland. The work ‘Self Portrait’ that I am launching for the application to your festival, is part of the series ‘Only in the […] Read more


Interviews | October 24, 2020

Graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Quimper and a Multimedia Master 2 at the University of Rennes, I am an exhibiting artist and I am a member of the Atelier des Cascades et aux Lilas for Typography and Printmaking held by Raùl Velasco and Kristin Meller and the AAB Association in Paris for 6 years. Read more

Interview: Tiziana Mucchiani Farah

Interviews | October 23, 2020

Tiziana Mucchiani Farah’s journey starts from her hometown Como in Italy, where her formative years took in the culture and rich history of her Italian heritage. Already a polyglot, she moved away at in her early 20s in order to devote herself to language and cultural studies abroad. Tiziana thus moved from Italy to Germany where she attended linguistic studies and finally to England where she studied art and ceramics. Tiziana lived in The UK for 12 years; most of it in London with its rich artistic and creative community. She has travelled extensively, with experience of African and Gulf cultures alongside the European more classical, formal influences. She now resides in Switzerland, combining her creative work with her family and bringing up her daughter. Read more