Interview: Karin Monschauer

Interviews | October 24, 2019

The embroidery technique has always fascinated the artist Karin Monschauer, permitting her to externalize the connection and the interweaving of colors and shapes. Historically, this methodology, ‘raqm’ in Arabic, allows to create an ornamental design on fabric through the use of one or more threads of different colors. Read more

Interview: Lina Blomqvist

Interviews | October 23, 2019

MIOLINI is a audiovisual artist, singer, sound designer, audio and video producer based in Stockholm and Berlin. They are now currently studying music and sound design at Linnaeus University where they have gained experience and knowledge in audio production, audio mixing, recording, sound synthesis as well as creative, theoretical and social aspects of sound. Read more

Interview: María Echeverri

Interviews | October 18, 2019

2nd place awarded "Premio Lorenzo I'll Magnifico" by Florence Biennale in Jewellery Art Category, featured at the spring edition of "British Vogue", Maria Echeverri is a jewellery artist and designer who uses different metals and experimental techniques to design and produce "wearable art" for the body. Selected as one of the top Contemporary Artist in the "Gold List" of "Art Market Magazine", she exhibited at Milan Fashion week (2018) and London fashion week (2019). From 2019, her jewellery pieces can be found at DREEMS (luxury concept store) in Soho, NYC, and in her first contemporary jewellery store in Honduras. Accredited Jewellery professional by GIA, her education includes numerous courses and degree in jewellery designer in Argentina, NY, Colombia and Italy.  Read more

Interview: Zsuzsa Klemm

Interviews | October 12, 2019

Zsuzsa Klemm was born in former Yugoslavia, Serbia. She grew up multi cultural by a hungarian mother and german father. 1977 she moved with her parents and younger brother to Germany. Read more

Interview: Edit Szur-Szabo

Interviews | October 4, 2019

Edit Szur-Szabo Budapest based artist on the field of contemporary architectural stained glass, mosaic installed furnitures, objects and plexy performance design forms. Read more

Interview: Darja Stefancic

Interviews | October 3, 2019

Darja Stefancic was born on 27. October 1957 in Postojna (Slovenia). She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and then gathered the artistic skills at several art schools of different orientations. Read more

Interview: Greta Schnall

Interviews | October 1, 2019

Greta Schnall, born 1964 in Simbach on the Inn in Germany, Bavaria. In 1984 she graduated from high school. 1989 exam of nursing. In 1989 she moved to Chiemgau, where she later joined the Laufener Kunstverein. In the 2000s, she began digitally rediscovering the photography that she had previously inspired by analogy. Read more

Interview: Christine Norton

Interviews | September 21, 2019

Christine Norton is a self-taught humanist photographer from Trinidad and Tobago. She combines years of work in social development with her interest in Read more

Interview: Lea Nasnas

Interviews | September 19, 2019

I am self taught artist who grew up in various countries because of the lebanese civil war and my parents divorce. Because of my high sensitivity, I started to Read more

Interview: Ellody Wu

Interviews | September 18, 2019

Ellody is an emergent applied artist graduated December 2018 with a Master degree from California Institute of the Arts. With specialization in performance art Read more

Interview: Sarah Lim–Murray

Interviews | September 16, 2019

Sarah Lim-Murray had a multi-disciplinary training when she was in Art college, from drawing, design, embroidery, painting, sculpturing to stain glass. Originally from Singapore, she obtained a diploma in Art and Design before moving to London where she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Central St Martins. Read more

Interview: Giulia Longo

Interviews | September 9, 2019

I was born on March 21, 1992, the day of the beginning of spring. Since I was a child I have been a careful and curious observer. Photography is the tool that allows me to explore the reality that surrounds me and sometimes even to see what is hidden behind the surface of things or within the intimacy of people. Read more

Interview: Jacqueline Bilheran-Gaillard

Interviews | August 25, 2019

Jacqueline Bilheran-Gaillard's work is one of endless circulation between photography, painting and sculpture with all three art forms on an equal footing and a generous embrace of all types of materials, rusty metal, paper, plastic, textile, resin, to name a few. Read more

Interview: Serafina Figliuzzi

Interviews | August 23, 2019

Born in Catanzaro and tehrefore a migrant, after classic studies concluded with a degree in law and an ensuring practice of the legal profession, her attention of the latter and of the community has assumed the form of artistic input. Read more

Interview: Ivana Miletić

Interviews | August 19, 2019

Ivana was born in Split, Croatia on 28 August 1973. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Fisheries and currently she works as diplomat in Bruxelles, Belgium. She uses photography to express her love for nature and to satisfy her natural curiosity. Read more

Interview: Anne-Kristin Vaudour

Interviews | August 18, 2019

Anne-Kristin was born in the former East German town of Wittenberg-Lutherstadt. With her father being an officer in the army, she grew up in a rather bleak and Read more

Interview: Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani

Interviews | August 17, 2019

Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani was born in Togo and currently lives in Stuttgart (Germany). Graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in Kpalimé (Togo), his artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, mixed media, photography and video. Read more

Interview: Ladina Clément

Interviews | August 16, 2019

Ladina Clément’s inter-disciplinary practice uses sculpture as the catalyst for her multi-media installations, often working with the process of casting using unexpected materials or presenting ordinary objects in surprising ways. A dialogue is created between the mediums. Read more

Interview: Ai-Wen Wu Kratz

Interviews | August 15, 2019

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz, a native of Hong Kong, works and lives in the United States. She received a BFA degree from Fort Wright College, Spokane, Washington; and a MFA degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Read more

Interview: Boniface Maina

Interviews | August 13, 2019

Maina is a Kenyan born inquisitive artist who started off as a stretcher-bars maker for artists to support his career as an artist. His work, since 2009, has been figurative and has evolved in the quest to tackle various themes. Read more

Interview: Christopher Palm

Interviews | August 11, 2019

Chris spends his rotations around the sun photographing trees and learning about the natural world we come from. He grew up on a ranch very isolated and covered in Aspen on the side of a mountain in Wyoming. Read more

Interview: Nancy Gifford

Interviews | August 8, 2019

Nancy Gifford left Kent State University after the shootings. Modeling was her ticket off the Ohio farm sending her to Europe: she explored museums and galleries Read more

Interview: Day Bowman

Interviews | August 1, 2019

Day Bowman is a graduate of Chelsea School of Art and London University whose painting lies on the axis of abstraction and figuration. Read more

Interview: Ozlem Baser

Interviews | July 30, 2019

After graduating from Anadolu University department of Economy, Ozlem Baser had MBA degree from Yeditepe University in 2005. Read more

Interview: Vincent de Haan

Interviews | April 21, 2019

Vincent de Haan is a self-taught painter working with a wide range of different paints and materials. After having spent the first seven years his childhood growing up in subtropical Durban, South Africa, he moved with his family to the Netherlands in the late 1990's. Read more

Interview: Maria Tsormpatzoglou

Interviews | April 20, 2019

Being born and raised in Greece, Maria moved to Berlin 4 years ago to gain some new inspiration. Her official steps in the art scene where initiated at the end of the last year, at the moment where she realized that abstract is her way to express her messages as a photographer and artist. Maria also writes and performs. Read more

Interview: Brioni

Interviews | April 19, 2019

Brioni is a European artist London - based. She combines music and art developing her own synesthetic concept: the painting is not a copy of what she hears; rather, when she listens to music, she perceives more colorful textures than she normally perceives and she is able to depict them in the painting. Read more

Interview: Vandana

Interviews | April 18, 2019

Vandana, born in Haryana, has completed her MFA in Fine Art from London, UK, after attending Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts & Craft, Mumbai, and achieving Masters degree in English from New Delhi following her Bachelors degree from Haryana. She has exhibited her work in India (Including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata), United Kingdom (including London), Switzerland, South Korea (Daegu Art Fair) and Thailand (Bangkok Art Biennale 2018). Read more