Interviews | December 26, 2019

Luca Curci talks with Clara De Bobes during ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL 2019 - VISIONS at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. Read more


Interviews | December 21, 2019

In the beginning, my artistic development was clearly shaped by the accuracy of my graphic profession. In the beginning, the focus was on realistic painting, the precise observation of the lights, shadows and perspective. This was also reflected in my choice of motif; landscapes fascinated me as well as still lifes, faces or macro shots of z.B. flowers or objects. In the course of my artistic development, my pictures became more free and expressive, which developed up to the abstract representation. However, my preferred materials such as acrylic and oil remained, often combined in mixed techniques, with structures or organic elements to give the respective motifs an individual depth and meaningfulness. Read more

Interview: Stanislava Stoyanova

Interviews | December 20, 2019

Luca Curci talks with Stanislava Stoyanova during ANIMA MUNDI 2019 - RITUALS at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. Read more

Interview: MARKHAM

Interviews | December 17, 2019

Markham’s work is an embodiment of the independent artistic spirit which finds dark overtones of monsters and uncertainty by taking a surrealist view to explore subjects that many shy away from. An artist and musician from Detroit, Markham shows us the beautiful ugly side of life that has no boundaries. Read more

Interview: Sima Malekzadeh

Interviews | December 15, 2019

I’m Sima Malekzadeh, a painter from Iran. I was born on 1987 and grew up in a great city, Shiraz. I have interest in art, specially painting from childhood which was encouraged by going to painting class and met my teacher Ladan. I always wanted to be a painter. Read more

Interview: Jeongsoo Lim

Interviews | December 10, 2019

Interview: Jeongsoo LimLuca Curci talks with Jeongsoo Lim during ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL 2019 – VISIONS at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi. Born in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. Lim studied at the Korea National University of Arts, graduating with a BFA in 2014. Then Lim completed my masters at Korea National University of Arts, Visual arts. Jeongsoo She […] Read more

Interview: Pamela Chrabieh

Interviews | December 10, 2019

Pamela Chrabieh is a Lebanese & Canadian Doctor in Sciences of Religions, scholar, visual artist, activist, university professor, writer and consultant. She has exhibited her artworks in Canada, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Italy, and has organized and participated in art workshops and art therapy sessions in North America, Europe and Western Asia. Read more

Interview: Yoanna Bochowski

Interviews | December 7, 2019

Yoanna Bochowski is a French artist based in Paris, graduated in 2017 from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Her creations are generally three dimensional, as sculptures and installations, or either in big scales. This allows her to work with rough and tough mediums as metal, wood, resin, or concrete. She is attracted by materiality, texture and craftsmanship. Read more

Interview: Gloria Keh

Interviews | November 26, 2019

Gloria Keh began painting as a child. Initially to supplement her pocket money, but now by the grace of God, she paints only for charity, with 100% of sales from her paintings being donated to charities of her buyers’ choice. Gloria believes in service to humanity. Read more

Interview: Cara Louwman

Interviews | November 18, 2019

Cara Louwman (The Netherlands, 1967) is a contemporary fine art photographer specialized in creating images that tells a story. She uses photography as a mean to stage an idea and to present new perspectives on contemporary subjects. Her photographs are characterized by the use of multiple layers. She creates images that are often different from a direct representation of reality. Read more

Interview: Robert Romano

Interviews | November 17, 2019

I am 72 years old. For 45 years, I was a Wall Street lawyer. My focus was White Collar and SEC Enforcement law. For many years, I have also been an avid photographer, but I started my photography business in 2017, when I ended my law career. Read more

Interview: Haddas Eshel

Interviews | November 12, 2019

Born in Israel in 1990. Graduated from Kelim Choreography Center, Ashkelon School of Arts, Haifa dance Program, Peridance Certificate Program in New York City, Akko Theater Center, and many workshops and professorial intensives in Amsterdam, Salzburg, Copenhagen, London, Graz and more. Read more

Interview: Marija Krtolica, Despina Sophia…

Interviews | November 9, 2019

Marija Krtolica is a movement/dance artist and scholar (MFA in choreography UC Davis, MA in performance studies NYU, PhD in dance Temple University). Read more

Interview: Hyobin Kwon

Interviews | November 5, 2019

Hyobin Kwon is a New York-based artist specializing in Asian calligraphy and brush paintings. Born and raised in South Korea, Kwon received her BFA in calligraphy from Kei Myung University in 2000. She then moved to China to pursue her MFA and PhD at China Academy of Art. Read more

Interview: Sally Annett

Interviews | November 4, 2019

Sally Annett is an artist and curator/producer based in France. Her work is concerned with the intersections between science, art and religion, focusing on consciousness through ritual, play, pilgrimage, contemplation, and language. She is particularly interested in inquiry led collaboration and postdisciplinary practice; using the human body as an artistic mediator alongside the written work and contemporary and traditional inscriptive practices. Read more

Interview: Sofia Nappi

Interviews | November 2, 2019

Sofia is an Italian choreographer and dancer based between Italy and Tel Aviv. She is the artistic director and founder of Komorebi Collab, whose very first creation was the 3rd prize winner at the Netherlands Choreography Competition 2018 and was featured in the Italian national newspaper IL Secolo XIX. Read more

Interview: John Lunquist Coey &…

Interviews | October 26, 2019

After living in New Zealand and London, John moved to Sweden where he first crossed paths with Fredrik at a creative hub in the capital Stockholm. The artistic duos run-in would quickly spur into a partnership that persisted through new frontiers within digital art and video, fueling an emerging interest in technology and communication. Read more

Interview: Aurélie Crisetig

Interviews | October 26, 2019

Aurélie Crisetig (b. 1992, Vevey, Switzerland) is a Swiss photographer and visual artist. She uses photography as a tool to explore the alteration of human memory in a world overwhelmed by digital entities. Working both with film and digital photography, her works reflect on the constant use of mechanical recordings, especially in public and cultural places. Read more

Interview: Karin Monschauer

Interviews | October 24, 2019

The embroidery technique has always fascinated the artist Karin Monschauer, permitting her to externalize the connection and the interweaving of colors and shapes. Historically, this methodology, ‘raqm’ in Arabic, allows to create an ornamental design on fabric through the use of one or more threads of different colors. Read more

Interview: Lina Blomqvist

Interviews | October 23, 2019

MIOLINI is a audiovisual artist, singer, sound designer, audio and video producer based in Stockholm and Berlin. They are now currently studying music and sound design at Linnaeus University where they have gained experience and knowledge in audio production, audio mixing, recording, sound synthesis as well as creative, theoretical and social aspects of sound. Read more

Interview: María Echeverri

Interviews | October 18, 2019

2nd place awarded "Premio Lorenzo I'll Magnifico" by Florence Biennale in Jewellery Art Category, featured at the spring edition of "British Vogue", Maria Echeverri is a jewellery artist and designer who uses different metals and experimental techniques to design and produce "wearable art" for the body. Selected as one of the top Contemporary Artist in the "Gold List" of "Art Market Magazine", she exhibited at Milan Fashion week (2018) and London fashion week (2019). From 2019, her jewellery pieces can be found at DREEMS (luxury concept store) in Soho, NYC, and in her first contemporary jewellery store in Honduras. Accredited Jewellery professional by GIA, her education includes numerous courses and degree in jewellery designer in Argentina, NY, Colombia and Italy.  Read more

Interview: Zsuzsa Klemm

Interviews | October 12, 2019

Zsuzsa Klemm was born in former Yugoslavia, Serbia. She grew up multi cultural by a hungarian mother and german father. 1977 she moved with her parents and younger brother to Germany. Read more

Interview: Edit Szur-Szabo

Interviews | October 4, 2019

Edit Szur-Szabo Budapest based artist on the field of contemporary architectural stained glass, mosaic installed furnitures, objects and plexy performance design forms. Read more

Interview: Darja Stefancic

Interviews | October 3, 2019

Darja Stefancic was born on 27. October 1957 in Postojna (Slovenia). She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and then gathered the artistic skills at several art schools of different orientations. Read more

Interview: Greta Schnall

Interviews | October 1, 2019

Greta Schnall, born 1964 in Simbach on the Inn in Germany, Bavaria. In 1984 she graduated from high school. 1989 exam of nursing. In 1989 she moved to Chiemgau, where she later joined the Laufener Kunstverein. In the 2000s, she began digitally rediscovering the photography that she had previously inspired by analogy. Read more

Interview: Christine Norton

Interviews | September 21, 2019

Christine Norton is a self-taught humanist photographer from Trinidad and Tobago. She combines years of work in social development with her interest in Read more

Interview: Lea Nasnas

Interviews | September 19, 2019

I am self taught artist who grew up in various countries because of the lebanese civil war and my parents divorce. Because of my high sensitivity, I started to Read more

Interview: Ellody Wu

Interviews | September 18, 2019

Ellody is an emergent applied artist graduated December 2018 with a Master degree from California Institute of the Arts. With specialization in performance art Read more