Interviews | January 19, 2021

Sumaira Aamer is a Qatar based visual artist. She received her MFA with honors from Pakistan in 2002. Sumaira majored in Painting and kept Traditional Miniature Painting style with contemporary subjects as a preferred medium of expression for most of her artworks. Read more


Interviews | January 10, 2021

“All my life I have been passionated about painting. Born close to Nuremberg I grew up in the city of Albrecht Dürer and have always been under the spell of this fascinating artist. I attended a private grammar school and my parents supported and strengthened my artistic and socio-political interest. Whenever I had time, I painted still-life, fruit and vessels – always fascinated by the liveliness and beauty of colors. Besides that I always had intensive emotions toward nature". Read more


Interviews | January 9, 2021

"I am a graphic designer, born in Israel (1980). Photography is my hobby. Photography is a very important part of my life. I received my Diploma in Media Design from the Ashkelon Academy and I have participated in several photography courses. My work technique combines photography and digital editing. Sometimes my works look like a painting. I especially like to take nature and landscape photos". Read more


Interviews | January 8, 2021

A native of San Jose, California, Christa Perez Bailey is an amateur photographer who loves botanical photography and art. She received her first camera at age 13. The 35mm was purchased second hand from a family member who was upgrading their gear. She took roll after roll of photos, mostly underexposed, and spent many trips to the drug store waiting in line to pick up multiple envelopes of photos. Read more


Interviews | January 7, 2021

Lee graduated from the MFA Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Painting and Drawing Department as well as MA Program at the Visual and Critical Studies. She has had solo shows at Gallery Noone (2017) and Kasia Kay Art Project (2012) in Chicago, and Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (2012) in South Korea. Read more


Interviews | January 6, 2021

Renée Rauchalles lives and works in her hometown of Munich (Germany). She studied at the Master-School-for-Graphics in Munich and graduated with a Master Degree. She also completed a singing and acting training. Read more


Interviews | January 5, 2021

Grew up in the moment of internet rising, where the aesthetic, the music, the art and the society itself got a transition to something new and in continuous change. Laerte has been influenced by mixed media as glitch, photo bashing, matte painting and manipulation. Everything is ancient and unknown influences his works with a sense of dystopia, inspired by metaphysics with a reflection of our heritage. Read more


Interviews | January 4, 2021

Barbora Gazurova “Sharuzen”, born in 1986 in Slovakia. She was always passionate about art and eventually she started drawing and painting herself. She studied chemistry in high school and Culturology at the university, having achieved a bachelor’s degree. She didn’t attended art school, basically learning all the media and techniques as a self-taught. Read more


Interviews | January 3, 2021

Lindsay Godin is an American fine art documentary photographer and a recent 2018 University of Iowa MFA graduate of Studio Arts in Photography. Read more


Interviews | January 2, 2021

Louise Folliott was born and raised in South Africa and has lived in UK and Hong Kong respectively. She completed her MFA with High Distinction in 2019 at RMIT and Hong Kong Art School after completing a PGDIP from Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martin’s in 2010. Her artwork has been selected for the Threadneedle Prize in London in both 2010 and 2013 as well as being selected as a finalist in a photographic competition at the Getty images gallery in London. Read more

Interview: Maria Stamati

Interviews | January 1, 2021

She was born in Amphilohia at 1962. She studied privately next to Rune Bergstrome (professor of school of Fine Arts in Getteborg, Sweden), in atelier of M. Veloudios too and for short time, next to K. Niarhos. She has presented 20 personal exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has taken part in more than 85 group exhibitions. Read more

Interview: Lora Talbot

Interviews | January 1, 2021

As an undergraduate Lora studied ceramic sculpture and continued to express herself through clay for many years. She threw and hand built vessels but desired more color, depth on the surface of her sculpture. Read more

Interview: Roger Josefsson

Interviews | January 1, 2021

For 30 years I have worked with a combination of collage and painting and I'm still as fascinated by the surprising possibilities of combination that can arise in this method of creating. Read more

Interview: Martin Sigwald

Interviews | January 1, 2021

SiG's work is extensive, experimental, and packed with symbolism. It is inhabited by the most varied images of different times or artistic periods, these references are mixed with an iconography, which is in principle alien, to build an absolutely original and different discourse; the works provoke a new reading in a paradigmatic framework; they acquire a meaning open to reflection in the viewer. Read more


Interviews | December 31, 2020

I started about 25 years ago studying a professional photography course, in my hometown of San Sebastián, Spain. Later, I made several monographs on lighting, fashion and advertising in Madrid and Barcelona. I moved to Barcelona in 2000 and have been an assistant for 2 years. In 2002 I returned to San Sebastián and started working for advertising agencies and publishing houses, combining with teaching at the Basque Institute of Photography. In 2016 I opened my studio "Galerna Studio" and continue with personal projects with architecture and the human being as the basis of my work. Read more


Interviews | December 31, 2020

The Machina Imaginis collective is formed by Jonathan Owadja, Marie Malou and Marcel Siegwart. Jonathan Owadja was born in 1983 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and he currently lives in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is a graphic designer, Art Director and artist. Marie Malou was born in Brixlegg, Austria, and as well as Jonathan, she lives in Switzerland, in Zürich. Read more


Interviews | December 30, 2020

Stella Brajterman is an artist, actress, poet and mover. Graduated in Performing Arts at UNIRIO and in Cinema with Darcy Ribeiro. Stella has a 10 years career in Theatre and has researched theatre-dance in Italy with the Potlatch Theater and in London at Trinity Laban, Siobhan Davies and Wayne Mcgregor Choreography Lab. Her last works combined hybrid art expressions. In 2019 she presented her dance-theatre solo "Pé do Ouvido" at Galeria Aymore - RJ and performed in the Art Rio at C Galeria and in the performative installation "Entre Cinzas Ossos e Elefantes". Read more


Interviews | December 29, 2020

Farnoosh Farmer is a Los Angeles based architectural designer whose work forms at the intersection of art, tectonics, and history. She was born and raised in the capital of Persian art and culture, Shiraz. Read more


Interviews | December 27, 2020

After obtaining a master's degree in history of art and history at the University of Geneva (1986), I completed my artistic training at the Università Internazionale dell'arte in Florence and obtained my diploma in painting restoration in 1988. Back in Geneva I studied pedagogical studies (1993-95) for the teaching of the history of art and history. Read more


Interviews | December 26, 2020

Fernando Gastaldo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974. His love for art began at early age and derived him as an artist linked to music and sculpture. A tireless traveler, since his childhood, he explored different cultures all over the world, giving him a wealth that will rise into a personal deepening of transcendence. His fascination with geometry gave him the ability to define his own technique of artistic creation. Read more


Interviews | December 25, 2020

After studying fine arts, Hartmut Jahn worked as a film director, author and media artist and has received several international awards. Read more


Interviews | December 24, 2020

"Se Hace Arquitectura" seeks to create projects that are conscious to the context in which they are located, emerging from an environment as chaotic and contradictory as the Tijuana-San Diego region has given us the opportunity to generate designs in adverse conditions. Read more


Interviews | December 24, 2020

Sarah works from her studio set in the West Sussex countryside, where she lives with her partner. She has been an artist for most of her life but it was only in the past five years that she 'escaped from the boundaries of convention' Read more


Interviews | December 23, 2020

The artist paints acrylic on canvas, complying with the requirements of simplifying volumes. Lines, curves, flat areas in black and white appear like faces or shapes transformed in their own flesh into open fields. The viewer remains free to interpret those perfect abstractions. Read more


Interviews | December 23, 2020

Jenni Souter is a native of Sandusky, Ohio and learned to paint at the young age of 5. After studying Art, Art Education, and Environmental Art Education, she graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art majoring in painting with a minor in Art Education. Read more


Interviews | December 20, 2020

Barry Olusegun - Noble Despenza is an experimental composer + interdisciplinary artist who builds experiential experiences that shift perspective from passive seeing to active looking, from passive hearing to active listening. Read more


Interviews | December 19, 2020

Letteria Russo, in art Lillylilla (Messina, 1975). Though her artistic formation that has been various and multifaceted, she has always deeply cherished the love for painting. Read more


Interviews | December 18, 2020

I am a photographer from Japan. I have some awards and exhibitions in Tokyo, London and more cities passed days but now active on online exhibitions. My forte is looking for and shot a beautiful moment just like painting by my passion and clear heart. Read more