Interview: Antonina Konopelska

Interviews | January 20, 2023

Antonina Konopelska, Ph.D. (1990) Multimedia artist Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and a Lecturer at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Graduate of prof. Grzegorz Kowalski' s Audiovisual Space Studio Kowalnia at Media Art Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (MA 2016, BA 2014) and Modern Languages Studies at the University of Warsaw (Iberian and Ibero American Studies, BA 2014) She defended her doctoral dissertation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice under the supervision of prof. Ewa Zawadzka and prof Judyta Bernaś (2022). Read more


Interviews | January 18, 2023

Abi Polinsky is a photographer and visual artist based in NYC. Strongly inspired by surrealist European art between 1950 and 1980, as well as fashion photography between the 1980s and 2000s, he uses out-of-the-box set design, color processing, and lighting to create distinct portraiture, commercial work, and installations. Polinsky strives to create images that grab the viewer immediately and become even more pleasing to look at with time. Read more

Interview: Brigitta Tenkes

Interviews | January 13, 2023

Luca Curci talks with Brigitta Tenkes during the 16th Edition of VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, at Palazzo Bembo. Read more

Interview: Mia Karlsvard

Interviews | January 11, 2023

Interview: Mia Karlsvard Luca Curci talks with Mia Karlsvard during the 16th Edition of Venice International Art Fair, at Palazzo Bembo. Mia Karlsvärd has worked as a photographer for over 30 years. In 2018, she left Östgöta Correspondeten newspaper, where she had been employed since the late 1980s, and now runs her own business as a lecturer, photographer and writer. Read more

Interview: Francisco Faustino

Interviews | January 9, 2023

Francisco Faustino was born in Lisboa in 2002. He lived in Charneca de Caparica until 2021. Currently, the artist lives in Lisbon and he is a student of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon. Read more


Interviews | January 5, 2023

Born in France in 1985, Andoni Guiresse grew up on the Basque coast in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. After a path of education, experimentation and research, he created the Poetic Minimalism in 2014. He currently lives and works near Geneva. Close to Japanese aesthetics, Andoni Guiresse develops a refined work, trying to remind us of our spiritual dimension by triangulating the sacred, presence and emptiness. Like life, he conceives art as a space and a time of breathing that allows to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the universe. In a restless world plagued by many tensions, the Poetic Minimalism is an invitation to recharge through contemplation, reverie and meditation. In this inner experience, maybe we will find the necessary inspiration for a positive approach. Read more


Interviews | January 3, 2023

Luca Curci talks with Christoffer Bukh during the 11th Edition of CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2022, at Palazzo Bembo. Christoffer Bukh "Bukhie", is a visual orientated urban artist and fiery soul from Aarhus, Denmark who is working with the art as a tool to visualize observations and abstractions, which is some that goes again in most pieces and artworks. Read more


Interviews | January 1, 2023

Hanwei Su is a New York-based fashion designer who attended Parsons and is currently preparing to debut her FW23 collection for her own label during New York Fashion Week in February 2023. She is motivated to continue by the desire to give back through clothing design and to create a more wholesome fashion industry. Read more


Interviews | December 1, 2022

Sung-Ji Huh is a south-korean artist. He graduated at Seoul Hanyang University. He also participated to many art events such as the 38th Nambu International Contemporary Art Festival Exhibition or the 1st South Korea New Arts Contest Exhibition. Read more


Interviews | November 24, 2022

As a professional fine artist, graduated from the college of fine art, also has another degree in art education, and worked as an art educator and art programs organizer in international schools; she is able to adapt to any art style and work with different materials and mediums, also she’s able to do different styles in my paintings and mix different art schools in a modern way such as contemporary art and modern impressionism. Read more


Interviews | November 23, 2022

Wioletta Jaskólska, born in 1969 in Lidzbark Warmiński, Poland. Studied fine arts in Lublin, graduation in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Currently works as a professor in the Fine Arts faculty of University of Warmia and Mazury. Awarded a grant of the academic title of Professor in the Field of Fine Arts and Preservation of Monuments of Arts from the President of the Republic of Poland. Author of many individual exhibitions in Poland and internationally. Read more


Interviews | November 22, 2022

Suzzanne has been creating, producing, and performing dance in New York City since 2010. As a performer, she has danced with Yvonne Rainer, Richard Move, Lone Larson, Buglisi Dance Theatre, Catapult Entertainment, and the Stanley Love Performance Group at many locations including Lincoln Center Plaza, The Whitney Museum, MoMA, The Guggenheim, Singapore International Arts Festival, The Joyce Theater, New York Live Arts, Kampnagel, and multiple international tours in Germany (Reset Production Co.), Lithuania, Israel, and France. Read more


Interviews | November 21, 2022

Mosa is an artist based in NYC, graduated from School of Visual Arts. Almost all her drawings are based on the recognition and pride of her Asian identity. Also, conflict between real life and illusional world. Including her point of views on life and death, value and self-cognition, losing herself and finding it back. Every drawing is a process of quarreling with herself that she is creating a world without logic but with order. Read more


Interviews | November 20, 2022

Born in Kollam, a town in South India, I moved to Bangalore to join the University of Fine Arts in Bengaluru. I starting taking pictures of my friends and the urban landscape. Read more


Interviews | November 19, 2022

Dr Natalia Jezova is an awards wining, multidisciplinary artist. She achieved her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2021.  Natalia communicates through a wide variety of media, including photography, film and installation. Her art, which has been exhibited internationally, addresses cultural memory, identity and gender issues. Read more


Interviews | November 18, 2022

Chanbyul Park is an Artist-Designer from South Korea based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. After completing her Bachelor's studies in Industrial Design at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, she majored in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, where she obtained her Master's degree. As an Artist-Designer, I am interested in recording my perspective on the order of nature on two- or three-dimensional objects. Read more


Art, Interviews | November 17, 2022

Manuel Remeggio lives in Treviso, a small town close to Venice. Since he was a child he has been passionate about art mainly because of his family. Read more

Interview: Mary St George

Interviews | November 16, 2022

Mary St George grew up in the States. She has degrees in History of Art, Architecture, International Education and applied art. Read more


Interviews | November 15, 2022

Born 1967 in Germany Stephanie Bing graduates at Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz and passed her exams with distinction. She studied painting and photography at academy of fine arts in master class of world known professor Klaus Jürgen-Fischer and professor Dr. Vladimir Spacek, Prague. Until 2002 she worked as associate professor and counsellor for Bavarian Ministry of culture in collaboration with academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Read more


Interviews | November 14, 2022

I have such vivid memories of my grandmother’s studio space where she painted. The smells of oil paint drying on the canvas….I am so fortunate that my parents encouraged my creative side as I grew up Read more


Interviews | November 13, 2022

Art and painting was something that he has always wanted to do. He's a self-taught artist and it has been a relevation to him! Once He forget the stresses of work and finally get down to his art. When he creating his art (whether it is in oils, acrylics, water colours or woodwork) he immerses him-self totally in something he has found to be extremely rewarding and relaxing. Learning by him-self through the expansive power of the internet, he started to copy works by some of the best artists around. Read more


Interviews | November 12, 2022

Eniko Czigany is a visual artist born in Hungary, where she lives and works. After fine artist workshops and graduation in Hungarian Fine Art Academie she has worked in Cartoon Studio for 15 years. After many years spent as a freelance graphic designer and interior designer, she finally returned to her original profession and passion, drawing and painting. Read more


Interviews | November 11, 2022

Stephen Paré is the son of a nuclear physicist and a learning disabilities teacher. He grew up on a wooded ridge in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In school, his classmates were the children of scientists and the grandchildren of coal miners. He has lived in different regions of the United States. Read more


Interviews | November 10, 2022

Tzuruan Plata born in Mexico in 1987, Photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot. In recent years, he has focused on still photography, landscape and aerial portrait. His style incorporates a minimalistic approach where color and framing composition are fundamental to his discourse. He currently lives in Merida, Yucatan. Read more


Interviews | November 9, 2022

Orry Shenjobi is a Multidisciplinary artist and the Creative Director of studio ORRY. Her unrefined pieces of art are inspirational, crisp visuals, and realistically created using mixed materials to encapsulate the depths of individualistic identity. Read more


Interviews | November 8, 2022

Herbert Stiegler works mainly with acrylic but also paint and structure pastes. Various forms of expression - at the beginning most objective in the meanwhile characterized by Informell and Expressionism coming to an abstract imagery. Read more


Interviews | November 7, 2022

Maria Katharina Rauchenberger (Switzerland, 1980) is a multifaceted artist of Central European origins who began her artistic career by measuring herself with photography, design, fashion, the study of singing and the piano. She lives and works in Florence. Exploring the expressive possibilities of digital tools and contemporary media, she creates digital photographs and videos, audiovisual performances and artistic projects that can be used both in person and directly from smartphones, tablets and computers. Read more


Interviews | November 6, 2022

"Born in Budapest I worked as a designer, journalist, and travel/fashion photographer for many years for the world's largest companies. I have always been attracted to minimalist photography to tell complex stories with few details." Read more