Interview: Michael Cheung

Interviews | May 2, 2023

Michael Cheung (Chinese name: 張卓榮 )is a Chinese contemporary artist living and working in Hong Kong. He is specialized in abstract painting and figurative painting. Growing up in the former British Colony-Hong Kong where East meets West, Michael is influenced by both Oriental and Western culture. His approach is edgy, sophisticated and creative one that understands the value of good art. Read more


Interviews | May 1, 2023

Ans Joosten mentioned that for her creating out of stone is something that has been done for as long as human beings wander on this earth. It developed towards shaping amulets, objects and statues to worship for instance the 'Venus van Willendorf' from the 'Upper Paleolithic' period towards the Hellenistic period when there was a search to create a certain perfect image of the human embodiment. Read more


Interviews | April 27, 2023

Born and raised in Egypt, Chris Aboutar started her artistic journey in 2010, the desire to create art soon became an unyielding obligation to herself to explore the inner mechanism of her creative consciousness. From small sketches to large-scale projects, Aboutar's art is a highly-personal reflection of herself. Chris has been lucky enough to have participated in many collaborative projects, as well as exhibited in a solo capacity, which has solidified her reputation in the art world. Read more

Interview: Freja Martis

Interviews | April 26, 2023

I am a Hungarian artist based and working in North Hungary and Budapest. When I decided artistry to be my profession I moved to California in the United States of America in 2012. and finished my studies at Carnival Cruise Lines Photo College in Photo Department. Read more


Interviews | April 24, 2023

Gerard Puxhe is an international award-winning Spanish, London based independent designer and digital artist. Gerard creates cutting-edgedesigns by using disruptive artwork that aims users with an urban casual tech lifestyle. Read more


Interviews | April 10, 2023

Redi Greva was born in 1986 in Tirana, Albania, and he began his journey as a self-taught painter with a passion for ancient academic painting from the 14th to the 19th century. He finds inspiration in the works of acclaimed artists like Raphael, Rubens, Bouguereau, Gustav Klimt, Caravaggio, Waterhouse, and Lucian Freud, and incorporates elements of their styles into his own work, showcasing his mastery of various techniques and styles. Read more


Interviews | April 9, 2023

Yuko Kokubun is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She earned a BFA in oil painting in 2008 and a master’s degree in art anatomy in 2010, both at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Her interest in the body, spatial art, and playground equipment began when she was a member of the rhythmic gymnastics club in high school. Read more

INTERVIEW: Tran Quoc Tuan

Interviews | April 8, 2023

Tran Tuan was born in Vietnam in 1961, he is a distinguished Vietnamese painter whose artworks have been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. Inspired by Eastern spirituality, his abstract pieces appear at first to be wholly minimalist and contained. Read more

Interview: Dirty Archangel

Interviews | April 7, 2023

Dirty Archangel is a Hedonist, Philocalist, self-published poet, and published photographer. His heart beats for art, his eyes look for beauty everywhere. He has been taking pictures around NYC, of NYC for nearly a decade with a completely self-taught photography style. He is specialized in erotic and BDSM photography. For him, the female body; in every form, every shape, every size, every color is the most poetic entity in our world. His photography reflects his vision and his approach to the female body in the most poetic way under the BDSM umbrella in the pursuit of that mind-boggling, thought-provoking scenes. Read more

Interview: Jacek Zachodny

Interviews | April 6, 2023

Jacek Zachodny was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1969. A graduate of the local Academy of Fine Arts, he also studied Archaeology at the University of Wroclaw. He works with installation, objects, painting, video, performance, actions in public spaces and socio-artistic projects. Read more


Interviews | April 5, 2023

Neena Singh is a self taught contemporary artist based in India. Neena did her Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D in Sociology from JNU, New Delhi. Read more


Interviews | April 4, 2023

talian-born, she works in Verona and Berlin where she finds a great source of inspiration: here she transforms herself into a serial and compulsive photographer of posters and cracks in the walls. She studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Verona and Bologna. Later obtained a specialization in art teaching according to the method of Bruno Munari. Read more


Interviews | April 3, 2023

Caroline Dejeneffe works across photography, installation and painting to create evocative and immersive projects. Her main focus is on understanding the diversity of embodied life experience alongside the key universal themes that bring our experiences closer together: love, pain and fear. Read more


Interviews | April 2, 2023

She started painting in 2012 and has been working on her full-fledged since 2020. She has a lot of interest in cosmic phenomena and the earth's atmosphere and uses it as the subject of her paintings. Read more


Interviews | April 1, 2023

Yu-Ching Wang's recent works focus on exploring the social and cultural elements in the environment around her through the lens of her identity as a foreigner in the U.S. Like a social investigator, based on objectively observing the living environment and society, then she makes her artworks through subjective thinking. Read more


Interviews | March 26, 2023

Elena was born in Milan and moved later to Angera, a city located on Lake Maggiore. She approached art at her youngest age. While in college, she started to experiment with colours and then she moved to mosaics and pieces of furniture made of natural recycled materials. Read more


Interviews | March 25, 2023

She defines herself as a great seeker, from earth to spirit. She's an artist, author and energy therapist. From 1994, She studied Communication at UFPR until 1998 and started her career in college. She worked in advertising agencies, but then came the cinema her life. Read more


Interviews | March 23, 2023

I'm the owner of the dance/art studio "To B" in Drachten, in The Netherlands. I make art in several forms: photography, dance, piano, and writing. In my studio, I give dance lessons, and expositions and now and then I give piano concerts. I’m interested in the human mind and body, I study human design; I expose in Holland and abroad with my photographs Read more


Interviews | March 22, 2023

Hanyue Song is a talented visual communications designer hailing from Shanghai, currently residing in California. With a background that encompasses visual design, branding and marketing, user experience, and project planning in kid-education, her work explores the intersection of various disciplines. Hanyue holds both a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute (2019) and a Bachelor of Economics in Finance & Banking (2017). Read more

Interview: Yan Yan

Interviews | March 21, 2023

Yan Yan is an accomplished interdisciplinary designer whose work centers on critiquing and interpreting the social landscape through the creation of artifacts and narratives that incorporate critical thinking. Read more


Interviews | March 19, 2023

Paweł Opaliński was born in 1967 in Kielce, Poland. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, and a Doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Read more

Interview: Christine El Ojeil

Interviews | March 17, 2023

At a very young age, Christine was fascinated by the art of painting. As a child and teenager, she used to draw and paint on pieces of wood that her father brought back from his carpentry shop. As an adult, and after taking a break from art, she reconnected with her passion at La Maison des Artistes in Beirut, Lebanon. Read more

Interview: Kornelia Boje

Interviews | March 15, 2023

Kornelia Boje was born in Berlin during the Second World War. She grew up in Hamburg, where she played as a child on the theatre stage and on the radio. Later in Cologne, where she lived from 1961 to 2015 she was involved in more than 100 television appearances and theatre engagements: in Kiel, Darmstadt, Zurich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart. Read more

Interview: Joanna Guzowska

Interviews | March 13, 2023

My name is Joanna Guzowska. I live and create in Poland. I am an archaeologist, and I have also worked as a stylist, an interior decorator and a producer of photo sessions in a lifestyle magazine. The opportunity to touch several professions in my life gives me now a deeper insight into artistic work. Archaeological studies have given me a glimpse into the depths of history. Read more


Interviews | March 11, 2023

Elysia is an abstract artist based in Montmorency, Australia. Her work is characterised by a vibrant and textured palette, combined with a unique and innovative approach to composition. Her pieces often explore themes of nature, emotion, and the environment, which are inspired by her appreciation for the natural world, as well as for the beauty of the everyday. Read more

Interview: Olga Dimoliati

Interviews | March 4, 2023

Currently living in Vienna, I am a Greek artist, dancer, interior designer and a mother of two beautiful creative souls, who have been living around the world for more than ten years, searching for Happiness. Read more


Interviews | March 3, 2023

Chihyang Hsu is an interdisciplinary artist works with photography, video, painting, and installation. His creative practices are based on congenital color vision deficiency. As a result, he probes into everyday visual communication and suggests the ambiguity he constantly encounters. Read more


Interviews | March 2, 2023

Aldonza Almazán Cornu is a Mexican artist, born in Mexico City in 1996. At her young age, she is now considered an influencer in the art world. "Using a combination of traditional oil and acrylic techniques, I create images that evoke the vitality and curiosity of chimpanzees, as well as their ability to emotionally connect with each other. Through the depiction of these features, I hope to make the viewer feel closer and more connected to these animals, and by extension, to nature in general". Read more