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Chipolo ClassicImage courtesy of Chipolo


Chipolo started in 2013 as a Kickstarter campaign and became an instant success that grew into an international company present in over 200 countries worldwide. The biggest value of our team is the satisfaction of Chipolo users with our products. In our core, we are and will always simply be family and friends.


Chipolo Yellow LifestyleImage courtesy of Chipolo


We are the makers of Chipolo, a Bluetooth tracker designed to help you search for your lost items using your smartphone. We take great pride in Chipolo and to assure everything is top quality, all our designs, development and quality assurance is done inhouse by our core team.

Our goal is to find everything together. We’re achieving this through long-term relationships with our users and other companies helping us increase the Chipolo Lost & Found network. In the process, we’ll continue developing easy-to-use smart solutions that provide our users with peace of mind in their daily searches.


Chipolo PlusImage courtesy of Chipolo


We believe that knowledge, and not individual products, will have the biggest impact in the future. We don’t need more – we need better. Chipolo aims to partner up with innovative companies and merge their existing products with Chipolo smart solutions.

Chipolo is a simple device that connects your belongings to the Chipolo app on you phone and helps you find them. It has an easy-to-use app and is available for iOS and Android devices. A few different models of the Chipolo are available, each designed to fit specific user needs. Chipolo’s team can be reached at



Chipolo Red LifestyleImage courtesy of Chipolo


Chipolo Red LifestyleImage courtesy of Chipolo


Chipolo CardImage courtesy of Chipolo


Chipolo Blue LifestyleImage courtesy of Chipolo



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