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caleidoscope claudiacaviezel 015
Image courtesy of Jonathan Leijonhufvud / Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH

Claudia Caviezel: Caleidoscope
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal
September 01, 2023 – January 07, 2024

Claudia Caviezel is one of Switzerland’s pre-eminent textile designers. She has been working with fabrics and other materials for more than twenty years. Claudia Caviezel: Caleidoscope at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is the first comprehensive show of her colorful, award-winning work and promises to give visitors an insight into her distinctive style of working.

Claudia Caviezel’s multifaceted oeuvre ranges from interior objects such as carpets, bed linen, and ceramics to haute couture for international labels and large-scale installations in the form of wallpapers, tapestries, and wall-hangings in the public space. Her creations are remarkable for their spontaneity and immediacy, as exemplified by her colorful, signature designs. Both qualities are a direct result of the creative process itself as well as the artist’s love of experimentation and collaboration with specialists in other disciplines. She glides easily back and forth between traditional textile crafts and digital techniques, intuitively combining colors and patterns to create vibrant, multilayered designs.

caleidoscope claudiacaviezel 025
Image courtesy of Anita Affentranger

The colorful world of Claudia Caviezel is being showcased at the Toni-Areal in a space modelled on the artist’s own studio in St. Gallen. Great swathes of fabric festoon the walls, bathing them in color. Their overlapping, interweaving, and bunching together, moreover, create connections that lead visitors from one project to the next. Laid out on a long workbench are drawings, sketches, and documents attesting to each stage of the creative process. Visitors can therefore reconstruct each project from the initial flash of inspiration to the finished work of art. On show will be not just Caviezel’s seemingly inexhaustible creativity, in other words, but also her many different working methods.

caleidoscope claudiacaviezel 012
Image courtesy of Atelier Pfister

Inspiration and new works
Another part of the exhibition will be devoted to a selection of the materials from which Caviezel has drawn inspiration or that are still in her studio, awaiting their cue. Caviezel also created a number of new works especially for the show, including a fashion and interior design collection, a carpet, some ceramics and various print products. Also new is the monumental textile installation Calliope, which for the duration of the exhibition will adorn the large entrance hall of the Toni-Areal. At 30 meters in length, this awe-inspiring work serves as both overture and coda to the kaleidoscopic world beyond.


caleidoscope claudiacaviezel 018
Image courtesy of Claudia Caviezel
caleidoscope claudiacaviezel 010
Image courtesy of Claudia Caviezel

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