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Tour & Taxis, Bruxelles
March 09 – 12, 2023

COLLECTIBLE, the international fair for 21st-century collectible design, is delighted to announce its sixth edition running from 9 to 12 March in a new landmark venue: the Sheds of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. The only international platform bringing together the best in contemporary collectible design, COLLECTIBLE features a curated selection of established and emerging galleries, design studios, and architects. A global highlight in which visitors can witness design history in the making, the fair strives to only showcase high-quality and well-researched objects which reflect the latest currents with a strong focus on premieres, unique pieces, bespoke commissions and limited editions.

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The fair’s participants are gathered by a distinguished selection committee spanning the worldwide design and creative sectors, namely Michelin 2-star chef Nick Bril (Belgium); General Director of the MAK Museum Lilli Hollein (Austria); architect and designer Glenn Sestig (Belgium); and Vice-Chancellor of the London Royal College of Art Dr Paul Thomson (UK). Expanding with new endeavours, COLLECTIBLE holds its 6th edition in the industrial heritage building Tour & Taxis in Brussels, inviting PAF atelier to design its public areas, and Studio Volfram to develop an innovative booth composition.

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To mark its 6th edition, COLLECTIBLE launches two new sections. NEW GARDE will put forward the best of new galleries recently opened. ARCHITECT <=> DESIGNER will be solely dedicated to architects and interior designers selected by Nicolas Schuybroek, who will showcase recently developed furniture pieces. This year’s CURATED section will be led by international designer and artist Leo Orta. ‘What is your story?’ will focus on the collaborations that a new generation of creators is building together to restore and empower a collective force of creativity from the grassroots. Special projects will include the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation’s Les Lauréats de l’Intelligence de la Main®, RADO Watches in collaboration with Haberli, and AFC Collection which will offer a special design consultancy service while launching a new bespoke piece of furniture.

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MAIN – COLLECTIBLE welcomes new exhibitors such as Galerie Vivid (Rotterdam), Galerie MiniMasterpiece (Paris), and Maison Commun (Bruxelles), Galerie Z7 (Zaventem), among returning galleries such as Objects with Narratives (Brussels), Mia Karlova (Amsterdam), The Frozen Fountain (Amsterdam) and TABLEAU (Copenhaguen). Founded in 1999 in Rotterdam, internationally acclaimed Galerie Vivid will participate in COLLECTIBLE for the first time this year with pieces by Armenian-born designer Noro Khachatryan. Created in 2012 by Esther de Beaucé, Galerie MiniMasterpiece will present a selection of 40 pieces of jewellery including a recent collaborations with French and international artists and designers.

Brussels-based MAISON COMMUN invites artists and designers to create pieces of jewellery based on everyday items, keepsakes, or recurring motifs in their production, with pieces by Kasper Bosmans, Martin Belou, Simona Denicolai, Arnaud Eubelen, Guillaume Bleret and Patrick Carpentier. A new gallery dedicated to collectible design launched in Knokke in February 2023, Galerie Z7 will participate in its first fair at COLLECTIBLE. Objects with Narratives premieres ‘What’s for dinner’, an immersive dining room experience featuring works by Jan Ernst, Lukas Cober, Laurids Gallée, Tim Vranken and Faina.

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Mia Karlova will present a pioneer of circular design: Prague-based Vadim Kibardin showcases works predominantly made with paper and cardboard waste as a sculptural medium, delving into a conscious and responsible approach to consumption. Amsterdam-based design gallery The Frozen Fountain will show a selection of recently graduated designers from Dutch art schools, offering visibility to the design scene’s upcoming talents. Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary studio TABLEAU will showcase a curation of art, floral installations, and design.

This year the Bespoke section focuses on unusual and innovative materials – high-tech, bio-material, recycled material or special hand-made artisanal techniques – created by designers, including Carla Baz (Beirut), Maarten De Ceulaer (Brussels), Waiting For Ideas (Paris), SB26 & Samuel Accoceberry (Paris), ÆTHER/MASS (Schaarbeek), Heim + Viladrich Office (Montpellier) & Laurids Gallé (Brussels), Ia Kutateladze (Berlin/Tbilisi), Lionel Jadot (Zaventem). Using materials in unconventional ways to create objects that never cease to surprise, Maarten De Ceulaer will show new pieces from his ongoing Mutation and Stained Glass series.

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Cofounded by designer Lauriane Heim and Johan Viladrich on an interest in contextual and societal subjects, Heim + Viladrich Office will showcase a series of special objects made with Rotterdam-based designer Laurids Gallé. Beirut-based studio Carla Baz will feature a collection seeking to stage an elegy to marble not merely as a medium, but even more so as a subject and an object where the point of departure and destination loop into each other. Creative studio Waiting for Ideas, founded by Jean-Baptiste Anotin, features pieces that trace the designer’s youth, shaped by his family history in the automotive industry.

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SB26 & Samuel Accoceberry is a studio created in 2018 by global designer and artist Samuel Accoceberry and blacksmith Bruce Cecere. Together, they explore the limits of metalwork to create distinctive furniture and lighting. ÆTHER/MASS is the brainchild of product and interior designer Davy Grosemans. At COLLECTIBLE 2023, ÆTHER/MASS will present seven objects balancing on the border of utility, sculpture and experiment. Coming from Tbilisi, Georgia, Berlin-based Ia Kutateladze will showcase hand-crafted functional, sculptural objects with an interplay of elements like metal and wood. Leading Belgian interior designer, founder of Zaventem Ateliers, Lionel Jadot will return to COLLECTIBLE with new works.

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Dedicated to emerging and mid-career independent designers and design studios, theCurated Section is a space for radical experimentation and discovery where participants are invited to explore pioneering ideas and processes in design. The Curated Section 2023 will be chaired and curated by Paris-based designer, artist and curator Leo Orta around the curatorial premise:’What is your story?’ in a scenography by Heim + Viladrich Office.

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‘What is your story?’ will focus on the collaborations and networks that a new generation of artists, designers, and architects are building together to restore and empower a collective force of creativity from the grassroots, alongside local communities, artisans, and manufacturers. The proposal aims to encourage collaborative processes, honour craftsmanship and champion sustainable material choices by tracing the supply chain to expose the carbon footprint.

‘What is your story’ will present pieces by Louise Begue Teissier (Paris), Zuzanna Spaltabaka (Warsaw), Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland (Vienna), Max Funkat (Berlin), Yuma Kano (Tokyo), Dilara Kan Hon (Istanbul), Studio Eidola (Zürich), Maria Tsilogianni (Athens), Sangmin Oh (Eindhoven), Gemma Barr (Eindhoven), WKND Lab (Seoul), Didi NG Wing Yin (Helsinki), Ori Orisun Merhav (Eindhoven), Atelier Duyi Han (Shanghai) and Coline Le Quenven (London), EDXXKAT (Moscow), Earthstone (Bruxelles), Lenny Stopp (Rotterdam), Annelie Grimwade (Sweden), Henrik Ødegaard (Norway), Jibbe Van Schie (Netherlands).

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With contemporary design merging more and more with art and craft, furniture conceived by architects is regaining its longstanding status. COLLECTIBLE offers a new platform solely dedicated to architects and interior designers who wish to showcase furniture they have recently developed, this year selected by Belgian interior designer Nicolas Schuybroek, including Edgar Jayet (Paris), Corpus Studio (Paris), AdriAn Blanc (Paris), Marion Bernard Architectes (Marseille), and Béton Brut (London).

Founded in 2017 by Konrad Steffensen and Ronan Le Grand, Corpus Studio creates spaces, objects, places, stories, atmospheres and environments, fusing architecture, decoration and design with a unique global vision. Founded in 2021 between Paris and Venice, Studio Edgar Jayet aims to increase the level of attention in the spaces that surround us, to give them more meaning, through interior architecture, scenography, design, publishing and research. Paris-based architect AdriAn Blanc began his career in India, in contact with the local know-how. Back in France, he received recognition for his projects in urban furniture and micro-architectural installations as well as space layouts for hotels and restaurants.

Marseille-based architecture studio Marion Bernard Architectes will present a mirror and a chair at COLLECTIBLE 2023, conferring them a function of poetry. A London-based gallery presenting rare architect-led furniture and lighting from Europe and Japan, Béton Brut will showcase pieces by architect and designer Benni Allan from EBBA Architects.

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The past years have been marked by a plethora of new galleries or collectives dedicated to contemporary design emerging across the world, all driven by the desire to create a platform for the designers of our times that inspire them. COLLECTIBLE2023 acknowledges and presents these new galleries or collectives by offering them an opportunity to establish themselves internationally. Galleries featured include GOOD SESSIONS (Marseille), Southway Studio (Marseille), and fābula gallery (Moscow).

Founded by Claudine Garcia in the South of France in 2020, GOOD SESSIONS invites visitors to buy and discover selections made from a cutting-edge international selection of creatives. Founded by artist, curator and artistic director Emmanuelle Luciani, Southway Studio builds environments in collaboration with artists such as Jenna Kaes, Etienne Marc, Jacopo Pagin, Bella Hunt & DDC, promoting decorative, domestic and handmade art. Founded in 2019-2020 in Moscow, fābula gallery is a gallery working as a curatorial platform for contemporary art and collectible design. At COLLECTIBLE, Fābula will present Gert Wessels.


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