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Jean De Lessard for Némeau seafood shop

Design | June 29, 2015 |

004Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

Jean De Lessard for Némeau seafood shop

Jean De Lessard wraps Némeau seafood shop in Quebec city with glass prisms.

006Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

Referencing the literary classic: ‘twenty thousand leagues under the sea’ by Jules Verne, the fish market in Lévis, Québec city called Némeau has been designed by Montreal based interior designer Jean De Lessard.

005Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

Using the adventure novel as a tool for inspiration, the interior concept during the creative process was the method to add value to the products and attract customers to the variety of fish and shellfish- using exploration and discovery.

003Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

The products are presented on top of white, asymmetric tables topped with ice and a delicate open glass casing- like a jewelry box. Shaped like icebergs, these cases can be filled with water to keep shellfish like lobsters alive and fresh. Meanwhile, they are randomly articulated around a circulation axis, inviting customers to walk around and peer in.

002Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

Additionally, the interiors have a visual focus on a sculptural glass ceiling. Shaped like prisms and colored in shades of blue, the decorative element represents the refraction of light onto differing depths of the ocean.

001Image courtesy of  Francois Laliberté

Partially wrapping the ceiling, it seamlessly extends down to one of the walls to form shelving and become a practical way to maximize storage space.


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