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Double Up Neuemuseum009
Image courtesy of Neue Museum

Double Up! Art and design with new perspectives.
Neues Museum, State Museum for Art and Design Nuremberg
From May 20, 2022

The new exhibition on the ground floor continues the partnership between the Neues Museum and the Neue Sammlung. Art and design meet, complement one another, and multiply the ways of looking at a theme: objects, sculptures, photographs, paintings, pieces of furniture, ceramics, and textiles enter into correspondence and shape new content. This interplay between fine and applied arts reflects a new, non-hierarchic understanding. After a long time apart, things once kept strictly separate in minds and museums have a great deal to say to one another.

Double Up Neuemuseum012
Image courtesy of Neue Museum

The right keywords are all it takes to set the conversation rolling. It might be the color red, or the shapes of pillars and towers. And the kitchen is known as a good place to get into conversations – in this case, a fitted unit designed by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand for a housing project in Marseille. And an encounter between ceramics by Lotte Reimers and indigenous art from Australia provides a striking example of how such interplay comes into being. Other rooms, with interactive installations or photographs and design classics, invite visitors to relax, meet and exchange ideas.

Double Up Neuemuseum002
Image courtesy of Neue Museum | photo: Annette Kradisch

In addition, the outreach project Instant Housing Lab is being activated, with the mobile artwork Instant Housing Trailer WBF-170/4 0 0 by Nuremberg artist Winfried Baumann acting as a meeting place, workshop, stage and space for performative, participatory and artistic activities. Exhibition designer Martin Kinzlmaier has created an architecture that grasps the spaces as a merging of art and design. A joint exhibition by Neues Museum Nürnberg and Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum.


Double Up Neuemuseum007
Image courtesy of Neue Museum
Double Up Neuemuseum003
Image courtesy of Neue Museum | photo: Annette Kradisch
Double Up Neuemuseum013
Image courtesy of Neue Museum

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