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Doug Aitken: New Era

Art | November 15, 2021 |

New Era 001
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken. Photograph: John Berens

Doug Aitken: New Era
Musem of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), Sydney
October 20, 2021 – February 06, 2022

American artist Doug Aitken’s first major solo exhibition in the southern hemisphere, has opened on the 20 October at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), as part of the 2021-22 Sydney International Art Series. Exclusive to Sydney, this comprehensive survey exhibition brings together key works from the late 1990s to recent multi-screen video installations. American artist Doug Aitken is internationally recognised for his ambitious practice that encompasses installations, sculptures, photographs and vast, multi-screen environments that envelop viewers within a kaleidoscope of moving imagery and sound. Based in Los Angeles, he has realised numerous museum projects around the world, as well as live events in collaboration with musicians and performers, and site-specific works within the natural landscape and below the ocean’s surface.

New Era 002
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken. Photograph: Shawn Heinrichs

MCA Director, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE, said: “[…] Doug Aitken is one of the world’s most influential and engaging contemporary artists. I have no doubt that the experience of becoming immersed in his world of spectacular videos, sculptures and installations is just what people are looking for as we emerge from the difficulties of life in lockdown. I can think of no better way to signal that the MCA, and Sydney, are well and truly open for a New Era!”

New Era 003
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken

New Era is a comprehensive survey exhibition spanning more than two decades of the renowned artist’s practice. The Sydney-exclusive exhibition brings together key works from the late-1990s through to the present, including multi-screen video installations, large-scale sculptures, a major sound environment, photographic installation, and a display of significant site-specific and performative projects. Curated by Rachel Kent, former MCA Chief Curator and now Chief Executive Officer, Bundanon Trust NSW, the exhibition transforms the MCA’s Level 3 galleries into an immersive and multi-sensory environment.

New Era 004
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken

Speaking about the exhibition, Doug Aitken commented: “New Era is an exhibition that spans many different mediums, places, locations and ideas. We spent three years designing this exhibition for the MCA, Sydney and I wanted to activate the architecture in a different way, to turn the museum inside-out for the viewer. I see the experience of the exhibition as being authored by the viewer – what they see, how they see it, and how they piece together their own story and their own narrative within the space is up to them.

New Era 005
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken

The exhibition New Era at the MCA speaks to our future, it is a landscape of ideas, a place where the viewer can step into, explore and hopefully leave transformed with a new perspective. Exhibition highlights include Sonic Fountain II (2013/2015), a large sound installation built into a rocky landscape in the gallery. Drips and jets of water spill from a suspended ceiling grid onto a pool of water below, their sound amplified to create a rhythmic drumming that swells and recedes according to computer algorithms.

New Era 006
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken. Photograph: Daniel Boud

NEW ERA (2018) is an immersive hexagonal structure encompassing screens and mirrors that viewers enter into through a tunnel-like passageway. Inspired by the history of mobile phone technology and its pioneer, the American engineer Martin Cooper, NEW ERA considers the power of communications technology both to unite and dislocate us. In migration (empire) (2008) the artist explores human-made repetition across the natural landscape. In this large-scale video installation viewers walk around and between three large billboard screens, which depict a series of vacant motels across North America that have become home to a group of migratory animals.

New Era 008
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken

Underwater Pavilions (2017) is a three-channel video installation featuring a series of sculptures or ‘pavilions’ created by the artist in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, a non-profit environmental organisation. Submerged underwater off the Californian coast, the geometric sculptures are living environments that reflect and refract light, opening a portal that physically connects the viewer to the expanse of the ocean. Aitken’s interest in light, reflection and multiplication is extended through a series of sculptures that incorporate language and text, cut from mirror, or rendered in neon.


New Era 009
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken
New Era 007
Image courtesy of Doug Aitken. Photograph: Dakota Higgins

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