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TONWLT SL PRO, audio guide with anodized aluminium cas


The Berlin based design studio Emamidesign was founded in 2005. Emamidesign offers its customers classical product design, but also develops its own design concepts and innovations. At the centre of this is the conviction that design is an absolutely essential factor for the success of a product: as part and parcel of the brand and the corporate identity, good design creates a distinct competitive advantage. The works of Emamidesign show familiar objects in a new, aesthetic form.

NEOLOG A24, digital watch

The shapes are clear and straightforward, concentrating on the essential, and emit peace and harmony. High quality and uncompromising functionality distinguish the products. Yet they are absolutely suitable for everyday use and have a wide public appeal. Arman Emami‘s works have so far won 35 national and international design prizes and awards, such as, for example, the red dot design award and the iF design award. Thus 98% of his works have won prizes. The design studio currently employs a team of five members.

SHARKO cooking knife of forged special blade steel

more. www.sagross.de | info. info@sagross.de

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