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Emanuela Bergonzoni | Present-day ecological Jewels

Design, Fashion | September 20, 2013 |

Artemisia by Emanuela Bergonzoni

Emanuela Bergonzoni | Present-day ecological Jewels

Metal has always captured my imagination: I am thrilled by the infinite possibilities of expression that it offers. Polished, pressed, laminated, soldered, cut, cast, bent, burnished, rusted, etched… metal has always been worked by the hand of man, serving as landmarks along his evolutionary path.

Campigli by Emanuela Bergonzoni

[…] I am amazed and astonished at how, at my will, my own hands can forge and transform an amorphous mass of metal into a beautiful ornament, harmonious and useful. […] Working the metal with my hands, without relying on industrial techniques: this is what gives me the feeling, the knowledge, that I am part of this history, part of the wave of transformation”. With these words Italian sculptress and designer Emanuela Bergonzoni, describes her ecological metal jewels.

Munch by Emanuela Bergonzoni

The Day After Collection is dedicated to those who appreciate the beauty of simple yet strong shapes. A collection of entirely handmade jewellery, each piece rigorously unique and originally designed, bursting with vitality and harmony thanks to the care with which they are conceived and crafted: the result of years of aesthetic and creative research, the fruit of a technique for creating contemporary jewellery in tune with respect for the environment.

Picasso by Emanuela Bergonzoni

“The basic idea running through my work is to treat the metal as if it were cloth: I translate this idea into crafting techniques that express this intention. Over the last few years, I have concentrated my research on environmentally sound techniques. For the Day After Collection, I have made use of a complex hand-pressing technique which renders the sheet of silver amazingly soft and supple.”

more. www.emanuelabergonzoni.com/ | www.nostrasignoradeigioielli.it/

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