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envision watch design 001
Image courtesy of Envision Watches

A fusion of Design and Time Mechanics

Envision is an Italian brand born from the vision of its founder and designer Alessandro Bambini, whose passion for watchmaking guides the creation of Swiss-made wristwatches with highly innovative designs.

Envision aims not only to create watches but to shape wearable works of art that can seamlessly integrate with the rhythm of modern life and evoke emotions even in the fleeting moment when we glance at the time on our wrist.

envision watch design 002
Image courtesy of Envision Watches

Prisma: The Art of Innovation

Their debut model, Prisma, is a timepiece that skillfully merges Swiss high-precision functionality with a modern and captivating aesthetic. Its clean and bold lines give life to a timeless watch that, despite being born recently, feels like it has always existed. An iconic design destined to make its mark in the world of watchmaking and endure over time.

envision watch design 003
Image courtesy of Envision Watches

The stainless steel case embraces a Swiss automatic movement, and with the integration of a bracelet that harmoniously blends with the case, it achieves a perfect balance between form and function.

Prisma’s distinctive touch is its prismatic glass, providing a unique perspective on time. The contoured surface, with its iridescent sheen, creates fascinating visual effects and unique reflections that adapt to the surrounding lighting. It’s like having a window to a world where time manifests itself in forms of pure beauty. Every detail is meticulously crafted to make Prisma the work of art that Alessandro dreamed of and created, hoping to convey at least a part of his passion to those who will have the pleasure of wearing it.

more. www.envision-watches.com

envision watch design 005
Image courtesy of Envision Watches
envision watch design 006
Image courtesy of Envision Watches
envision watch design 007
Image courtesy of Envision Watches
envision watch design 004
Image courtesy of Envision Watches

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