Fashion | June 5, 2024

WUD - acronym for “whatever you do” - is an Italian functional footwear brand founded in 2022 for a visionary yet necessary purpose: preserving artisanal expertise and combining it with contemporary relevance. WUD represents a new development of a family-owned shoe factory started in the 1950s, and preserved for three generations since. Read more


Fashion | May 16, 2024

Bellroy is the design-obsessed Australian carry brand changing the way we move through the world. Read more


Fashion | May 11, 2024

MOLKANO® is an Athens-based sunglasses brand that emerged with the vision of providing high-quality handmade sunglasses that are accessible to everyone. Read more


Fashion | May 8, 2024

Brand No More was born in Milan and breaks away from the logo-driven consumer culture, bringing the focus back to the uniqueness that lies in choosing a fragrance as a mean of self-expression, to match your mood and express your unique style: don’t fall for a logo! Read more


Fashion | May 6, 2024

Lift Down combines a nostalgia for simpler times with a keen appreciation for contemporary aesthetics, offering products that are inspired by nature and the outdoors but tailored for modern living. Image courtesy of Lift Down Read more


Fashion | May 3, 2024

Opening on 13 February 2024, Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art will shine a light on artists from the 1960s to today who have explored the transformative and subversive potential of textiles, harnessing the medium to ask charged questions about power: who holds it, and how can it be challenged and reclaimed? Read more


Fashion | April 20, 2024

The exhibition Sheer: The diaphanous creations of Yves Saint Laurent will be on display at the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris from February 9 to Read more


Fashion | April 7, 2024

Elmà is an Italian watch brand, whose mission is to create products with an iconic design, refined and elegant. The young brand from Turin, founded in 2021 by the Italian designer Andrea Di Ciancia, is inspired by all the beauty that nature has to offer (sky, sea, earth,…). Read more


Fashion | April 1, 2024

NY-Tiffany & Co. announces its latest creative venture with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, debuting a limited-edition T1 bracelet and bust inspired by the artist's bronze eroded Venus of Arles sculpture, currently on display at The Landmark. Read more

Moncada Eyewear

Fashion | March 27, 2024

Sicily, Italy - February 11, 2024 - Moncada Eyewear, a trailblazer in the world of sunglasses, is proud to announce its latest collection, embodying the perfect fusion of Italian iconic designs and cutting-edge technology. Read more


Fashion | March 23, 2024

We are Tweek-Eek, an innovative jewelry label founded in 2019 by enthusiastic twin sisters Roos and Geertje Eek. Committed to sustainability, we exclusively manufacture our pieces in the Netherlands. We use massive machines that were not originally meant to produce jewelry, but are intended for furniture or high-tech industries. Read more


Fashion | March 17, 2024

A place of art and memory, La Galerie Dior sits at the heart of the iconic 30 Montaigne, retracing its extraordinary destiny through the decades Read more

The Opal Tribe

Fashion | March 14, 2024

The Opal Tribe, a trailblazer in the world of fashion, captivated audiences at the Vancouver Fashion Week with its latest collection, Ret. Renowned for its fusion wear, The Opal Tribe seamlessly integrates the timeless allure of Indian traditional arts and textiles with contemporary silhouettes. Read more

The Buttons

Fashion | February 22, 2024

Welcome to The Buttons , a sustainable premium fashion brand with a commitment to slow fashion culture. Since 2019, our brand has been at the forefront of innovative design in Greece, crafting garments that reflect our dedication to sustainability Read more


Fashion | February 10, 2024

Today, Orbitkey introduces the new, Foldable Tote Bag. An easy-to-pack foldable tote bag that's made from sustainable materials and is perfect for those extra things you need to carry, or unexpected grocery runs. Keep it light, or stuff it full. This durable tote bag is up to the job, making it easy to stash items, whilst being comfy to carry. Read more


Fashion | February 9, 2024

ZEROBARRACENTO is a gender-neutral emerging outerwear brand focusing on zero-waste product development. 0 means zero waste, less pollution and reduced emissions as well as 0% gender 100 means 100% high quality, Made in Italy, traceability, sustainability and transparency of production. Read more


Fashion | February 8, 2024

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Spring 2024 Costume Institute Exhibition to Reawaken Masterworks from Its Permanent Collection Through New and Immersive Activations. Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion will explore notions of rebirth and renewal, using nature as a metaphor for the impermanence of fashion. Read more


Fashion | January 30, 2024

The exhibition Iris van Herpen: Sculpting the Senses pays tribute to one of the most forward-thinking fashion designers. A pioneer in the use of new technologies in her field, Iris van Herpen defies conventional clothing norms while embracing both traditional couture craftsmanship and innovative techniques. Read more


Fashion | January 19, 2024

The French Maison Jean Paul Gaultier and the luxury fashion accessories brand Jimmy Choo unveils the JPG X Jimmy Choo collaboration collection of footwear. A creative conversation between two fashion houses whose parallel legacies span multifaceted cultural mixes, a love of craft, and an idiosyncratic ideology of glamorous rebellion. Read more


Fashion | January 11, 2024

OBSESSED: How Shoes Became Objects of Desire will guide you through the story of how we have become a society obsessed with shoes. This exhibition features highly coveted shoes in our collection that represent how industrialization drove shoe consumption transforming footwear designers into celebrities and shoes into high-value collectibles. Read more


Fashion | January 9, 2024

From Scotland’s oldest-known piece of tartan to a tartan-clad Xbox controller, V&A Dundee presents a radical look at a revolutionary textile. Tartan, the first major exhibition in Scotland in 30 years to focus solely on the iconic textile and pattern, opens at V&A Dundee on Saturday, April 1. Running until January 2024, the exhibition presents a radical new look at a globally recognised design and brings together many different voices from around the world. Read more


Fashion | December 31, 2023

Jessica Joyce is a luxury leather handbag brand based in Amsterdam. The brand embodies minimalism, drawing inspiration from modern architecture to shape its designs. Read more


Fashion | December 15, 2023

VANNA blazes a unique path by fusing the concepts of jewelry and timepieces into an entirely new creation. In doing so, they're disrupting the watch-making industry's historically male-focused approach to design. The founder's visions are brought to life through the collaboration of a technical engineering team out of Switzerland. Read more


Fashion | December 13, 2023

Envision is an Italian brand born from the vision of its founder and designer Alessandro Bambini, whose passion for watchmaking guides the creation of swiss made wristwatches with highly innovative designs. Read more


Fashion | December 11, 2023

With the exhibition YVES SAINT LAURENT – FORMS, the couturier’s modern and enduring vision is echoed once again. Through a fascinating spatial arrangement, the artist Claudia Wieser engenders a dialogue with textile pieces and graphic art from the museum’s collections. The exhibition presents some forty models by Yves Saint Laurent–both haute couture and ready to wear garments accessories and sketches, which resonate with the decors and works by the German artist. Read more


Fashion | December 4, 2023

"I firmly believe that the watch is the purest expression of design… encapsulating its essence in just a few millimeters is a challenging task that inspires me to pay the utmost attention to every single detail…", says Francesco Nostas, a graduate in Industrial Design from IED and founder of the Italian watch brand Nostas Rome. Read more


Fashion | December 1, 2023

Flamingos Life is a Spanish shoemaker brand focused on designing and manufacturing sneakers made from plant-based materials. The brand was founded with the goal of providing a sustainable alternative within the fashion industry, aiming to reduce the degradation of the planet, through the creation of durable products with timeless retro-inspired designs. Read more


Fashion | November 19, 2023

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani inaugurates the Guy Bourdin: Storyteller exhibition at Armani/Silos, paying homage to the work of the French photographer. This exhibition aims to highlight the compositional and narrative intent behind Guy Bourdin's photography, beyond the provocative aspects often associated with his work. Drawing inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper, both of whom he greatly admired, Guy Bourdin was essentially a storyteller capable of encapsulating entire novels, particularly in the mystery and noir genres, within a single frame. Read more