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favela do borel – photo reportage by Tommaso Pedone

Art | April 11, 2011 |

Favela do Borel – Rio de Janeiro 2010/11

“Borel” is a photographic project realized in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, thanks to the collaboration with the Fondazione Marcello Candia of Milan. Its founder sold his 25-year holding to leave for Brazil and since 1961 devoted his life to promote charity activities, as the construction of hospitals, schools, and kindergartens.

The fotoreportage project, during a period of 10 days, took place for its largely into the carioca favela of Borel, situated on a hill in the district of Tijuca, on the outskirts of Rio. In this place, since one year, there is a process of “pacification” which aims to bring about transformation from favela to district.

Here the Foundation has contributed to the financing of various structures, including the Crèche Comunitària Chacara do Ceu, attended by 60 children and the Crèche Comunitàaria Santa Monica, with 150 children.
Doctors, social workers, educators for extra-scholastic courses, teachers for adult literacy, instructors for various craft activities and other many people participate in the life of the foundation in favela.

The continuity is guaranteed by the Pro-favela Association of Borel, which renews the various conventions with the institutions which finance the activities and coordinates the activities with its own staff and volunteers.

Special thanks to:
Claudia Sabino – Responsible for the Pro-favela Association of Borel
Padre Olinto Pegoraro – President of the Pro-favela Association of Borel
Silvana – Director of the Escola Municipal Marcelo Cândia
Miramar Pereira Castilho
Maria Helena – Responsible for the Escola (de) Aberta
Antoine Magarinos Torres Filho – Doctor of CIEP
Lenita De Sousa Vilela – Director of CIEP

Casagrande – Master of battery of the Escola de Samba Unidos da Tijuca and to the whole band Valéria, Adriana, Sandra, Maria Rosa, Laiane, Fabiane, Tania, Elenice, Juliana Januário, Denise, Luciana, Deise,  Deise Mariana, Fernanda, Márcia, Priscila, Viviane, Lilia, Juliana, Dorinha, Antonieta, Dida, Mônica, Detinha, Silvia, Evelyn, Cristina.

Special thanks also to Gianmarco Liva – President of the Fondazione Marcello Candia, Milano

more: www.tommasopedone.com

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