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Image courtesy of Broly Su

Featured Artist
Broly Su

Luca Curci talks with the Featured Artist Broly Su and explores his artistic talent.

Broly Su, an Atlanta-based illustrator and graphic designer, is a digital artist who captivates audiences with his vibrant and dynamic creations. Holding an MFA degree in Illustration from the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design, Broly merges his Eastern background with elements of Western street culture, resulting in a unique artistic style that is both visually striking and deeply personal. Inspired by a multitude of influences ranging from hip-hop music to graffiti, sneakers, toys, and street culture, Broly harnesses the power of digital tools to bring his imaginative visions to life. However, he also seamlessly integrates traditional mediums such as acrylic, Posca markers, and ball-point pens into his artistic process, allowing for the creation of bold-lined graffiti drawings that exude an unmistakable energy. His fearless use of eye-catching colour palettes and out-of-the-box imagination sets his work apart, inviting viewers to explore the depths of his artistic universe.

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Image courtesy of Broly Su

Born and raised in Changsha, China, Broly’s artistic journey was shaped by his exposure to hip-hop music, graffiti, sneakers, collectable toys, and tattoo culture. These early influences fostered a deep passion for artistic expression that he continues to channel into his work today. His distinctive style, characterized by bold lines and unconventional creatures, has garnered attention from esteemed clients such as ABV Creative Agency &Art Gallery, Adult Swim, Lexus, McDonald’s, Tesla, and The Print Shop. His work has been honoured with awards from prestigious institutions and organizations, including 3×3, American Illustration, Applied Arts, ChinaIllustration Biennial, Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, FIDA Fashion Illustration Awards, Graphis, Indigo Design Awards, International Design Awards, Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and World Illustration Awards.

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Image courtesy of Broly Su

Beyond the accolades and commercial success, Broly Su’s artistic philosophy stems from his belief in the power of storytelling. Through a personal lens, he crafts artworks that reflect his life experiences, observations, and emotions, ranging from the challenges and pressures of academia to the complexities of personal relationships. Broly’s evocative pieces, such as One to Zero“, encapsulate the multifaceted nature of his storytelling approach, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with his work on an individual level.

In Broly’s artistic diary, each piece becomes a chapter that resonates with shared human experiences. While the artist’s intentions and emotions are embedded within the artwork, he deliberately leaves room for personal interpretation. This openness encourages viewers to engage with his creations in a unique and meaningful way, discovering elements that resonate with their own lives. Broly Su’s artistic journey is a testament to the fusion of Eastern influence and Western street culture in the realm of digital art.

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Image courtesy of Broly Su

His exploration of diverse influences, from hip-hop music to graffiti, sneakers, toys, and street culture, showcases his ability to seamlessly blend these elements into his art. Through the mastery of digital tools and the integration of traditional mediums, Broly breathes life into his imaginative visions, resulting in artworks that transcend boundaries and captivate the viewer’s attention. His body of work elevates the realms of illustration and graphic design to new heights: art becomes a platform for storytelling, cultural exploration, and personal expression.

With each line and color choice, he invites viewers on a journey of discovery and introspection. In a world saturated with digital imagery, his art stands out for its ability to evoke emotions and spark meaningful connections. His work serves as a bridge between cultures, inviting viewers from different backgrounds to appreciate and engage with his artistic universe. Broly’s talent exemplifies the transformative potential of digital art, pushing boundaries, and inspiring others to embrace their own unique artistic voices.
Curated by Luca Curci.

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Image courtesy of Broly Su
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Image courtesy of Broly Su
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Image courtesy of Broly Su

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