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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

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“My practice is an artistic endeavour to define a new hybrid culture. We live in the age of mass globalization, and the intersections of culture are what I seek to explore while facilitating common understanding.” The fusion of cultures via language is prevalent in history, verbally through accents and a mixing of words, but a visual merging has not yet occurred. CHiNGLiSH combines the two most widely spoken global languages, English and Chinese, fusing words, letters, and forms to create never-before-seen typography which is a full language set. The uniqueness of the forms and characters can be seen and used as a new way of seeing how the two dominant cultures influence one other, thus creating new patterns and a linguistic art – both of and for the future.

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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

“My artistic journey is a continuous exploration of the vibrant tapestry woven at the intersections of culture, art, and fashion. Raised between the bustling streets of New York and the culturally rich landscapes of Taiwan, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty that emerges when seemingly disparate worlds collide and harmonize. My multicultural upbringing serves as the wellspring of my creative inspiration, a testament to the dynamic nature of identity as it navigates between traditions and the contemporary world. This fascination with cultural fluidity propels my artistic practice”.

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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

“With a foundational education in fashion design from Parsons School of Design in New York and advanced studies in curatorial practice and contemporary art at the School for Curatorial Studies in Venice, Italy, my approach to art is inherently multidisciplinary. I leverage this diverse skill set to craft artistic experiences that challenge viewers to see beyond boundaries. Exploring the captivating chaos that unfolds when different worlds collide and blend, discovering profound beauty in this ongoing intersection. My work serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise at the crossroads of cultures, sparking conversations and redefining our perception of the world”.

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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

CHiNGLiSH Brands – Trash Bag“ is a sustainable sculpture series created by compressing and repurposing discarded retail paper bags. Through this approach, it delves into the environmental impact of commerce and the allure of aspirational consumerism. In a world where desires often shape identities through consumption, which results in over-consumption and excessive wastes, this series shines a light on the environmental consequences. However, from this chaos emerges a transformation. These sculptures infuse life into abandoned materials, embodying resilience in what we know as trash. They provoke introspection, compelling us to recognize our role in global sustainability and the choices we make. This series also challenges conventional norms. Discarded retail bags find a renewed purpose here, blurring boundaries and questioning the very essence of value.

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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

This sustainable solid sculpture series combines over 15 – 40 retail paper bags. Each detail is meticulously hand-sculpted, with metal wire reinforcing only the handle for added durability. The process begins by soaking the paper bags in water, removing the inner layer, and utilizing the outer layer. Then I soak it in water-diluted glue, the paper is hand-compressed into the iconic “bag” shape. Upon reaching the desired dryness, intricate details are carefully sculpted. Once complete and thoroughly dry, a premium protective coating is applied to safeguard the paper sculpture’s integrity.

more. www.chinglishwang.com

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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG
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Image courtesy of CHiNGLiSH WANG

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