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Image courtesy of Chris D.

Featured Artist
Chris D.

Chris D. was born in 1979 in a small town in Moselle near Luxembourg. Her life has been influenced by art since her childhood. Curious and insatiable, she became interested in photography while she was still a teenager. After obtaining a diploma as a Web Designer in 2020, the artist found herself faced with the difficulties of the Covid crisis in finding a job and decided to start as a freelance photographer. Her enthusiasm for sober photography and her interest in original visual design rub shoulders and collide during the long retouching sessions. Photography and graphics combined and gave birth to this new mode of expression: Chris D. will sign her first artwork as an Artist-Photographer in 2021.

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Image courtesy of Chris D.

Chris D.’s artistic journey is almost like off-piste sculling. But her tracks in the powder snow reveal a creator who differs from the vast majority of others in one essential respect. Chris D. does not live to build up a pedigree from meeting to meeting and exhibition to exhibition. To follow her own path, at her own pace, corresponds to a vision of art as an aesthetic of life. An art of living. Everything in her career leads one to think that, for her, the artist must be permanently inscribed in her human and social environment. And not just to reveal finished and varnished works to the public during an exhibition.

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Image courtesy of Chris D.

Chris D. has the genius to make art part of life. It follows her everywhere. Where she is, it is too. She knows how to make the truths lost along the way seem natural. She knows the audience. She does not forget that she belongs to it. Art and everyday life are inextricably linked, but why does art have to be so intimately embedded in everyday life in her eyes? First of all, if you approach photography as the pianist she is, you think that when you play the piano, the notes fly out and enter the ears of all passers-by. You just have to do the same with the lens that you always bring with you everywhere. A photographer has to make his/her pictures “heard” by everyone. But that’s not all. Her art makes it clear.

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Image courtesy of Chris D.

Combining photography and graphic design means taking the world and reshaping it. You start with what exists, taken on the spot, and you modify it, if you want, ad infinitum. And then you show the world that has not been treated by art, what it could or can be. Chris D.’s work is part of this gap. Her art has the simple and natural project of beautifying life. To her taste. To her idea. Artistic approach Chris D.’s visual creations are based on taking photos of objects, settings, textures, and animals, in various everyday places or during travels. Some of them are then carefully selected and reworked to create a colourful journey, convey a particular message, or share emotions. Your own imagination and life experience will give you the freedom to make them your own, to make them exist through you.

more. www.chris-d.fr

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Image courtesy of Chris D.

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