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david jacobs 004
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

Featured Artist
David Jacobs

“I am driven by the desire to reclaim everyday used, disparate, forgotten items and materials that in their first life of course served a distinct purpose. I want to carry over that purposefulness into a second life but with a twist. One, perhaps even more meaningful, purposeful, and longer lasting by combining these everyday unlike items into a new functional artwork. Basically, repurposing with an artistic flair!”

There is an old saying about throwing anything away! This saying becomes the perfect motivational spring board for David. He is not satisfied with things that simply stay forgotten from their first life. He is a second life artist. So, that is how the “somewhere” objects usually discover a secondary life within one of his creations. Even at an early age, he was constructing oddities out of bits and pieces of everyday objects. And with David the search continues to this day an exciting part of his desire to rebirth the disparate and mundane into completely new assemblies. The inspiration of any project is deeply rooted within his three-step process of searching, acquiring, and eventual constructing, as part of a new art piece.

david jacobs 007
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

David and assemblage artistry are one in the same and he believes in making art that is functional and purposeful. He is self-taught and chooses to believe that like his art works he has devoted his second life career to transform pairings of unlikely materials into their new life and a life he believes may be more fulfilling and rewarding than any inanimate object’s life could realize. So much so, he is credited with creating a new path in assemblage art using sound, interaction, motion, and illumination (SIMI) toward distinguishing his second life assemblies for others. Not all SIMI components are used in every art work, they vary based on the scope of the piece; but each creation will contain at least 50 percent. David’s projects are not always about being serious. His subject matter is vast. David likes his creations to have a theme. So, his one-off creations are usually built in series of three to four art objects. While he wants the viewer to see and draw their own conclusions and interpretations of his work equally, he is interested in bring a smile to faces and perhaps even a chuckle.

david jacobs 006
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

His work “Pickmeup” is a nostalgia creation that proves to provide a few chuckles to the viewer. This piece combines a mid-century game cannister called Pick-Up Sticks coupled with a pair of mannequin hands. This subject matter was chosen due to its continued popularity. The mannequin hands hold some of the brightly colored sticks used in playing the game. A decorative curly light bulb provides the lighting source. This whimsical piece tugs at one’s heart strings and reminds us of years past when life seemed a bit simpler. His work “LightsCameraAction” is another example of using nostalgia as a core assemblage motivation. The piece makes a bold statement about the golden years of film making. He uses a mid-century 8mm projector reclaimed prior to a trip to a local landfill and chose to fabricate a film strip style image of fused glass. The glass is imprinted with five public sourced images of the age-old hero, Flash Gordon. One can almost hear Flash saying: “The game is lost, Ming! Stop your attack on Earth and I will spare your life!” And his work “Size7” takes an amusing look at the assemblage of a foot measuring device, commonly known as the Brannock device, a mid-century goose neck lamp and an anatomical foot. The creation was chosen in 2023 as a Finalist in an art exhibition in Oxford Pennsylvania.

david jacobs 003
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

Sci-Fi art creations are central to his artistic ethic. His work “Spaceship to Mars” was a Finalist in the 2023 SwissArtExpo 5.0 held in Zurich, Switzerland. His piece was the only U.S. entry chosen as a Finalist and is a perfect example of his choice of disparate objects used to create an assembly. A commercial light fixture combined with a vintage electric fence control box might appear to most as bizarre but his eye for choosing the perfect pairings results in one of his most popular creations in America, as well as overseas. His work “Chosen” follows the drama of an animal abduction by an alien maneuvering his UFO in a pasture setting. The alien finds the perfect specimen and the unsuspecting abductee is rotated upwards to the awaiting mothership. Tension builds as the animal spirals skyward! The build uses found recess lighting parts and materials from a local thrift store.

david jacobs 002
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

Another, galactic inspired piece is “Coming Home.” This piece features a rotating brass Earth in the foreground and a similar commercial reimagined lighting fixture moving toward the spinning sphere. This piece utilizes SIMI concepts by combining motion by means of a tiny hobby motor, illumination from decorative flicker bulbs, and interaction with the viewer in the assembly. His work “Atomic Lux” exemplifies his adoration with using mannequins in his work. The torn up, broken the better, he says. This piece is a painted mannequin torso with lighting fixture appendages mounted on a metal vinyl covered abstract design base. An air compressor regulator serves as the head of this futuristic piece. And wait, there is more, enter his work “rev-3.” This piece is inspired by the end of days and the popular movie screen “Terminator” series. The creation features a female mannequin head reimagined to resembling a robotic humanoid. The piece is painted black with striking exposed metallic skull sections and a red piercing eye.

david jacobs 005
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

Fantasy inspired genre follows closely behind, Sci-Fi. His work “Drumbeat” carries on the love of using mannequin parts in his work by positioning two hands holding drum sticks in a reenactment of pounding the skins. A see through small vintage drum with a decorative light carries off the illusion of Jazz and the Blues. David created a musical instruments theme of which Drumbeat was a part. The piece is currently on display at a local art gallery. David’s love of mannequin manipulations and music is also displayed in his work “Streaming.” This piece features a painted female torso with stereo speakers attached, as arms. The head section of the piece is home to a Bluetooth amplifier and USB port for streaming one’s favorite music applications staying true to his goal of making functional and purposeful art pieces.

more. www.artredo.com

david jacobs 001
Image courtesy of David Jacobs

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