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elmira herren 001
Image courtesy of Elmira Herren

Featured Artist
Elmira Herren

“When I was a schoolgirl I used to draw at math class. Afterwards my classmates would get interested in my drawings and so it was impossible to continue the class. Later I realized that I should have taken a special course on drawing and I spent many years on professional training. I used my drawing skills while working as an interior designer decorating apartments, restaurants, boutiques and salons. At the same time, I was always plunged into drawing, sometimes mounting personal exhibitions“.

elmira herren 003
Image courtesy of Elmira Herren

“Once I happened to read Bhagavata Purana and it told that demigods (inhabitants of the higher planets in Universe) travel by airships made of flowers. I was greatly amazed! It made me think a lot and I was trying to imagine it all in my head. That’s how my first sketches came out. People became interested in them and I went on making a series of drawings. Each flower is a completed perfect form or system representing a certain kind of character. The sacral geometry determines the number of its petals, sprigs and curves. And in terms of describing the beauty, a flower is a perfected harmonious form of existence. Probably this way the form is employed by Devas (the Demigods) to fly in higher levels of the Universe”.

elmira herren 005
Image courtesy of Elmira Herren

“When you turn your hand to drawing and want to express an idea with simple means like paper and a pen, you never see the whole picture at once. Usually, there is one distinct idea, a character or some particular traits, and the details come out within the creation process. Usually, the best drawings are made when you are “empty”. Then the idea enshrouds you and then the process of creation begins. Background music, tempo and tonality, and mantra singing can contribute much here. As a result, you make up characters and their traits; you imagine how they move; you think of their lifestyle and aspirations. Then you go on with the habits and interests but you never focus on details since they are always unpredictable and out of control“.

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Image courtesy of Elmira Herren

“When I start working on a new drawing I expect nothing but harmonious creation. Then the music makes me slip into meditation and very often when I finish my drawing I become quite astonished by the result of the work. And it happens to be that my drawings are like frozen music assuming various forms … All of them are made up during the meditation process and my personal attitude is practically excluded. Apparently, for this reason, people, who have bought my drawings, admit that the drawings give them to silence, peace and mind appeasement, what inspires me greatly”.

more. www.ellherren.com

elmira herren 009
Image courtesy of Elmira Herren

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