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fengzee yang 003
Image courtesy of Fengzee Yang

Featured Artist
Fengzee Yang

“My art-making emerges as poignant expressions of ineffable yearning. Each crafted curve and enigmatic form become models of my emotions, a visual poem encapsulating the essence of my longing. Themes of “missing” reverberate through my work – whether it’s an empty hook, drawer, or cradle – all serve as metaphors for the profound gaps within the human experience. It symbolizes the absence of function, the lack of context, and the void of knowledge; it is a reminder of the uprooted aspects of our lives”.

fengzee yang 006
Image courtesy of Fengzee Yang

Fengzee Yang is an interdisciplinary artist who works with meaningful materials such as clay, wood, and metal. Seeing the world as mystical and opaque, Fengzee tackles the unknown through object-making. She intuitively utilizes organic and inorganic forms, moments, and engagements to indicate narratives around representation and self-definition.

fengzee yang 008
Image courtesy of Fengzee Yang

Her sculptures are mediators between spirituality and reality, examining themes of longing, loss, and nostalgia. She received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have been shown in Comfort Station Chicago, 1922 Gallery SAIC, the Plan Gallery, and Slow Dance Space. She was the artist in residency at Taoxichuan International Art Studio, Oxbow School of Art, and Vermont Studio Center.

fengzee yang 004
Image courtesy of Fengzee Yang

“Through this gesture, I seek to model the primitiveness of refuge and the sounder situation that I achingly desire to experience. My work expands the ordinary confines of reality. Time undergoes a metamorphosis, not a linear progression but a fluid, ever-shifting continuum that weaves through my narratives. It is the landscapes that are not bound to specific locations or moments; and an invitation to embark on a journey through the boundless realms of possibility beyond the constraints of the present moment”.

more. www.fengzeeyang.com

fengzee yang 009
Image courtesy of Fengzee Yang

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