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Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

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Giorgio Mercandelli

Wine is a liquid form of existence because it tastes like life, that has created and transformed the fruit as it has created and transformed man since the beginning of everything”. Giorgio Mercandelli is proposing the first expression of liquid art. As a work of art, wine is the finite expression of the infinite life flowing in the world, the same life that reflects the relationship between the author and the vineyard. Living water is the element in which the life of the vine flows and during the year the sap turns into the coherent water of the grapes.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

The alchemic fermentation transforms the intracellular water of the fruit into a new substance that is the liquid memory of the vineyard in its relationship with the world and the author. In his personal vision, life is the expression of an original consciousness that is reflected in reality. The mirroring between our reality and that of consciousness lies in the ability to evolve through what we create during the constant development of our identity.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

From this point of view, we share the same eternity of the consciousness within a quantum state tuned to the present, where the wave function of the past (which starts from the origin) meets that of the future (which starts from the end of the path developed by the consciousness). This condition makes the present the only time of our reality in which we can live the eternity of life, in which our explicit conscience dialogues synchronously with the implicit reality that is the very origin of everything. Man and nature have the same origin.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

The aim of life is to find out who we are, and the aim of nature is to remind us of it. A liquid work of art is an expression of life interpreted by the singularity of its author and represents a drop of eternity embodied in the taste of the present moment. In 2010 Giorgio Mercandelli’s liquid artwork was exposed in the Miho Museum in Japan. In 2015 the Laboratory for Chrystallization Analysis Lifevisionlab (Zurich) analyzed the alchemic wines using the spagyric advanced technology (SAT) based on crystallographic precipitation and published the results in the book The invisible power within food.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

The images reveal the morphogenetic structure and consistency of wine. In 2022 he participated in the International Exhibition Anima Mundi in Venice with the work “Origin” and now is creating the first collection of liquid artworks in which each bottle is painted by the author. The liquid memory inside the bottle represents the infinite life that flows through the vineyard while the shapes painted on the surface of the bottle are an expression of the author’s experience. The real fruition of the artwork is the tasting, during which the life contained in the bottle resonates with of the person to develop a synaesthetic experience that involves all the senses.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

This is the first artistic expression that involves at the same time the tasting of the alchemic liquid and the visual experience of the image realized by the author on the bottle. Collections: – Archetipo (Archetype): the three archetypal colors reflect the universal patterns of our perception and experience of the world. – Flusso (Flow): greens represent the color of the life flowing in the plant world that turns into the frequencies of the animal world (blood). – Cosmos: The three colors (blue, red, yellow) symbolize the meaning of existence, raising from an exclusive relationship among man earth and sky.

more. www.giorgiomercandelli.it

Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli
Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli
Image courtesy of Giorgio Mercandelli

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