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Image courtesy of Jessica Guo

Featured Artist
Jessica Guo

Jessica Guo finds inspiration in the often-overlooked objects of everyday life, collecting and documenting items of mediocrity and triviality. Her work emphasizes the timeless elegance and enduring charm of these objects, creating a harmonious balance and peaceful moments. Through her photographs and illustrations, Jessica invites viewers to pause and appreciate the subtle interplay of daily life, capturing fleeting yet eternal snapshots of its essence.

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Image courtesy of Jessica Guo

As the founder of Mud Silk Studios, based between Brooklyn, NY, and Hainan Island, China, Jessica believes in a lifestyle that transcends fleeting trends. Mud Silk Studios is a women-led design studio that combines ancient Chinese craftsmanship with modern elegance. Jessica is dedicated to sustainability,
concentrating on creating eco-friendly products that revive heritage techniques.

Using eco-conscious mud silk, she aims to produce timeless, organic pieces. Beyond clothing, she champions a lifestyle of slow living, offering items designed to last and be cherished across generations. By emphasizing hand care for their products, Jessica advocates for mindful consumption and the enduring value of quality. Jessica Guo is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Hainan Island, now based in Brooklyn, New York. She has lived in Guangzhou and Seattle, which has influenced her diverse background.

Image courtesy of Jessica Guo

Image courtesy of Jessica Guo

Jessica specializes in the intersection of experience design, visual design, and space design. She has worked at IDEO, 2×4, TikTok, Gensler, Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, and New York University. Currently, she is the founder of Mud Silk Studios, a women-led design studio that blends ancient Chinese craftsmanship with modern elegance to create sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle products. Jessica is also an award-winning photographer and designer. Her work has been published on international sites such as Design Milk, Bazaar, Hypebeast, USA Today, and Vogue Italia, and has been exhibited at ICFF at NYC Design Week.

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Image courtesy of Jessica Guo

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