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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

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Katja Lührs

Katja Lührs is an artist born and actually based in Germany, she grew up in Munich. At the age of eighteen, she was discovered as a model and worked for fashion magazines at home and abroad. As an actress, she also appeared in various feature films. She received training as an author – keyword: vegan nutrition – and journalist, was a presenter on public television, and worked as an art and jewelry designer. She completed training as a speech and hypnosis therapist and is also a medically certified yoga teacher. She is also a Swiss-certified skydiver. As a painter, she currently works with Arthouse Munich, The Hub / Munich, Artbox Barcelona / Zurich and the Belgian gallery Azur.

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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

She expresses her art thought through different media and techniques, especially painting and digital art. If someone were to ask Katja Lührs three words to describe her art these would be Wonderworld nature. The variety of colours and shapes of flowers, trees and leaves has fascinated her since she was a child. The power of the sun and its play with light and shadow in nature are characterized by: “grace – the joy of life – confidence – peace and serenity“. With pictures, you can capture the beauties of nature. Because what you love, you also protect. And so it is more than understandable, when the central motto of the artist Katja Lührs with regard to her artistic work is aptly paraphrased by her central statement “Save the Earth” which has always motivated her multifaceted artistic work, artistic work from the very beginning, describes and inspires her multifaceted artistic work.

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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

Her works are as it were stories that contain a message and strive to initiate changes in behaviour. Because the artist has been in environmental protection since her youth then she has also been an activist for animal rights. She has brought environmental protection since her youth and has and since then she has also been an activist for animal rights. She brings against the background of the rapidly advancing and existentially threatening climate change and existentially threatening climate change, she absolute appreciation. Because not only the survival of flora and fauna are existentially threatened, but also the mammalian species of man.

katjaluhrs 012
Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

The artist is concerned with this earth, from which no species can manage a saving escape. Countless plants and beings and their interactions are already irretrievably lost or irretrievably destroyed. Moreover, insane imperial striving for power is bringing warlike death and destruction hundreds of thousands of times over humans and animals, over collective life itself. Against this background, Katja Lührs is not only an artistic protagonist of contemporary events, but she also wants to keep the beauty of earthly life alive in our minds in a lasting and all-encompassing way with her wonderful works. Optimism is therefore the motto of her expressive, sustainably magnificent plant worlds, for Katja Lührs apostrophises as artistically successful those works that are given the ability to radiate confidence and joie de vivre.

katjaluhrs 010
Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

If they have been endowed with an intuitively experienced, inherent love which is transmitted to the observer and is therefore also through their colourfulness and forms can convey happiness and cheerfulness. Such art takes on the role of mediator, opens up approaches and brings images of nature into the centre of consciousness. The wonderful planet Earth is our unique, indispensable home that must be preserved. It is a homage to the artist Katja Lührs, when she was awarded prestigious art prizes in 2022 and 2023, or for which she has already been nominated.

more. www.katjaluehrs.com

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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs
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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs
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Image courtesy of Katja Lührs

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