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Image courtesy of Leonardas Tūras

Featured Artist
Leonardas Tūras

Leonardas Tūras is a Lithuanian artist born in 1982, his educational background is composed of experiences such as a Master of Visual Arts at the VDU Education Academy and a Bachalor Degree in Audiovisual Arts -obtained at the Music and Theather Academy of Lithuania; member of both Lithuanian Artist Association and Eurasian Union of Artist since 2019, Leonardas’s artistic creation is a splendid expression of Contemporary Art. Tūras discovered his real “artistic nerve” in 2017 while he was working on his final master’s thesis “From funds of a dream” from this moment on after a big production of acrylic art, oil paintings, paintings made with pencil and AI-generated moving pictures, the Lithuanian artist started to develop his own unique technique that leads him to gain over than 20 personal exhibition and 80 prestigious awards in various countries (“Vanguard Today”, Moscow 2019; “Grand Gala  Award” digital art festival In Monaco 2019- 2020 -2021 – 2023;  “Spain Art Week”, Barcelona 2020).

leonardasturas 014
Image courtesy of Leonardas Tūras

Since 2019 his technique enabled to creation three – dimensional visions in digital graphics, In order to produce top-quality relief-free coloured abstractions, L. Tūras works with the most delicate smallest watercolour brush. His artworks don’t aim to shock; to great extent, they radiate the vibrant depth of colours, surprisingly inviting the viewer to abandon the limited rationalism. Leonardas Tūras is a representative of subconscious creativity. He relies on his dreams, images, moods, states, atmospheric capture, and reflections caused by spiritual literature.

Infinite variations
From the lines, he creates a deepening space.  All those works have the same architectonics.  It’s like an infinite number of colour variations of one piece. The set of all these works emphasizes the importance of the action itself, the process. It is a meditative art that brings peace to both the author and the viewer of the works. The digital art of Leonardas Tūras is somewhat similar to drawings, and at the same time is different. Digital works have different structures, atmospheres, and associations. They could be summarized as digital graphics. However, unlike usual practice, the computer does not become a tool that facilitates work and gives quick results. The author often allocates 3-6 months for each work. 

leonardasturas 001
Image courtesy of Leonardas Tūras

Anthropomorphic allusions
Leonardas Tūras’s abstractions are associative, often with anthropomorphic references. For example, his early piece “Snake” resembles bone tissue highlighted in red. Therefore, anthropomorphism here is not meant as a reference to the whole of a person, but to his individual parts, often internal organs, the microworld, and cells.  His works are about the inside – physical and spiritual. Leonardas Tūras is a type of artist with a sensitive soul. He feels the environment around him intensely, and in order to come to terms with life’s misfortunes, and tame anxiety and fear, he uses creativity. The entirety of his work evokes the image of hell with the hope of escape. The foreboding of inner demons is created by fluorescent colours: burning red, orange and yellow, blinding black, and toxic green. These colours are laid in certain gusts, jumps, and trajectories of flame tongues.

Reality Glitch
This creates space, depth and even the effect of movement. Here, for example, is his of latest work “Spring in the valley” (in the international contemporary art competition “Vanguard today”, which won 1st place in the digital art section, in 2019) it appears to ripple, move, pulsate, flow.  A similar effect of movement is created in, in my opinion, L. Tūras’s strongest work “Golden Dust“. In the upper left corner of the work, we see what looks like scaffolding, the skeleton of a building, and all this is covered by an unknown viscous mass.  A black hole spreads in its middle.  The general image of the work resembles a reality glitch, an opening of an alternative reality.  In general, all these works of L. Tūras remind me of Sci-Fi movies, even creating the feeling of a specific series “Stranger Things”. L. Tūras does not draw inspiration from pop culture.  Simply, as mentioned, it is the realization of visions emerging from the depths of the subconscious.  And of course, the use of the computer creates such science fiction contexts.

leonardasturas 006
Image courtesy of Leonardas Tūras

 A chrestomathic battle between good and evil is either observing the life of the smallest particles through a microscope or questioning the truths of the present. These paintings embody the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat. The reality, it seems, is both the way we see it with our eyes and the way we see it in L. Tūras’s paintings. We are both alive and dead, both damned and saved. And this is not mysticism, but doubts and hypotheses caused by quantum physics. In the author’s works, there is a constant battle between good and evil. This is not only a chrestomathies creative theme, but also an organic, natural outcome of L. Tūras’s personal life. In some works, the “Lithuanian Devil” takes over, in others, certain mantras and prayers are recorded, promising salvation. Relatives or faith can save.  But not dogmatic, not dogmatic following the path.

L.eonardas Tūras compares all creation to prayer. Prayer saves Leonardas Tūras when his soul is broken. Spiritual sickness is both the engine and the destructive element.  Isn’t that how creation also works – isn’t it both destructive and regenerating, and anointing, and purifying, and imprisoning within itself, and liberating from empty existence? For Leonardas Tūras, freedom is the main value that he searches for and discovers in his creative process.

Leonardas Tūras also creates AI-generated moving pictures

more. www.leonardasturas.lt

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Image courtesy of Leonardas Tūras

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